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US: Several churches in North Carolina cut sponsorship of boy scouts following pro-gay policy

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  1. Jock S. Trap 27 Oct 2013, 10:34am

    Being that they’re allowing only Gay youngsters not adults means these people are so happy showing our young the hate and discrimination only religion believes is right.

    They are Wrong and should hang there heads in shame that they feel the need to hate children so much.

    Totally appalling and I hope the rest of society sees and distances themselves further from this ever increasingly irrelevant oppressive church clubs.

    To think they also are so misguided in thinking most Gay people are abused when younger…. This is how they treat the abused? and yet they’re happy to abuse and bully thinking children have been abused!

    They are the ones who should never be allowed around children… full stop!

  2. Derek Williams 27 Oct 2013, 10:40am

    Both the Scouts and the Church are irrelevant in a thinking person’s life. Both involve the individual surrendering his individuality to authority heedlessly and mindlessly.

    1. I would agree that the Boy Scouts need to catch up to the modern age, and they are doing so begrudgingly. But lets not pretend these groups are the same. The Christian factions in America are extremely hateful, bile-spewing, despicable clubs with nothing to offer intelligent people. The Boy Scouts actually do a lot to instil a sense of personal responsibility, encourage social skills, develop talents in their troop members and improve the lives of millions.

      Just because they momentarily preach some nonsense about God and being a slave does not mean that’s all they are about – unlike the Christian cults in America.

      The Boy Scouts org is evolving, the nutty cults are not.

  3. The churches probably have a few gay congregation members as ScoutMaster. It would be difficult to support an organization, especially within your own building, if they discriminate against your own church members.

    Churches can do better than the Boy Scouts anyway. The local churches can create their own youth adventure and learning groups, celebrate the diversity of uniqueness. The Boy Scout councils were getting out of hand from the core ideals.

    In the US, they were being subsidized by the federal government (yes, tax dollars), and on many military bases with dedicated “Scout Huts”. This often included fully paid water, electric, landscaping, and paint/hardware supplies. As well as periodic access to tours of the base and its facilities, use the gym and indoor pool, etc. I have seen the scouts receive instructions in actual flight simulators, bomb handling (duds… but still awesome), and learn flight control (tower & radar).

    The Boy Scouts really screwed up this one.

  4. This is actually a good thing, because it’s giving potentially hundreds of thousands of young people an accurate impression of a hateful and disgusting group of so-called “Christians” in America.

    These people are not Christians, they are simply mentally defective adults who feel a desperate need to have power over others. This is not a religious teaching that anyone should accept in their community. The parents of these kids would be wise to explain this to their youngsters – this is what hateful Christianity looks like.

    They are pushing more and more people away from their cult, and that is a great thing. I hope that these troops find welcoming people in other areas, there are opportunities for large companies to step up and promote themselves as equality-driven by backing these troops.

    I would love to see local companies filling the void, while sending the message that unlike their so-called “Christian” churches they support the kids of their communities.

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 27 Oct 2013, 12:13pm

    When shall these churches admit that their policy is “related” to fascism and Hitler. I’m so tired of reading about religious suppression and hatred of gay, transgender and lesbian persons from all kinds of religious groups. My first experience dates back to 1957 in Norway-I REALLY LOVE MY LGBTQ brothers and sisters who have strength and fight against this injustice !

  6. I’m taking my ball and going home.

  7. Churches are to the gay community what the Klu Klux Klan is to the black community.

    One of these days, the majority will realize this and issue a mass apology to the gay community…..but not today.

  8. Christopher Coleman 27 Oct 2013, 9:42pm

    So glad to know that there is a Christian Church in America that wants to raise young people to be “authentic followers of Jesus Christ”. However, as is so often the case, I would not be surprised to find that their version of Jesus Christ is quite unlike the Jesus of the gospels.

  9. Nails and coffins. Religion is rapidly bigoting itself out of existence. I can’t wait for its final demise. Seems to me that wherever religion bites the dust, peace and compassion break out. Intelligent people are realising that hunanity is much happier without the vile oppression and division spread by self-serving organised religion.

    1. I agree, this is the way to look at it. I used to get extremely angry with religious people when things like this are reported, but that has been replaced with almost glee at the thought of another thousand young people waking up to the cults and their draconian dictatorial attitudes.

      We almost don’t need to do anything these days, they’re destroying themselves with every new bonkers statement and every new vindictive act.

      I now read stories like this and smile at the thought of people abandoning these religious nutters and the thought that in another ten years most of these “churches” will be closed through lack of community backing.

      As the old religious crazies die, they take their bullsh*t with them. The next generation are less inclined to become involved. One day (hopefully soon) most of these local/regional cults will be extinct through their own bigotry.

      1. We often seem to sing from exactly the same hymn sheet (pun intended). The ‘established’ church in the UK is looking increasingly out of touch and anachronistic. Old men prancing around in golden cloaks and silly hats. Just makes me want to laugh. Younger people DO laugh – out loud. Religious deference is dead – except from among the few remaining ‘Daily Mail’ reading refugees left over from the Jurassic period. I’ve been to several funerals recently. EVERY one has been of the humanist type. No religious babble about after-lives and paradise. Straight forward messages of love, both for and often from, the departed. Something christianity could learn from. I’m heartily sick of ‘believers’ telling me they disapprove of my lifestyle. When are they going to get the message – no-one gives a flying f**k what they think. So why don’t they just get a life and stop wasting it preparing for any imagined next one? My sincere hope is that they continue hand-wringing themselves into oblivion.

  10. Shame on their hypocrisy!!! They teach about the unconditional love that Jesus had for everyone including the lepers, prostitutes, etc. but then turn around completely to attack and discriminate against the gay community.
    Religion is quickly falling out of significance because they cannot follow their own expectations and people can compare ideals with others much easier today so they can think for themselves.

  11. floridahank 28 Oct 2013, 4:16pm

    The beginnings of the Holy Bible go back 5,000 yrs. The Jews and Christians have the Word of God to show them principles and laws that they have followed all those years and it gives them a path to God. There is no secular reason or logic for them to turn away from Scripture just because some secular groups and governmental laws want to have them reinterpret their beliefs and go against their traditional writings. I believe that the Holy Bible is sacred and should be upheld regardless of the changing morals and thoughts of pagans, atheists, and reprobates who have nothing of value to contribute to “true Christianity and Judaism. Read your history and you’ll see the evilness of basic human nature when it creates its own small gods to follow itself instead of knowing the God of the Creation.

    1. Grow up, you brainwashed moron. The bible is no more ‘the word of god’ than is this post of mine. IT’S A LOT OF MADE-UP NONSENSE. Talking snakes and men rising from fhe dead??? Oh please!

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