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Gay British man living in Uganda faces jail after being outed in newspaper

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Reader comments

  1. We should not be dealing with these backward countries. Our government should be calling the Ugandan ambassador in London and telling him that unless OUR CITIZENS are released the embassy will be closed and their staff ejected from this country.

    Enough is enough, we have spent YEARS helping these nations in an attempt to get them to join the modern world and their extremist religious factions always seem to stick around and maintain power over their people. We cannot keep doing this.

    It’s time to give these countries an ultimatum, either they adhere to international laws as set out by the UN, or they are refused membership of the international community and shut out until they grow enough intelligence to be allowed to participate in GROWN UP discussions.

    1. Uganda seems to be hell-bent on becoming steadily more appalling a country and society, but I really don’t know if the UK insisting that its citizens who choose to live there (part of the time) should be immune to the laws a sovereign nation establishes for itself is the best way to encourage change. We should be insisting that Uganda ditches its backward laws altogether, not insisting that there be one rule for UK citizens while showing scant concern for Ugandans.

  2. So the tabloid illegally acquire and then spreads the details of other people’s sex lives, and it is these other people who are punished for the criminal acts carried out by the publishers?

    If I am given any points on my driving license, I guess I can just delegate them to the chief editor of Uganda’s Daily Monitor.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Oct 2013, 7:07pm

    About time withholding of all aid financial and material is given serious attention to commonwealth countries in violation of human rights. If they want to remain members of the commonwealth then they must do so by complying with our laws.

  4. Dangermouse 29 Oct 2013, 8:54pm

    Well he’s a fool for living in a country like that, when he could be living here in the UK or other EU gay friendly country.

    1. I have known this man for years where he lived with his late wife and family. He is an educated fool, he really needs his rear end kicked hard not poked.

  5. bernard is my friend and was on holiday when he was arrested.

    Could you please consider joining our facebook group to try to get him home. Hopefully if enough people support this then the people who can will sit up and start helping.

    1. Can you clarify something? The other reports have him as being resident of both the UK and Uganda: is that so, or was he just there on holiday?

  6. I have known Bernard for a long time, I have never considered him to be a man’s man, a family man yes. To say the least, I was extremely surprised to read the article in the news. To say the least, Bernard needs his backside kicked severely, not poked but kicked. Let us all hope he is back in the community where he belongs and is highly regarded.

  7. Sally Miles 31 Oct 2013, 10:08pm

    Of all the countries in the world, I don’t understand why he chose Uganda – it certainly seems a questionable decision. Nonetheless, he deserves to be back in the UK safe & sound. This poor man lost his wife only a year ago & has 2 daughters in the UK – it is not for us to judge why he made the choice of country he did, he doesn’t deserve this.

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