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Lady Gaga makes surprise appearance at London’s G-A-Y club night

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Reader comments

  1. Considering her new singles are flopping she has to resort to using the gay community as usual.

    1. Brett Gibson 27 Oct 2013, 10:18pm

      Her last song ‘Applause’ went into the top 10 in 16 countries – I was unaware that was known as a flop….

      And she’s supported the gay community since day dot so go f**k yourself.

      1. No , the gay community have supported her. Stop being so naive and go f**k yourself.

        1. Brett Gibson 30 Oct 2013, 2:11pm

          She’s probably campaigned more and done more for the gay community in the past 3 hours than you will do in your entire life. Be a bit more grateful to those who are on your side. Jesus.

  2. Calum Riley 27 Oct 2013, 1:55pm

    not much difference between lady gaga and a drag queen to be honest except lady gaga costs more

  3. Yes she dropped in on Berlin I would rather see a Drag
    show too.

  4. Lady Gaga is using gay men as a cover to appeal to sleazy straight guys. She’s been doing this all along. It’s a trick to get her name out there by using gay men as a crutch onto which to hang her credibility.

    As far as I’m concerned, she’s as fake as fake can be. Oh, and why has she collaborated with homophobe TI on her new album?

  5. The problem with Lady Gaga is that her cover has been blown. Her marketing strategy actually appeals to the sleazy straight guy fantasy (with nudity and pseudo-lesbian displays). She has been able to get away with it because she has successfully used gav men as a cover.

    Using gay men as a cover enables her to distract from the fact that she is essentially appealing to the type of straight guys who think gay guys are gross and disgusting. It’s the same type of strategy used by Rihanna, Britney and many other pop females. It’s a strategy that’s been invented in the board room of their labels.

    Lady Gaga is not a true friend of the GLBT community in my view. She’s using us. The gay media needs to stop embracing this fake.

  6. Here’s more evidence that Lady Gaga is not a true friend of the GLBT community: she has collaborated with homophobic performer TI on one of her new songs.

  7. I’m torn on the whole Gaga thing. I think she’s a good performer, not really doing anything differently to Madonna back in the day. So why all of this animosity?

    There are a lot of strong women in popular music who court the gay audience, and often not because they deliberately try to do that, but just because they emulate something that resonates with us. Madonna did it, Janet Jackson did it, Cher did it, Kylie did it, and now Gaga is doing it.

    It’s pretty simple, we love strong women with some attitude and creativity. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all.

    What’s the alternative, manufactured boy bands? Elton John? Brainless dance music?

    I’m not a fan of this kind of music personally (I prefer rock, punk, metal and jazz electronica) but at least she’s using her status for a lot of good.

    1. Finally – someone who can articulate instead of spitting venom (which is usually unfounded drivel anyways)

      Sad to say but its often gays that do the most damage to gays. Always ready to bitch and bring someone down. From one band-wagon to another. One pretention to the next . . . . .

  8. Lotta bitchy gays up in here…

    Don’t like the music, fine, but spending your time attacking the performer for supporting the gay community from the start of her career and doing a lot of charitable work? Grow up

    This is the same immaturity we get every time there’s an STI or STD piece on Pink News and it’s probably from the same people who won’t use condoms

  9. Si winstanley 28 Oct 2013, 4:32pm

    Well I not bothered. Since Heaven changed to g-a-y it has been too rubbish so now I rather go Ministry of sound where I have a better time.

  10. Gee, must have been a slow day for news. Lady Gaga, decent music, will fade out within two more years.

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