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NFL player made to apologise for anti-gay slur on live radio

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  1. Jon (Malaysia) 29 Oct 2013, 9:58am

    I think it’s kinda funny that when we are trying to be equal, that being called queer is an insult. It might be like if someone told me that Frank Sinatra was a terrible singer and I replied, “Well what do you expect? He did have blue eyes you know….” I’ ve often said as I’m leaving for work teaching English in KL, “Ok, I’m off to charm the hostile heteros”. Somehow that doesn’t seem insulting. I really wish being called queer was as insignificant as being called blue eyed. Someday maybe.

    1. If we were living in a world where having the “wrong colour eyes” was used to attack people then such a statement would also be considered bigotry. But we don’t live in that world, we live in a world where something as equally meaningless such as a persons sexual identity is used as a weapon to attack. That is why it’s unacceptable.

      Context is vitally important here, and you seem to have missed that very important step in asserting whether something is hateful. He meant it as an attack, an insult, a bigoted view. Stating the colour of someone’s eyes is not viewed in the same way, obviously.

      It’s especially interesting to see this kind of bigotry coming from a black American man. He clearly doesn’t know much about the persecution Black Americans faced in his own country, or that he’s acting in the same way towards others. Hearing black Americans speaking like this about LGBT people not only shows his ignorance towards others. it shows his complete ignorance to his own history.

  2. Why is it that these homophobic comments – whether from USA or elsewhere – come from coloured people. I am not racist, I am Gay – they need to look to their past when they were a minority and how it would feel to still be in that situation.

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