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Debt forces closure of Nottinghamshire Pride

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Reader comments

  1. The idea that such a small number bothered to donate even £1 is an embarrassment and all those who attended and didn’t support it with such a minimal donation should hang their heads in shame.

    But, you have to also ask how hard those people worked to get things done.

    Did they have volunteers walking around with collection buckets? Did they invite larger companies to support the event locally? Did they look to see what could be supplied by sponsors to cut costs?

    When I planned a local event I only had to make calls for a day to have several companies lining up to help in exchange for their name on promotional materials and a presence at the event. It’s not hard to do and I have a feeling a lot of these events fail because those involved have no idea of what sponsorship can achieve.

  2. Think it goes to show how in these days of “Equality” -Ha! Ha!- many of the gay community are indifferent or unaware of the importance of these events. Clubbing and style are everything. A strong, vital LGBT community is vital

  3. We all want everything for nothing these days….its a disgrace that they only raised that amount of money after all the hard work that goes into these events…its not even the cost of a pint …you miserable shower you dont derserve to have a pride……

  4. When will the pride going masses finally realise that some of these events cost a lot of money to put on? Money that doesn’t grow on trees and money that isn’t an entitlement from sponsors no matter how many vodka redbulls you put away on a night out.

    Want pride events in your area? Put your hands in your pockets or organise non-commercial, community-based events.

  5. HighHighlander 29 Oct 2013, 10:26am

    I live in Nottingham and I attended the first AGM since the ‘debt crisis’ struck in September. I’ve been involved in Pride in the past, so, I think it’s important to bear in mind that this article doesn’t really convey the actualities of what happened.

    In 2009, I put on a play which Pride sponsored, thanks to the support of the then vice chair who made it happen. The play was a sell out and we made 100% profit, proceeds went to the Pride charity.

    In 2010, the vice chair became the chair and they left a legacy, going forward into 2011.

    There was a large surplus, several thousand.

    In 2011, that was when the trouble started…. it went from a surplus to a huge debt, which snowballed and ultimately lead to this current issue as discussed in the article.

    I strongly believe, and I am not alone in saying this that malpractice may have been part of the reasons for why 1) the debt accrued, 2) the charity folded.

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