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Polish anti-gay ‘fascist’ prevented from attending event at Aberystwyth University

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Reader comments

  1. It’s quite sickening to see countries where these freaks grandparents risked their lives fighting against fascism. I’ll bet a lot of those family members of these individuals are utterly ashamed of them, they mas as well be pi**ing on the graves of hundreds of thousands of their fellow countrymen and women.

    I feel the same way about the fascist EDL and BNP, they should be ashamed to have such views given our shared European history.

    These individuals make me sick, and anyone attending their meetings and speeches should be on watch lists.

  2. It looks so “BUTCH” and “HETEROSEXUAL” though this anti-gay fascist… (guffaw)

  3. I think he should be allowed to spew his crap. His ‘arguments’ against homosexuality and bisexuality should be made the object of ridicule. People like him need to realise that there is nothing ‘unnatural’ about homosexuality/bisexuality and that they are simply ordinary variants of human sexuality. The far right has too many closet cases within their ranks just like the Tories and UKIP do. Whilst the Tories are gradually coming to terms with homosexuality/bisexuality, UKIP and the BNP ect are still quite some way behind.

    I can’t understand why the far right has a problem with it. After all, I would have thought the basis of their political philosophy is that humans are mainly the products of their genes rather than their enviroment. No doubt the baleful influence of religion plays a part as it does with the ‘Right’ in politics generally. Martin Webster who was No 2 in the old National Front was a homosexual.

    1. The problem is that these individuals and their followers are so mentally defective and irrational there is no debating with them, it’s impossible to have a debate with such lunatics, it’s like trying to teach a Dog to play Mozart on the piano – it’s not going to happen.

      Given the level at which far-right fascist views in Europe are spreading, shutting them down and fighting against it with the threat of legal action is the only way to deal with it.

      People don’t seem to remember our own history. We gave Hitler and his sympathizers the opportunity to spout their utter insanity, and look what that gave us. They had the freedom to march, to rally, to brainwash equally idiotic people, and they gained power in Germany. There was a real risk of the same happening all over Europe given the economic climate of the time. Thankfully we fought it eventually and they never had a foothold here.

      The only thing we should do is reject these extremists at EVERY opportunity, monitor those involved.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Oct 2013, 7:34pm

    Poland, one of the most staunchly catholic countries on the planet. This man’s opinions and beliefs don’t surprise me. Vile either way.

    1. I worked with several Polish guys who came to the UK for a better life, and one of those I worked closely with told me that fascism in Poland is pandemic. It’s not really talked about much, but Poland is one of the most fascist nations in Europe when it comes to public opinion, with a massive neo-Nazi following, more-so than Germany (who already admitted last year that their neo-Nazi problem is far greater and far more dangerous than previously thought).

      Poland is a place where you could be murdered in your bed by a gang of intruders for being gay, and the police would file it as suicide.

      1. Yeah, the same Polish bloke told me that all gays sing ABBA songs all day long and its very unnerving. The same sort of sweeping generalization.

  5. Yet it was that 50 LGBT activist that were going around the town and advertising for hate speech. The meeting itself went quite well, continued into a few houses around the town, and in the end was attended by about the same amount of people as LGBT manifestation. The only gay reference made was regarding if the activists are going to find the venue or not. In the end they failed, probably because none of them even bothered to ask where it was going to be. Good job on teaching the foreign students that in a democracy you are supposed to label your enemies, deny them right to assembly, march to the streets, and take legal actions to ban your opposition.
    Our grandparents did not fight for gay rights. They fought for Poland to exist as a country so we can set our own rules.

  6. These Polish fascists are thugs. They should not have right to be active in the public life.

  7. Well done, Aberystwyth University! I cannot understand how his terrible organization is still legal. I’m afraid it happens more and more often that I feel ashamed to be Polish…:(

  8. What is it with straight white guys huh? Why do they just hate everyone!

  9. I think that people like Winniki not only have hate in their hearts but are using their hatefulness as a controversy to gain attention. The less we look the faster he will disappear into bad history comments.

  10. Ruth finds it upsetting – well let’s ban it! You don’t beat fascism by avoiding engaging with it – and you don’t build a democracy by banning things that Ruth finds upsetting.

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