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Ellen DeGeneres developing new lesbian comedy

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  1. I saw a recent interview with Ellen and Sean Hayes recently, and he was promoting his new sit com “Sean Saves the World”. Having seen it, I like what he’s done. He makes it clear that the sexuality of the main character is actually the least interesting thing about the show. It’s not about a gay man, it’s about a single dad raising his daughter and living his life, sexuality is perhaps the fifth most interesting thing.

    We need more of that in my opinion. I hope Ellen takes the same path and makes it more about the situation than the sexuality.

    I also hope there’s a lot of new blood in this show too. It seems that the most successful sit coms introduce new rising stars from the start, people who are not already massively known around the world. A glance to YouTube will show that there are plenty of young funny people itching for a break into TV, and some of them have millions of followers ready to be tapped into.

  2. I disagree. There is nothing as dreary or dull to watch as shows about parenthood.

    I mean really – ir’s been seen a million times. Parenthood is dull to watch.
    At least gay parenthood is dull.

    even better how about a show about people who loathe children and never want to have them.

    1. And what kind of audience does a show get when you’re playing exclusively to a small minority?
      The fact is these shows are created to gain an audience, so they have to reflect aspects of society that people can relate to. Parenting is a big part of that whether you want to have kids or not.

      Roseanne was one of the biggest sit coms in history, based around a more realistic family unit. Married With Children was an over-the-top married life sit com that also ran for years to massive success. How many other parenthood sit coms have there been, because I can’t remember many!

      Right now we have Parks and Rec, Big Bang, New Girl, 2 Broke Girls, none of which are parenthood sit coms. Friends wasn’t, Frasier wasn’t, The Office wasn’t.

      There is enough room for all kinds and all themes, but you have to have an audience to be successful. What would be the point in creating something that no one wants to see with characters and themes that a tiny minority relate to?

  3. Her original sitcom was exactly that – the situation not the sexuality. I wish her well. I’ve always liked and admired her – especially for her determination to continue in the face of vile and disgusting religious opposition to her TV shows.

  4. dangermpouse 29 Oct 2013, 1:17pm

    Excuse me, but a ” Lesbian ” who gets pregnant by a man is called a “Bi-sexual” woman

    1. not necessarily, depends on whether she is attracted to men and women or not. Just having sex with opposite gender doesn’t mean someone is bi, they also have to be attracted to them. also could have been artificially inseminated.

    2. Did you really just say that?

      I know a lesbian who has two adult kids, was married to a man for ten years, and finally had the courage to be herself not long after I met her.

      If you believe in some kind of cookie-cutter scenario of sexuality then I would suggest that you’re either a child with many years of education still ahead of you, or an adult who needs to get their head out of their own backside.

      What you’ve just stated is no better than a religious fanatic calling you “confused”, or suggesting you could be “cured”.

    3. Your comment illustrates one of the biggest problems when it comes to gay issues. You cannot fit people into carefully labelled boxes. That’s what religion would have us do. And it does THAT so it can control us more easily. Research, as far back as the 1960’s, clearly identified that sexuality is not ‘fixed’. You can identify as one thing, end up as something else, or move back and forth between. It is NEVER a simple question of ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ and for anyone to try to make it thus is as ignorant and bigoted as the religious fascists with whom we must contend. People should be allowed to be ‘themselves’ – whatever that means in terms of consensual sexuality. “Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged” as it says in Peter Pan. Or was that some other old novel?

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