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Comment: Dear Bishop of Enugu, why cherry pick bible verses in order to tell gay people they are evil?

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Reader comments

  1. Good column, but it is almost certainly wasted on this cretin. Better to ignore him.

  2. I’d want to write something erudite in praise, but all that really comes to mind is:

    “I hope that burrrrrnnnnnnnnn you just got won’t scar”

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Oct 2013, 5:14pm

    Well intended letter but I think it would have been far more effective if he’d written directly to Welby although I won’t hold my breath for a public statement emanating from him. I doubt very much of this Nigerian hate monger is going to respond.

  4. Dear Richard. You cannot reason with the unreasonable. This is a preacher. He’s a ‘believer’. In my experience, once someone has had their head shoved in that old novel from an early age, there’s VERY little hope of redemption. They ‘believe’ they are right and everyone else is wrong. Their arrogance and certainty of belief is the real abomination. I have found the best way to deal with them is ridicule. Politeness has no effect. The time for deference and respect is over. They are vile to us. I’m afraid we have to be vile in return. They hate it. They used to be able to burn heretics for daring to question their authority. Those days are gone. If you must humour this man, ask him about talking snakes, woman made from a man’s rib and dead people coming back to life. If he gives you some s**t about those not being ‘literal’, ask him why the anti-gay bits are different?

  5. The ultimate hope of virulently hateful people like the Bishop of Enugu is that eventually, through economic and population pressures, the West will be forced to re-import the criminalization of homosexuality. This is an extreme long-shot, but, coupled with organized anti-LGBT religious groups- Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodox, Mormons, Evangelicals- who have long-established outreach to Russia, Africa and Eastern Europe, it promises to at least continue a war against LGBTs that will last for some time. What happens in Nigeria and Russia has direct implications on what progress we can achieve.

  6. I found your open letter very entertaining but I’m not convinced the Rev Emmanuel Olisamedualim Chukwuma does irony and I suspect nor do his like-minded fans in Nigeria.

  7. Richard Queripel 29 Oct 2013, 9:25pm

    I wrote this letter. I don’t expect the Bishop to reply. And I doubt very much that he does irony. I wrote it simply to highlight the point that people like him are out of touch and that their warped opinions need to be held up to ridicule at every available opportunity. I know what hardened believers are like. They cannot and will not change their views, but does that mean we let them carry on unopposed?

    1. But what it does is it gives people who are not quite so firm in their believe a counter argument. Stuff exactly like this were what eventually got my mother to realize those she used to go to for guidance in how to handle my ‘problem’ where talking nonsense.

      So thank you very much for that :-)

    2. The mistake many make is entering into debate with these people over the bible. IT’S MADE-UP NONSENSE. Like Peter Pan. It was written by men – with an agenda. To enter into intelligent disection of it is, in my opinion, giving credence to it. I admire you for your effort, Richard. We DO need to ridicule at every available opportunity, even though that may be reducing ourselves to their level.

      1. Richard Queripel 30 Oct 2013, 10:51am

        The thing is that they do not believe that the Bible is made-up nonsense, so the only way to get at them is to point out the inaccuracies and contradictions within it. It won’t stop them believing it, of course, but it gets the message out there to the waverers that perhaps things aren’t as clear-cut as they were brought up to believe, and, more importantly, it tells the gay youth in the church that there is someone on their side.

        1. Yep – totally agree with that. Organised religion is, in my opinion, the scourge of our world. The ‘comfort’ it brings to the few has been far outweighed by the misery it has heaped on those who oppose it. I believe that, with education, humanity is predisposed towards altruism. Religious belief skews that – in the wrong direction. How can you expect people to be good to each other when their religion tells them “Our god is better that THEIR god!’? Seems to me that conflict and strife continue to pollute wherever deference for religion remains strong.

  8. Lots of perfectly valid and well-articulated points, although I fear that for these real-life trolls reasoning is futile.

    Quicker and easier to just post a link to The Honey Cone song Sunday Morning People:

    1. Sunday morning people
      Practise what you preach
      You can’t go to church on Sunday
      And hate your neighbour all week

  9. Let’s hope he understands sarcasm since he certainly has never read the bible

  10. Brilliant, but it will probably go right over his head. He will think you really are impressed by him;-)

  11. Christopher Coleman 5 Nov 2013, 4:56am

    Excellent article. The dear bishop is yet another example of fiddling while Rome burns. Nigerian Christians are under severe attack by Muslim extremists, but the bishop is concerned at the threat posed by homosexuals. I hope his flock will appreciate his priorities when their churches are burned while they are still inside them.

  12. Such delicious sarcasm in this letter.

  13. Great letter, great exercise for you brain and heart Richard. Unfortunately, a brainless and heartless pig is a brainless and heartless pig, i.e. Rev Emmanuel Olisamedualim Chukwuma.

  14. Chiemeka O 25 Nov 2013, 9:22am

    All of u are confused:Homosexuality is evil,not 2 be acceptedz.D Bishop is correct

  15. i think it would be far more entertaining to ask him some history questions….. like what did tribal africa believe? whom brought the beliefs he now slanders? what happen to his ancestors during the time these beliefs were being “shared”?

    i love how the “faithful” forget how exactly how religion and it’s closed minded mentality was spread.

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