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Former Supreme Court chief judge urges Israel to legalise equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Darren Yehuda 29 Oct 2013, 3:37pm

    Where do non-religeous peple get married in Yisrael then?

    1. Abroad.

  2. Israel is a theocratic state as are all the others to my knowledge in the Middle-East. Still, at least Israel doesn’t murder people because they are gay like the muslim ones do. I very much hope they do legalise gay marriage not just for the sake of gay Israelis but also because it will help me when I get involved in online arguments with British and American Nazi nutters who believe that gay rights is some sort of grand Jewish conspiracy to do down white people!

    1. Actually, for all its faults it really isn’t theocratic at all, Israel is about as much a democracy as it’s possible to be in that part of the world, and the judiciary is famously independent. It’s worth noting that theocracies don’t usually allow the degree of freedom of religion that Israel does (it usually features the total domination of one religion, as in Iran), though the fact that marriages can only be performed by religious personnel is an astonishing blip in the country’s secular credentials.

  3. Israel does not have civil marriage, which has been a bone of contention since the Israel’s creation. It’s difficult to get married even for non-Jews, nevermind same sex couples.

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