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Gay former figure skater Johnny Weir on Russia’s anti-gay laws: ‘You have to respect the culture’

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Reader comments

  1. Homophobia isn’t culture, it’s political in Russia’s case.

    1. bionictadpole 26 Oct 2013, 12:57pm

      but that so many gays are being attacked says to me it is culture, not just political. But I am disappointed in Johnny Weir – unless he makes his statement there.

      1. Every human action has a political dimension. A lot of people would like to deny that – particularly sports people. Cultural expression and cultural activities also have a political dimension.

        Weir is insufficiently educated to be aware of the political dimension to all human activities. For that reason he should exercise humility and speak out only on matters concerning his own expertise: skating.

  2. What an absolute idiot. Hey Johnny, maybe you would like to visit North Korea? I hear they are very cultural in the sense of denying the entire country their basic human rights. This makes me so angry, we have enough straight people spouting ignorance we don’t need someone who’s in our community to do the same.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Oct 2013, 1:03pm

    Sorry, Weir, but no. Respecting an homophobic culture just isn’t on. Homophobia is also about disrespecting LGBT people, so he’s dead wrong. Denying basic rights to gay people in Russia is another form of not just discrimination but disrespect. Weir needs a reality check. Does he respect Iran and other islamic countries where gay men have been tortured and executed and what about some of those horrendous African countries such as Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana and Caribbean islands?

  4. Johnny Weir, you’re succeeding only in reinforcing the stereotype whereby all dancers and skaters are thoughts of air-heads.

    Stick to your interest in skating, Mr. Weir. You’re insufficiently educated to pronounce on other issues, political or cultural.

    1. At one time I was acquainted with a quite a lot of dancers and In my experience they usually are self-possessed air-heads, I don’t know any skaters but going by the evidence….

  5. IT’S HERESY!!!!
    Burn the witch!


    United Gay Hysterics

  6. So where does this end?
    Racial apartheid: oh don’t worry it is just their culture.
    Arranged marriage of young female children to adult men?
    Genital mutilation?
    The list goes on.

    Stop being an apologist for an oppressive country. If you don’t want to boycott the games and make a quick buck off it at the same time, just say it! Don’t make out as if what Russia is doing is ok, because by that ticket anything can be written off as a “cultural difference”.

    Human rights are universal, regardless of culture. Some cultures just need to catch up.

    1. Pull your head out your ass and grow up. Russia has every reason to ban gay propaganda. Good for them.

      “human rights are universal”
      What? No they are not, there just socially constructed cultural ideals that posturing self-righteous white moral hypocrites in the west use to make themselves feel superior and justified while they trample the world in the name of democracy. STFU.

  7. Mumbo Jumbo 26 Oct 2013, 1:24pm

    “….you have to respect the culture of a country you are visiting….”

    No, you don’t. And there are many examples of where you shouldn’t.

    “….the Olympics are not the place to make a political statement….”

    Actually, they are a very good place. And the religious who lie behind this bigotry will be only to busy crossing themselves and thanking a god in front of everyone.

    “….I’m not a politician and I don’t really talk about politics….”

    Then be a human being and talk about basic humanity. It beats being a vacuous little weasel every time.

  8. Um, no we don’t. Not when people are being oppressed over it, attacked, harrassed….waiting for news of murder, but maybe that news would be suppressed.

    Or do we also now respect ethnic cleansing because it was “cultural”?

  9. He’s an idiot, but a ‘useful’ one.

  10. This man is a traitor to himself and his fellow LGBT citizens.
    By his actions he betrays all those brave people who have put themselves on the line fighting for laws which treat LGBT people as equal citizens.
    He is the ‘Uncle Tom’ of the new civil rights movement.
    Shame upon him.

  11. What they can do is get the athletes to all act camp, you can arrest anyone for that. It could turn out to be the most camp olympics

  12. As if Russian culture did not exist before 2013, but then there were no such anti-gay laws. Wake up Johnny…this is not about culture but about political homophobia!!

  13. Any country’s leadership should face responsibilities when confronted with deep economic and social problems rather than loading them onto scapegoats just to make it look like they are taking some action.

    Johnny Weir is a skater and his opinions on anything other than skating don’t warrant too much consideration at all, he’s daft as a brush and mad as a box of snakes.

  14. Sadly, there are no shortages of quislings in the world – gay sell outs willing to justify even the most hateful and violent homophobia if it will put money in their pockets

  15. James Savik 26 Oct 2013, 3:54pm

    NO. You don’t have to “respect” their culture. Russian culture is a study in paranoia. It promotes strong men/thugs/bullies like Putin out of cowardice and creates scapegoats like gays and Jews so the peasants can have someone to go kick when they are angry. It is a culture designed by and for tyrants and thugs like Stalin and Putin.

    1. soapbubblequeen 24 Nov 2013, 1:24pm

      I certainly don’t respect their culture, apart from Catherine the Great’s achievements and their artists and writers. And I wish the rich ones would stop coming over here and buying up half of London as well.

  16. colonelkira 26 Oct 2013, 4:18pm

    Its official………she is now the stupidest human being on the face of the planet.

  17. I think it’s already established that the boy is an idiot. i’m sure it never crosses whatever passes for his mind that ALL the rights he takes for granted as an out gay man had to be fought for. You can only be ‘not political’ as a a gay person if somebody else has already fought the political fight for you.

  18. So, had you been around during WWII and had visited Germany, you would have stood by and watched as Hitler’s henchmen exterminated Jews? As a ‘mouthpiece’ you are dangerously ingnorant about what should be respected and what should be condemned. Discrimination – of any kind – should be criticised.

    1. Spot on!!

  19. johnny33308 26 Oct 2013, 6:29pm

    In no place on this Earth is Bigotry of any sort to be “respected”….that is a patently false, and simply wrong idea! Bigotry is anti-human, anti-freedom and anti-dignity….none of which are ‘respectable’ by any interpretation of that word. It’s very existence in the 21st century is disrespectful of Humanity itself! It must be eliminated for the benefit of Mankind.

  20. Christopher Coleman 26 Oct 2013, 6:33pm

    I suppose Johnny does not really mean “respect”. He means you tolerate it and keep your mouth shut to avoid an ugly confrontation. No one can possibly respect cultures that victimize some of their own citizens be they gay, female, or whatever other nonsense reasons their idiot leaders choose.

  21. I used to like this guy but it’s pretty clear that he’s an idiot, following his logic it would be OK if Russia were to throw him in prison upon entry to the country, you have to respect the culture after all. Maybe it’s for the best we didn’t have someone this dumb as an activist.

  22. Jonny is absolutely right. Condemning all the people is not the way to promote change. They’ll only get there through education and example.

    1. However, education and example regarding anything to do with homosexuality has now been made illegal in Russia via the recently introduced anti-gay laws there.
      The Russian Orthodox Church and other irrational homophobes have now got it all sewn up, they are free to operate untouched.

  23. Money talks louder eh Johnny?

  24. Homophobia or simply hate is always inacceptable anti-culture.

  25. Hmm wonder how much his silence is worth ???

  26. What does this stupid little queen know, anyway? Hope he gets arrested and thrown into a Russian jail. Let’s see how much of the culture he then respects. Or will he be screeching at the top of his lungs for his consul to get him out?

  27. Figure Skating is one of the most heterosexualized sports in the world. See Pairs and Ice Dancing for proof.

    Needless to say male figure skaters are a bit messed up about things and their own self identity. The goings on at Skate Canada, with their “Tough” Campaign of the last 5 years, to flush out overtly gay skaters like Weir, is a good example of how deep the problems run.

    Unfortunately, in this overtly heterosexualized world of figure skating, Johnny Weir is about a good as it gets. Depressing.

  28. Naive fool!

  29. So much for intelligence.I guess if you can skate you don’t need to be smart. :-(

  30. Afraid of losing your pay check? Just another twit in the gay community. It’s not respect for you, Weir, it’s disgust from us in Brazil..

  31. Then why don’t you move your QUEENY ASS over there and see how long you last…….JOHNNY?? You didn’t forget to ‘register’ for the OLYMPICS —- you didn’t QUALIFY!

    I’m sure they’d LOVE to get their hands on your GAY ASS!

  32. Michael Walton 27 Oct 2013, 1:59am

    LGBT people have been beaten, tortured and even murdered in Russia, and these crimes have escalated recently. These so called anti-propaganda laws have led these perpetrators of abuses and crimes to believe and know that they have state sanctioned laws which allow them to commit these atrocities. If any one person puts sporting activities as a higher priority to confronting these abuses, then I believe they are quite nearly as culpable of supporting these crimes as the perpetrators themselves. I am saddened that Johnny prioritizes his efforts to gain a place at the olympics over the murder and torture of these victims. Shames on you Johnny.

  33. jackAlison 27 Oct 2013, 5:40am

    Yes,out gay funny man Graham Norton had “selective memory loss” when hosting the eurovision contest in 2009. He had a voice. He could have used it to expose the vicious handling of gay ppl. at the hands of Russian police instead of pretending to add normality to a regime that is silencing all protest.

  34. Why does he not move to Russia so he can embrace “the culture”? It is very easy to say it is someone’s culture when he does not have to live with the consequences of that “culture” every day.

  35. It’s sad how narrow minded and blind some people can be. To say the Olympics is not political is rediculous, why does China end up winning almost everything? And when we look back at the Cold War days of corse there was no politically rivalry between USA and USSR.
    The Olympics is all about politics, its about who produces the best and the notion that with that comes a supreme nation.
    As for respecting their culture, if that culture hates gay people then to give them respect is to loose all self respect.

  36. Hopefully he won’t have to learn first hand all about their culture… I’m sure that he wouldn’t enjoy being public humiliated, imprisoned and beaten within an inch of his life.

  37. Dimitris T 28 Oct 2013, 7:47am

    Ι understand it is tricky when you are a well-known gay in a country like Russia. I am from Greece, which is extremely homophobic as s society and as a state. It is vice-versa, dear Mr. Weir. Culture and tradition has to respect human rights and to subjected to human rights, otherwise it should be restricted! You do not have to go against your country. You can oppose what you think is wrong, within your country.

  38. Johnny! Your silence about what is going on in Russia speaks more eloquently about what type of person you are than your airhead comments about respecting culture. What a wuss!

  39. So sad! I wonder what it would take to wake him up? Openly executing gays? & that goes for Elton John, too; doubly so, if his stupidity is giving others (like Weir) ammunition to hide from the truth & not do the right thing!

  40. soapbubblequeen 24 Nov 2013, 1:21pm

    Thanks SO much Johnny Weir. Talk about giving your enemies some ammunition. He should hang his head in shame for these idiotic comments.

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