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Union J star Jaymi Hensley: Times have changed and girls fantasise about One Direction being gay

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Reader comments

  1. Officer Dribble 28 Oct 2013, 4:21pm

    In the space of a decade we’ve gone from Stephen Gately and Mark Feehily making front page news when they came out, and Will Young’s studious silence until after he won Pop Idol, to this happier state of affairs.

    Not to sound like the game is won, but blimey…it’s certainly a different world for a lot of young gay people…

    1. Yeah, we must always remember those brave guys who broke the silence. Now I’m just overjoyed by the freedom these gay kids have these days. If only it was everywhere in the world!

  2. Total nonsense. That’s ALWAYS been the attraction of boy bands to teen girls …..

    1. Are you living in some kind of alternative universe??

    2. So you think this is a completely NEW phenomenon … because – what? Gays are more ‘acceptable’ nowadays?. Total c**p! Girls in the 1970’s fantasised about EXACTLY the same thing. Ask some – if you know any ….. which I doubt from the arrogant tone of your response. See Derek William’s comments below ……

      1. PantoHorse 29 Oct 2013, 6:57pm

        No, in my view it’s not to do with gays being more ‘acceptable’. I think people getting off on porn regardless of who’s doing it is completely normal; hot is hot. What I question is the idea that the idea of two guys getting it on has “ALWAYS been the attraction of boy bands to teen girls”. I think that’s total c**p.

        Also, I don’t think that you can equate straight men getting off on lesbian porn is equitable to straight women getting off on gay porn, as the ‘lesbian’ porn in question is pretty much always borne out of objectification of women to suit hetero male ideals. The two things aren’t the same.

  3. Derek Williams 28 Oct 2013, 4:30pm

    I know straight women who like watching gay porn – just as many straight men enjoy lesbian porn. It doesn’t surprise me that girls might fantasise about members of a boyband “doing it” with each other.

  4. Working part time at an all girls primary school, having a niece over and a few of her friends unfortunately I don’t this is the case. Yes I think they are more accepting – without a doubt. I remember my times as a young school girl and to be honest we never spoke about male sexuality & to be honest that has not changed. What has changed is the fact they can talk about famous gay people and gay siblings without the fear it would turned round and used as a weapon for bullies, its just accepted. I think the older the fan base this maybe the case but young girls, they are just interested in pretty young boys signing to them and the dreadful dodgy music they produce. The dream is more like a Disney story dedicated to them rather than what the protagonist feels and wants. That is why boy bands are on programs like Nickelodeon and Disney as they sell lunch boxes & posters. Its the manipulation of a child falling in love with a person on TV and not physical aspect.

  5. Paul Essex/London 28 Oct 2013, 5:03pm

    Girls fantasise about boys doing it with each other. Lets not get caught up on that one shall we? I think Jaymi Hensley’s point is that it shows how there are far more of the current straight younger generation who can be objective enough about sexuality not to feel threatened by the idea of their idols being attracted to someone of the same sex.

    His other comments are what really make me feel so happy. He’s being the kind of role model I think all us older gay guys wish we’d had when we were kids. A gay boy band member who enforces the idea that it’s OK for boys to have the same affection and fantasies that their straight peers do for pop ikons of the opposite sex. That it’s not something that has be kept quiet like some dirty little secret, it’s an innocent crush that’s part of growing up that they are as entitled to have and convey as much as anyone else. That gay kids are as entitled to their innocence regarding their attractions as straight kids.

    1. ” Girls fantasise about boys doing it with each other. Lets not get caught up on that one shall we?”

      Not between the ages of 8 – 13 they don’t I can assure you. The girls this guy is talking about are in the mid to late teens and older! I come from basically an all female family and went to an all female high school. Us females don’t fantasise like that until we are in our mid teens. Plus teenage girls do not go out and buy lunch boxes, posters, love heart sweets at that age. We begin to like more adult things and take more of an interest in physical actions, watching adult programs and films. Yes this when we start to feel randy not below the age of 13……..

      By the way I never lusted after boy bands so not girls fantasise over boys ;)

      1. Paul Essex/London 28 Oct 2013, 7:09pm

        Read your previous post and I agree you make some very good points which actually link in somewhat with my own comment. And yes, I was referring to older girls and certainly not all of them, or even most of them (which is what I think Jaymi Hensley was talking about too). Having been a boy and identifying as a man, I’m certainly not about to start asserting what is fact for every pre-pubescent and pubescent/adolescent girl. But there wasn’t the word space to put that much clarification in my original comment.

  6. James Savik 28 Oct 2013, 11:20pm

    He is a cute little pup.

  7. “it doesn’t matter what you look like or who you love, you can do whatever you want in life” … although it certainly wont hurt your showbiz career if you’re an attractive twink like Jaymi Hensley ;)

  8. I don’t see this as being a new phenomenon. If you go back into the history of pop culture, most slash fiction was written by teenage girls and centered on male/male relationships (Spock and Kirk, for example). And boys’ love manga in Japan is written by women and targeted toward teenage girls. (And 85% of the audience for BL in the US is teenage girls and young women.)

    It’s just something that’s come out of the closet, so to speak.

  9. luckynelly 4 Nov 2013, 4:58pm

    I think it dosen’t matter if he is gay he is still human

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