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Bishop blasts Archbishop of Canterbury for being ‘sympathetic to homosexuals’

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Reader comments

  1. Staircase2 28 Oct 2013, 2:32pm

    …”there is no compromise as far as the scripture is concerned”
    …I suggest he actually READS the Bible as opposed to just projecting his bigotry into it.

    It is widely understood that the King James version (and subsequent versions based on it) are wrong in their translation from the original regarding the bits said to be against homosexuality.

    Biblical scholars will also be aware of the story of David and Jonathan.

    Anyone saying they are ‘taking their word directly from the Bible’ is lying, given that they’re actually taking it directly from a mistranslation of it…

    This homophobic Christian bigotry has to stop. These are supposed to be educated men who say they ‘follow Christ’, yet Christ never had one thing to say on the subject…

    …So who is it they’re actually following then…?

    1. Homophobes are nearly always closet gays. Why ELSE do they get so hot under the collar about it? And don’t give me that ‘ferevnt believe’ clap-trap. Self-haters will use ANY means – particularly the bible – to project outwardly the inner-angst they undoubtedly experience. Have you never questioned WHY they are so obsessed with the topic and why they ignore all the other explicit biblical ‘sins’? A bit ‘selective’ isn’t it? They obsess about homosexuality because THAT is what gets them ‘aroused’. They hate themselves for having same-sex fantasies and thoughts; they use the bible as reinforcement. Psychology WELL understands this. But if you ever dare confront a religious nut job with this aspect of their psyche, you may well blow one of their fuses. In my experience …. “The bigger the homophobe, the bigger the closet case …..”

      1. Homosexuality certainly does get them terribly aroused, they channel their arousal into destructive and hateful rhetoric that empowers and gives false legitimacy to those who are eager do violence against gay people.

        1. No ‘normal’ heterosexual would become so aroused. In fact, all the latest research confirms what I’ve always believed …’the bigger the homophobe – the bigger the closet case’. When ultra-homophobic people are shown gay porn, they become much more physically ‘aroused’ than men who have no concerns whatsoever about homosexuality. These people will use ANY means (particularly the bible) to deflect focus away from their OWN sexuality. “If I shout-out anti-gay abuse, I will convince people – PARTICULARLY MYSELF – that there’s nothing gay about ME!”

    2. Steve Bowen 28 Oct 2013, 8:51pm

      Much as I would like it to be true that the bible in the original wasn’t homophobic I think you are making too much of translation errors considering Paul constantly harps on about it and leviticus is pretty definitive. The David and Jonathon story can be read as bromance. But the thing is, who cares what a 2000 rear old culture thought? We are more moral in many ways than the bible so bin it and move on.

      1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Steve Bowen: whether the bible was or wasn’t homophobic in parts or in its entirety is utterly irrelevant. We live in the 21c, in societies that bear no resemblance to the societies of the ancient Eastern Mediterranean, and a random miscellany of much-translated writings between 1800 and 2700 years old should have little or no influence on our lives, any more than their toxic attitudes to women should be promoted in modern life.

      2. The problem with Leviticus is that it’s pretty definitive on a lot of issues that “Christians” like bishop Chewbacca fail to keep themselves to, either. It’s this cherry picking reading of all that stuff which irks me most.

    3. Frank Boulton 29 Oct 2013, 12:21pm

      The debate about homophobia in the original texts of the Bible and the willful mistranslation of the Bible entailing a proliferation of homophobic verses, which can not be justified with reference to the original texts, is probably too big a subject to move LGBTI rights forward with any speed. More to the point is the fact that Bishop Chukwuma has chosen to justify his homophobia by citing a passage, which contains no overt reference to homosexuality either in any of the Greek texts of Ephesians, which have come down to us, or in any translation that I’m aware of. The fact that he sees a condemnation of homosexuality, where it is plain to any literate person that none exists, should help to persuade many atheists and Christians alike that his claims are ridiculous. He’s made himself look like a ranting imbecile.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Oct 2013, 2:33pm

    Good, bring it on, bigot! Hopefully The African church does secede thereby diminishing the power of the CoE even more. It will be interesting to hear what Ugandan born Sentamu, bigot of York has to say.

    1. It would be even more interesting to hear how Archbishop Tutu might respond to this Nigerian’s onslaught.

  3. As soon as I read “Nigeria” I stopped bothering.

    Seriously, the religious nutters in our own countries are bad enough, but once you get into the African nations it’s like Voodoo witchdoctors dancing around fires and throwing virgins off of cliffs believing they’re placating a vengeful God.

    In a world with plenty of backward countries, Nigeria is one of the most embarrassing, right up there with North Korea, Jamaica, Qatar, and all the other lunatic states with preachers who still believe the Earth is flat and the Moon is made of Cheese.

    How these freaks manage to dress themselves in the morning is one of the greatest enigmas of the modern age.

    1. Actually voodoo is accepting of gay people unlike Christianity

  4. If they choose to secede from the Anglican Communion they lose their right to be referred to as Anglicans. They lose any further influence in terms of representations at Synod and the anti-gay lobby will be diminished to that extent. Perhaps the Archbishop ought to take a stand based on what he believes to be right and not seek to appease wishes of any overseas churches. Perhaps, the Archbishop should excommunicate these bishops for their lack of respect for the office of Archbishop of Canterbury.

    1. welby is only slightly less bigotted than they are. He voted and campaigned against marriage equality.

  5. Cultures which have not been affected by the poisonous abramic religions like gay people. The innuits the aborigines consider gay people as a blessing. The peace makers. I sometimes wonder how the world would be without religion.

    1. john lyttle 28 Oct 2013, 3:03pm

      A world without religion would be Heaven.

    2. A world without religion would surely be a very peaceful place?

    3. The world would be a lot more advanced and a lot more harmonious. Religion is and always has been a force for division …”My god is better than your god … nar nar na nar nar”. If ONLY people could grow-up and leave silly fairy stories in the nursery where they belong with other childhood fantasies like Santa and The Tooth Fairy. But those who make a very nice living from peddling this nonsensical rubbish will ALWAYS fight back. They have a serious vested interest so to do …..

  6. One of 500 bishops in Nigeria. Got his work cut out then!

  7. it’s funny how quickly some forget what being treated like a subhuman is like……shame on them

    1. “Forget”? Why, what experience do you think this admittedly foolish man, born 1954, has of being “treated like a subhuman”?

      1. Rehan, he may not personally have experienced prejudice but he ought to know how his parents and grandparents suffered, don’t you think? People forget, unfortunately.

        1. I’m not entirely sure how people can “forget” what they haven’t experienced. I see no evidence, other than vague assumption, that his parents and grandparents “suffered”, any more than your own grandparents may have “suffered” because they were not of the dominant ethnicity of the country they lived in (eg the Irish in Britain, or Travellers just about anywhere) or of the ruling class of wherever they lived.

          Personally I find the assumption that all dark-skinned people should have a greater understanding of prejudice more than a little patronising. By the same token you might say that “colonials” – white people born in what were colonies – should have a greater sympathy for victims of prejudice, yet I’m sure you will agree that was seldom the case. Sadly, most people who experience prejudice are most likely to express prejudice to others, just as bullies tend to be people who’ve themselves experienced bullying.

  8. Keith Murphy 28 Oct 2013, 3:07pm

    Another deluded argument based on silly superstions

  9. Oh SHUT UP – you pathetic, superstition backward Moron!

  10. It has become so blatently obvious that the concerns and traditions of the African church are so much at odds with the rest of the Anglican union that the only real way to solve this is by a split.
    You go your way and we’ll go ours………
    These outbursts, which we hear all too frequently from the African continent – presidents and priests alike – do not reflect the compassion now shown by the established church in our land and further afield. Admittedly, there is still a long way to go, but we’re getting there, thanks to Archbishop Welby and the former, Rowan Williams.
    The churche’s views cannot afford to be seen to be represented by this bigotted and evil inequality shown towards Gay and Lesbian people by these Africans.

    1. We’re getting there DESPITE Archbishop Justin Welby and Rowan Williams.

  11. Let them go. Why should they dictate to the rest?
    David and Jonathan- good examples of true biblical love.

  12. “Good riddance” to such people is of course a natural response, but if they are cut off completely to set up their own ‘church of hate’ based on their homophobia, I would fear the current witch-hunt against LGBT’s in Nigeria would only become amplified, it then being the defining charter of such a church……It must be very painful for LGBT supporting Anglicans (and I don’t doubt Welby is one of these, no matter what rubbish he’s spoken about equal marriage) to have to sit down with such obnoxious filth as this in the hope that one day something akin to decency will rub off on them….Very difficult…

  13. Yet another African cousin with a very selective memory and no sense of the hypocritical: treated so badly by white oppressors – yet now, happily persecuting fellow human beings. These words of hate would be bad enough coming from any ordinary Nigerian … but to see this bile emanating from the mouth of someone who represents an organisation which is supposedly all about ‘love’ and ‘peace’ and ‘harmony’ is doubly vomit-inducing. These people really do seem determined to bring about the final demise of their organisation. Even the pope has realised how unwise it is to continually alienate people. Their flock of sheep is ever dwindling. Personally, I can’t wait for the day when every flocking one of them has gone to the big abattoir in the sky…..

  14. I am a gay Christian, the Bible I have read many times and it does not tell me its wrong to be gay. If it was so important then why did Jesus not mention it?

    The verse quoted is about sexual immorality, not about being gay, you can read it here

    I find this very sad as I find the Church of England so welcoming to my partner and I

    1. I think what’s really sad is why anyone gay would seek the ‘approval’ of an outfit which hates them. Could you not find something less ingratiating to do with your time? After all, we’re debating what an old nove might or might not say. I find it ASTONISHING that ‘belief’is so poweful when based on totally irrational and childish ideas.

    2. Another traitor to the gay cause. Did you by any chance notice that the head fo the institution you find so welcoming voted against our right to marry? And almost all of the bishops voted to wreck the Civil Partnerships Bill?

      How about growing up and recognising that your Christian faith is just a mild form of mental illness.

  15. Tim Hanafin 28 Oct 2013, 3:52pm

    I suggest that Bishop Chukwuma takes that raised finger and shoves it as far up his arse as it will go.

  16. In his mental confusion and disturbance this illiterate Nigerian Bishop appears hell-bent on inventing a personalised religion of homophobia. The verse from Ephesians that he paraphrases – 5.7 – has nothing do with homosexuality. It merely says “Be not ye partakers with them.” These partakers, according to the preceding verse, are “children of disobedience” on whom God is said to visit his “wrath” And who are the children?
    Ephesians 5.5 describes them as being variously a “Whoremonger” “an unclean person” “a covetous man” and an “idolater.” Whoremongers are often heterosexuals.Covetous men tends to be bankers and their like. And an “unclean person” could be anyone in societies where soap had yet to be created.
    This silly little Bishop, who boasts nothing more than the mind of a six year old and invents the Bible in his own primitive image, could do with a good, swift defrocking. The Archbishop of Canterbury surely cannot keep such a goon in a position of authority.

    1. While I bow to your superior knowledge of biblical texts, I have to add that I think you have fallen into the trap of giving that old novel sufficient credence as to to be prepared to debate it. To me, that would be like taking on someone to debate the philosophical wisdom of ‘Peter Pan’. This is, after all, a book which mentions talking snakes, a woman made from a man’s rib and people who come back from the dead. All a bit silly and childish, don’t you think? Personally, I believe any debate about the bible simply fuels those in the church to keep quoting its nonsense. I always answer quotes made by the pests who door-knock with a look of disbelief, a furrowed brow followed by hysterical laughter and a command to ‘grow up’. To debate with them is simply a waste of breath and, to me, frankly weird. IT IS ALL A LOAD OF SILLY, CHILDISH MADE-UP NONSENSE!!!


        Oh, how I rejoice when I see comments like this so often now on Pink News. Back in 2006 it wasn’t like that at all. The threads here were dominated by deluded Christian Conservatives.

  17. Great.
    Either the CofE drops it’s Nigerian deadweight, meaning it can liberalize itself and stop hemorrhaging followers in it’s home country. It’ll soon be more morally representative of the country whose government it has influence over.
    Or the CofE gives in to the Nigerian demands, rapidly loses the interest of one of it’s main source of revenue, the British public, and perhaps finally stops sitting it’s bishops in the House of Lords.

    What is there for us to lose?

  18. Beelzeebub 28 Oct 2013, 4:13pm

    It’s not just gays that this d!ck has trouble with.

    His own government are sick of him.

    he just sounds like a nasty piece of work.

  19. Jock S. Trap 28 Oct 2013, 4:18pm

    “….there is no compromise as far as the scripture is concerned”

    And yet they have so many times to suit them personally.

    How much more obsessed can they get, I wonder?

    Break away, whatever, who cares… your all hypocrites… and increasingly irrelevant.

  20. ..what I find so infuriating about idiots like this is how they always refer to ‘homosexuals’ as an altogether, part of a club all the same specie. I mean honestly how on earth can you be so narrow minded. He obviously is extremely bias and knows nothing about real life. Oh yeah I see, he’s African!

    1. Is it really an improvement to refer to all Africans “as an altogether, part of a club all the same specie[s]”? Please note, Mandela and Tutu are also Africans.

    2. Nigerian.

  21. All religions are irrelevant anymore. Religion is a creation of men, not God.
    The people are beginning to wake up from the trance religion has held us down with.

    1. I so wish you were right, but it rather seems as though in Nigeria the clash between Islam and Christianity is making people more rather than less observantly religious. There’s truly nowt so queer as folk.

  22. Can’t help but wonder how many concubines he has. It’s funny how the Commandments say Thou shalt not commit adultery, but it’s acceptable in Nigeria and other African countries to have concubines. Wish I had te money to investigate these guys….

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Oct 2013, 5:45pm

      Former French colony Senegal allows hetero polygamy.

    2. I think the Biblical interpretation of adultery is a man having sex with another man’s wife (ie property) or a married woman (ie the property of a man) having sex with a man other than her husband. A man having sex with an unmarried low-status [unmarried] woman, or one of several wives, doesn’t count. Charming formula, isn’t it?

  23. soapbubblequeen 28 Oct 2013, 5:07pm

    Unless they are a gay asylum seekers, almost every Nigerian person I have come across, who is an immigrant here in the UK, has homophobic attitudes. If you don’t like living by the rules of the UK, then go back to live in Lagos – we don’t want your bigotry.

    1. Isn’t that rather irrelevant? This article is about a depressingly influential Nigerian in Nigeria.

      1. The SoapBubbleQueen was simply making a statement related to her own experience of Nigerians and their attitudes to homosexual. That does relate to the stance of the Nigerian bishop.

        1. How, Eddy? This ridiculous bishop lives in Enugu in Nigeria. To the best of my knowledge he hasn’t the slightest interest in emigrating to the UK and is perfectly happy in his own country. We should perhaps be concentrating on the plight of the LGBT Nigerians unfortunate enough to be officially under his pastoral care, rather than expressing anti-UK-immigration attitudes, however justifiable.

  24. Welby is having his own scripture quoted back at him. Sticky position. Hope he doesn’t let himself be dictated to by these backward creatures.
    Tale a leaf out of Tutu’s book.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Oct 2013, 5:43pm

      Rowan Williams caved in to them. Welby, if he knows what’s good for him won’t. It would help if Sentamu spoke out against them but I won’t hold my breath.

  25. So therefore, he thinks there was nothing wrong with black people being slaves…….

    “However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance.” (Leviticus 25:44-46)

    1. Why do you mention black people in particular? Slavery in Biblical times was not restricted to black people.

      1. Because he’s black, and the most contemporary example of slavery was with African people, like himself. Duhhhh. Why am I even explaining such an obvious reason to you?

        1. You’re right, trying to explain such facile reasoning is a waste of time. Duh indeed.

  26. It’s Nigeria… who’s going to miss them? Let tem take their homophobic church and deal with it. Of course, civilized countries and all decent charitable organizations should also cut off all aid to Nigeria, as well. Let this guy get his god to feed their starving children and fill the pockets of their multi-billion dollar worldwide scam industry.

  27. Good F@@king Riddance

  28. Mumbo Jumbo 28 Oct 2013, 8:41pm

    “….there is no compromise as far as the scripture is concerned….”

    So that’s death for wearing mixed fibres, working on Sundays and planting two different crops in none field then?

  29. Fruitless talking about the bible bollocks. Karma will get the twat. Wait till he’s near death and the inevitable question pops in to his limited brain….” What if there’s no afterlife?”

    1. Erm … isn’t karma predicated on reincarnation?

  30. white squirrel 28 Oct 2013, 9:49pm

    another delusional creationist proves yet again that
    some use their brains to think
    while others are too lazy to do that and prefer to have dead ancestors think for them

  31. Um, should I be sharing this? But when I scan read the article, I read the name of the Bishop as Bishop Chumbawumba. This you tube clip could just as easily be for Bishop Chukwuma.

  32. Colin (London) 29 Oct 2013, 8:32am

    Uneducated thick bigot. What does he, his church and Nigeria add to the planet????

    Nothing except hot bigoted air and poverty

  33. Why is he doing the Osama Bin Laden finger pose?

  34. The ignorance and hatred of this bishop is appalling. Let Bishop Chukwuma go. No one with any sense will miss him.

  35. Let them secede. They are the ones who need to repent

  36. Francis Gallant 30 Oct 2013, 4:26pm

    Homophobia was reinforced by the Church’s change in the meaning of sodomy (Sodom and Gomorrah). The story was used as a scapegoat against all unproductive sex, especially homosexuality. Since the Church was created as long as three centuries after Jesus and the apostles were long gone, it was easy to convince the uneducated that Sodom was all about wrong sex with the reminder that homosexuality is wrong. For centuries since, I think it was almost impossible for gays to fight against the belief that they were in the wrong. Many gays themselves probably thought they could be “healed”. There wasn’t much psychology to support the homosexual. Sodomy was not only clasified as sin but became criminalized. Not only that but if you were branded a sodomite you were also a heretic.Finally, in this past century, we have been taking a stand against all the false notions. How many more people will die before the discrimination is banned. And, I get a real kick out of seeing a black man discriminate.

    1. And, I get a real kick out of seeing a black man discriminate.

      I’m glad you do. I don’t, but all the same I can recognise that every society in the world discriminates against another in some way. If you get your kicks from thinking about enslavement of Africans, you might ask yourself who sold other Africans to Europeans and Arab traders (the hint lies in the word ‘other’).

  37. we pray that one day so called Christians will walk under the law of Christ – ie Love and not under bigotry. Jesus has abolished the ban on homosexuality – see Hebrews 10v9, where it refers to Him abolishing the Mosaic laws which prohibited homosexuality…

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