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Video: Rugby star Ben Cohen strips down in shower for anti-bullying charity calendar

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Oct 2013, 2:23pm

    Drop dead gorgeous! Everything about him is really!

  2. Colin (london) 29 Oct 2013, 3:09pm

    What a man……Sexy, FIT, and handsome with a gorgeous personality…I’m in love and

    Go man go and every happiness and success. Thank you for supporting us and the anti bullying message.

    A man of today teaching how we should be living today and tomorrow.

  3. I have the 2014 calendar on order and have had the Ben Cohen calendar on my wall next to my desk at work for the past 2 years it has been on sale. Even the straight blokes at my place have a look at it. He’s a wonderful ally to the LGBT community.

  4. i’ve never clicked a headline so fast in my life

  5. From some angles his face is very like the younger Harrison Ford but from any angle he is a hunky beauty and totally hot, what’s not to like?

    1. Try around 1:02-1:03 in video if you don’t believe me, anyway I wouldn’t worry about it if you disagree.

  6. He now just needs to do a totally nude calendar and the world will be utterly perfect! :-)

  7. What a lovely man! Strength and gentleness – an irresistible combination!

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