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Putin: Olympic athletes will feel ‘comfortable regardless of sexual orientation’

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Reader comments

  1. How can someone feel ‘comfortable’ in a country which has set it’s gay citizens apart by telling them they may not speak openly about their sexuality and be themselves for fear of arrest for ‘promotion of non-traditional relationships’? Your country is looking ever-more backward and stupid. It is paying lip-service to organised religion when every other civilised nation is turning in the opposite direction. I do not feel ‘comfortable’ even hearing the word ‘Russia’ let alone visiting the country which suffers under your repressive dictatorship. Drop the discriminatory laws and I may – just may – change my mind..

  2. vversatile 28 Oct 2013, 3:55pm

    By being forced to make a statement of this kind shows that Putin is feeling the heat.
    Keep the pressure up.

  3. alwaysniceman 28 Oct 2013, 4:09pm

    how about the fans?

  4. I read this as: “Putin: Olympic athletes WILL feel ‘comfortable regardless of sexual orientation’……!!!

    1. … or face five years in a penal colony ….!

  5. How about doing something so that your own LGBT citizens feel safe and secure in their own country too?


  6. So now it’s up to Olympic athletes to test the truth of this statement while in Sochi. Olympic athletes, please whenever you are in public in Sochi do not shirk from making it known that you’re gay or lesbian. Bravely test how truthful Putin’s statement is!

    Gay and lesbian fans should do the same. The Russians won’t harm you, the Russian police will protect you, AND all incidents will get massive worldwide coverage and that will put yet further pressure on the land of civilised giants Pasternak, Shostakovich, Diagilev, Rimsky-Korsakov, Mussorgsky, Gorky, Tchaikovsky, Solzhenitsyn, Gogol, Chagall, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Glinka, Nureyev, Prokofiev, Stanislavsky, Balakirev, Borodin, Pushkin, Tarkovsky, and 100s of others, to QUIT its state-sanctioned homophobia!

  7. So this nutter says that LGBT visitors to his country can feel comfortable, but his own LGBT Russians cannot.

    Must be nice to be living in a country where your own so-called “leader” attacks you based on a difference from the “majority” while welcoming the same kinds of people into the country for money!

    Hey, Putin, try working for your own citizens for a change you hateful despicable imbecile!

  8. Athletes feeling comfortable on a quick visit is not the point.

  9. Do not believe a single word, even a letter in that speech! Just yesterday they arrested gay activist at Olympic torch relay. Police now promises to burn the LGBT flag they were carrying!

    Take that Putin!

    Sorry, we ignored what you’re supposed to have said.
    What was it again?

    1. Beelzeebub 29 Oct 2013, 9:23am


    2. Sorry – not with the above bitch-fest. Are you, Fagburn, supportive of Putin? I think what can be likened to Nazi Germany is (a) Putin’s state-sponsored fascism and the reaction of those who wish to ignore the undoubted persecution Russia’s gay people are currently suffering – in exactly the same way people wanted to appease Hitler. To attempt to diminish Putin’s actions is either crass stupidity or wilful ignorance. Personally, I would rather react ‘hysterically’ at EVERYTHING Putin says rather than just sit back and watch as gay people are arrested and victimised. Wouldn’t you …. Fagburn?

  11. He better tell all of the local anti-gay citizens about his decision!!

    ALL of the Olympic athletes should be wearing GAY RAINBOW everything at the games and out in public ——- and see what happens!?!?!

  12. Putin is a lying fascist murderous dictator.

    AndvThomas Bach and the IOC are the scum of the earth.

  13. It is now illegal to show or promote blue eyes to persons under 18yrs in Russia regardless if whether or not these under 18’s have blue eyes themselves.
    The Russian Orthodox church say blue is not considered a traditional or moral eye colour choice in Russia and most moral people prefer to have traditional brown, green or hazel-coloured eyes.

    There is now a network of small groups all over Russia who are anti-blue eyes and they have dedicated themselves to finding and exposing blue eyed people and discouraging them from showing blue eyes, publicly.

    Reports say blue eyed people are regularly being beaten in the streets by anti-blue eyes gangs.

    Putin says although he has blue eyes himself he will from now on wear brown contact lenses or very dark glasses when making public appearances in case it corrupts children into thinking blue eyes are acceptable, however he says that visiting blue eyed athletes will be safe and made comfortable during the Sochi Games..

    1. But being blue-eyed is a Choice! It`s not like they were born With blue eyes, because that isn`t a Natural color!

      (I see what you did there, by the way)


  14. Empty words. The anger is over his laws not how a few gay athletes will feel at the games. “Aluta continua” the struggle continues

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