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Australia: Labor to support bill to stop faith schools from expelling students based on sexual orientation

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Reader comments

  1. How the hell is this still legal?!

  2. This is EXCELLENT news! Homophobia begins in school – particularly religious ones. And to answer your question above, Brendan; I think you’ll find private, independent schools can pretty much set their own rules. Again, this comes down to religion.We all pussy-foot around where religion is concerned as no-one (especially governments) wants to offend religious sensibilities – however irrational and just plain wrong their rules and practices may be. These schools should be under exactly the same scrutiny as State schools. Religion must no longer be allowed to be a licence to peddle hatred and warp the minds of the impressionable.

  3. Colin (London) 29 Oct 2013, 3:12pm

    Well done Sir

    The state must come first and everyone treated honourably. One set of rules for all. No exceptions.

    Religion afterwards. No get out clauses for religion

  4. Religion is responsible for and condones and encourages some of the most horrendous atrocities, why it is still regarded as the basis of moral and ethical behaviour still, by many, astonishes me.
    I believe in freedom of religion, but it can never be given legal sanction to do harm to others and especially the young and impressionable, to lie to, persecute and discriminate against children and young people because of sexual orientation or their gender identity is quite simply – child abuse, just as much as physiological or physical abuse and can equally damage self esteem and have long lasting negative effects, frankly I don’t care what your beliefs are but if they harm and discriminate against young people they are vile and should not be exempt from legal sanction and prosecution!!
    I very much welcome this MP’s legislation, lets hope it has the necessary teeth to get the job done.
    No doubt scores of apologists are about to ooze from the woodwork and bleat religious persecution.

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