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Chicago: Gay couple sue cab firm after driver evicts them for kissing

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Reader comments

  1. It needs more people like these to fight back against irrational homophobic discrimination. Americans’ will happily accept Hollywood films which contain extreme violence, brutality and murder. But if they were to show two men kissing … or a nipple on TV …. and all hell breaks loose. Sensibilities a bit warped, wouldn’t you say? I mean, c;mon, people. Let’s get our priorities right…. and grow the f**k up!!!!!

    1. I’ve never been to the United States but it seems to be a very puritanical place in many ways. It is we British who should be uptight about sex given our reputation for being ‘reserved’! I think David Bowie once said the US was puritanical too!

  2. Jama Anshur. Right.

    1. What has that driver’s name got to do with anything?

      1. I think we all know what the point was, and while I agree that it could have been presented more cautiously it’s highlighting a cultural problem that we shouldn’t completely ignore for the sake of being “politically correct”.

        Come on now, we know what the problem is in many of these cases, and it’s that many of those guilty of this kind of discrimination are from different social groups which traditionally permit sexism, homophobia and bigotry as a matter of course.

        If his name had been “Jacob Smith” and he’d called them “abominations” then we would rightly assume that this was a Christian religious fanatic. So, given the guys name and what he said, it’s FAIR AND REASONABLE to assume that he’s from a background where this kind of intolerance is common.

        It doesn’t make one racist to point out the facts of many of these instances. We should not let political correctness dumb us down to the point where we’re too scared to think too far into these cases.

        1. Absolutely right. Homophobia is homophobia – whatever its inspiration. Religious and cultural sensibilities must NEVER be allowed to become a licence to peddle hatred. If we are ever to break the cycle of irrational objection to who is allowed to love who, we have to tackle the root causes. The root cause of homophobia is religion. Without religious brainwashing, there would be no ‘taboo’ about homosexuality. Without the ‘taboo’, there would be no root cause of homophobia. So, the solution – as is clearly being seen in countries where religious observance has already died: get rid of religion – get rid of homophobia.

          1. I agree that religious belief is the root cause of much of the homophobia and intolerance we see around the world, but this is about confronting the issue rather than simply ignoring the cause of the problem for fear of being politically incorrect or misunderstood as “racist”.

            In my area we have a large Somali community. There has been a lot of segregation in our town in the past, so the council created a program intended to help people integrate. A part of this included discussions about LGBT rights and religious freedoms. Basically they were told they have a right to an opinion, but expressing that opinion may cause trouble – if you want to be a part of this community you have to play by our rules, no exceptions.

            From what I heard the response was interesting. Most of those in the meetings were women and mothers, and associating LGBT rights to women’s rights took the discussion beyond the religious indoctrination they had grown up with.

            There’s a need for this kind of integration.

        2. Staircase2 31 Oct 2013, 3:44am

          You think being more ‘clever’ about how ‘cautious’ you are in actually voicing your prejudices somehow makes them less prejudiced?!

          There is only one problem in this case; that the driver was a homophobic bigot – perhaps you could explain how this might have somehow been mitigated if you didn’t think he was ‘foreign’…?

          Secondly, can I just make a point about your attempt to besmirch the notion of political correctness.

          It strikes me that you don’t understand what it actually means; instead taking on a Daily Mail MISdefinition of it.

          Political Correctness was actually a philosophy to ensure that the language used by large organisations was uniform and sensitive to it’s clients/customers/residents etc. it is no different from what happens, actually, at (choosing a publication wildly at random…) the Daily Mail. They too have a prescribed set of phrases, words, definitions etc to ensure some consistency. Only PC is there to ensure/promote fairness and equality.

    2. Staircase2 31 Oct 2013, 3:34am

      Well said, Rich

      That you a) think you can determine so etching about someone’s prejudices by being prejudiced about their name beggars belief.
      And b) I thought your point was about COMBATING prejudice not generating it no…?

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