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Facebook game depicts gay men as naked violent sexual predators

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Reader comments

  1. Are facebook not breaking some kind of incitement to murder laws in the UK by hosting this game? I’m sure if it was a game that said “shoot the nigger”, or “kill the kike”, it wouldn’t have even made it onto the site.

  2. Jock S. Trap 29 Oct 2013, 1:43pm

    Absolutely disgusting.

    Facebook needs to remove this ASAP… no questions, no dithering…. remove it now!

  3. Scott John Harrison 29 Oct 2013, 1:44pm

    You wrote about this game back in 2009.

    someone just linking it on facebook now.

  4. This game has been around for years (although not on Facebook, clearly). Last time is reared its head was in 2009 (

  5. This game acts as form of “education”, conditioning gamers to respond to the presence of gay men anywhere with attitudes of hostility and violence.

  6. Can you imagine the outcry if this game depicted black men in this disgusting stereotypical way? Despite our new-found freedoms and equalities, homophobia remains deeply-entrenched along with plain ignorance. The makers of this game should be sued …..

    1. Darren Yehuda 29 Oct 2013, 3:49pm

      There are no black gays silly…..

  7. How does this even get to where it is on Facebook without someone filtering through games to clear them? It makes absolutely no sense to me how someone can just associate a game like this to Facebook without their permission.

    Mind you, the attitude of Facebook has always been bordering on psychotic, banning sexual imagery while allowing beheading videos to be shared! Facebook seems to be run by a randomly collected group of idiots who all make up policy as they go along, meaning that there are right-wing religious fanatics approving things like this while banning an image of a gay couple kissing…

    It’s getting more and more difficult to remain on Facebook. I hope that one day someone develops another platform where individuals can interconnect their own pages on their own sites, under their own controls, in the same way.

    1. Because Facebook does not care about hate nor does it filter hate – it pretty much encourages it – just like the rest of the internet

      1. I’ve complained about many Facebook hate pages, as have many other people, they rarely ever remove them. Mostly they have to make the ‘news’ headlines and give Facebook bad publicity before they’ll even consider removing them. Facebook send back a standard response that they’ve looked at the page(s) and they don’t see any breaches of their ‘terms and conditions’. Unbelievable really.

  8. Tell me fellow contributors – if this game was about shooting blacks or Women in a forest – would the game even have been considered? let alone launched – Equality is an urban myth –

    SO long as str8 men with small dicks run the world – gays will always be the butt of their vile jokes!

  9. I have just had an illustration of the game on YouTube. It depicts a hunter wondering through woodland and bushes with naked men wondering out and trying to approach him from behind. If he turn round quick enough he shoots them but if they get to him before he gets a chance he is pinned to ground and buggered.
    I don’t think it is encouraging homophobic violence as the concept if to protect yourself from unwanted sex (rape).
    I do however think it is feeding on the bigotry that all gay men are a threat and that they will pounce on you and rape you given a chance.
    I think the game is in poor taste but some may view it as fun and it reinforces negative attitude towards gay men.

  10. In other words an entirely homophobic game – on both sides depicting wrong – either the men are murdered or they are rapists – I don’t know any of my friends who got out and rape straight men, nor do they want to be murdered. Most just want to be left alone in their homes with their boyfriends.

    1. My comments do not endorse or support the game or what it promotes. As I said I think it is in poor taste as it feeds on the notion that gay men lurk about in the bushes with the intent of jumping out and forcing themselves on unsuspecting straight men.
      I do however think I have a valid point about the concept of the game, all these types of games have a similar theme, an enemy ready to pounce on you that you must eliminate before they get you. In this game the enemy are rapists who intend to force you to the ground and commit an act that should only occur with consent from both parties. In a real life scenario if you had a gun and were confronted by three naked men who had that intent then your actions might be similar to that which happens in the game.
      It is in very poor taste because it re-in forces stereotypes but there are so many other games out there similar. I don’t see it as promoting killing gays, that’s an insult its killing rapists whose punishment should be for a court.

    2. I don’t endorse the game and as I have said it is in bad taste. However the aim of the game is to prevent your character from being raped. In reality if you were walking through the woods and three naked men emerged from the bushes with the clear intent of pinning you to the floor and forcing there things up your backside and you had a gun you might do something with it and not view your action as homophobic.
      The offensiveness in this game is to characterise gay men as sexual predictors. Unfortunately it’s becoming common to characterise gay people as a threat as we see in Russia but we are not the only ones that game makers use in this way.

  11. Bigots always jump on a false argument like ‘free speech should be allowed’. Yes free speech should be allowed, but public hate speech or anything that attacks or encourages hatred and violence towards a particular group of people is not allowed. It seems millions of people are still unaware of that simple fact and think they can cover themselves with an ‘excuse’ to freely attack others. It doesn’t fool anyone. It’s like people saying ‘Islam isn’t a race’ so they can then lay into Muslims; that’s their ‘excuse’. No Islam isn’t a race, but it’s racists who attack Muslims isn’t it? Bigots just love their ‘excuses’.

    1. I am amazed how many people use the “free speech” argument, when free speech has always been circumscribed. From criticism of Monarchs and regimes, to wartime “D” notices (WW1, WW2 and the Falklands), to libel and slander laws.
      Ask Ian Hislop, editor of Private Eye. Many of his articles have landed him in the Libel Court.

  12. C Whitfield 29 Oct 2013, 3:55pm

    Well after reading the article – and being a gay man, I downloaded it and found it hilarious!

    1. Then you must be a gay man out trying to rape others for fun. How many did you rape today? Do you kill them after or just torture them until they die?

  13. Angel Dust 29 Oct 2013, 5:13pm

    If Facebook doesn’t remove the app I think all LGBT persons should BOYCOTT facebook. There is nothing remotely humorous about this, it is in fact rather frightening, considering it purports to be aimed at impressionable teenagers.

  14. Pathetic that the people responsible for this game hide behind “freedom of speech” when this is clearly nothing to do with freedom of speech but allowing people to act out homophobic fantasies. To illustrate, I propose the gay-for-race swap and then review to see if this is freedom of speech. Let’s say the game had users playing KKK members chasing black people through a forest in order to avoid mugging, pimping their women, claiming welfare, or whatever nasty stereotype you want to choose. Rather than a gun the weapon of choice is a lasso that can be used to string the prey up from one of the nearby trees for a good old fashioned lynching. Freedom of speech? Thought not.

  15. Hefeweizen 29 Oct 2013, 6:16pm

    I currently do not have a Facebook account and with this kind of senseless behavior being made available on their public media site I will NOT be creating an account there. I find all hate and negative imagery such as this totally offensive and demeaning. But the really sad thing is, the damage has already been done so their weak message of apology will have no meaning and nothing else will be done about it.

  16. Glen John Zeller 29 Oct 2013, 11:53pm

    No H8 86 this game !!!!! Come up with something out of this world and not something so close to home. H8 is no fun in a game because you end up playing with just your self. Think about that !!!

  17. i’d play that game

  18. Keiran Bolton 30 Oct 2013, 4:53pm


    This game has since been taken offline. Obviously someone within Facebook had removed it based on the reports received and/or email complaints to the company.

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