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US: Chairman of Jelly Belly donated $5,000 for California to repeal trans bathroom rights law

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Reader comments

  1. That’s revealing: why are these two adult males so keen to stop trans schoolgirls and young students having the right to be forced to share a washroom with them?

  2. It always seems to come down to this notion that kids will be “confused” and therefore “damaged”. The only thing that creates confusion in kids is when their idiotic parents are bigots and don’t explain the reality of the world to them.

    Parents who try to lie to their kids and refuse to educate them about the reality of the world are abusers deliberately limiting their own children.

    The same thing happens when parents claim that seeing same-sex couples kissing is “confusing” their kids. It’s not, kids are not born with bigotry, they learn it from their parents. These parents are not giving their kids the right education and are actively working to hold them back. When these kids grow up they become defective, no doubt these idiotic parents will blame everyone else rather than themselves.

    Parents who cannot properly tell the truth to their kids do not deserve to have kids.

  3. Well my belly won’t be jelly now !!!

  4. Boycott Jelly Belly!!

  5. They object because the measure could confuse kids? Brainwashing them with stories about talking snakes, women made from a man’s rib and people coming back from the dead is what kids find REALLY confusing. But, presumably it’s OK to confuse them with that nonsense because it’s ‘religious’. The world would be a MUCH better place if religous education was banned for under 18s. I think you’d find issues of this spiteful kind wouldn’t even arise if kids’ minds could be ‘religion free’ until adulthood.

  6. “Privacy for All Students” campaign? They’re going to need a lot of new bathrooms!
    Some b***h once told me that lesbians should have to use the boys’ bathroom so they can’t ogle the straight girls. I pointed out that the lesbians might then get ogled by the straight boys but, of course, she didn’t care. She just wanted the lesbians out of ‘her’ bathroom.
    And of course, by that logic, bisexuals like myself cannot be trusted in either bathroom, and they couldn’t have dedicated bathrooms for lesbians/gay men, because they’d look at each other. And even if they gave each gender/sexuality combination their own bathroom, they still wouldn’t know what to do with trans people (these morons seem to have some kind of brain seizure just trying to process the concept).
    I don’t think we need separate bathrooms in the first place, except perhaps in terms of functionality. A urinal is not much use to me (not that I’ve never tried it…). That aside, why the segregation? I don’t get it.

  7. Diane Graham 28 Oct 2013, 10:42pm

    Where are parents rights as they are held responsible for their children actions.? Where is the respect for women? Where are peoples morals??
    Again Goverment tell us what is right or wrong no matter what you may beleive. Let the people vote!

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