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Israel: Civil union legislation introduced to extend marriage rights to same-sex couples

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Reader comments

  1. Doesn’t this mean that civil marriage remains illegal in Israel.

    For straight people and gay people?

    Because the disgusting religions retain their legal monopoly over maaiage in Israel?

    1. Israeli system of laws is a mix of Turkish, British, Jewish law and since 1948 new laws. So, Israel actually still has common-law marriage (from the period of the British mandate). However, the nature of the common-law marriage is such that it is a “curative” legal doctrine and is invoked in certain circumstances. Plus, Israel recognizes marriages conducted abroad, where they are legal.
      But you are correct that the religious establishment, in essence, prevents introduction of civil marriage. (Partially, because they realize that if civil marriage would become legal, the Israeli Supreme Court would 99%-likely extend it to same-sex couples.)

      1. How utterly backward and revolting that these moronic cults control marriage.

        Why is this article pretending that this minor change is worth celebrating.

        The religious cults remain in control.

  2. Israel doesn’t have ANY form of civil marriage.

    Israel sounds like a religious place.

    How awful.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 30 Oct 2013, 12:14pm

      It has orthodox anti-gay religious clerics in the Knesset just like our Lords.

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