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Northern Ireland DUP politician tells children homosexuality is ‘an abomination’

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  1. It’s not hardto see why Northern Ireland has been such a miserable mess for such a long time. These people created the need for the IRA. And they’re STILL in power! Shame on the ignorant students who applauded this backward monkey.

    1. stephen kay 25 Oct 2013, 7:06pm

      The DUP are the NOT the IRA. Get your facts straight. Actually Sinn Fein(former IRA) are gay friendly and back gay marriage.

      1. he diddnt say they were the RA he said they created the NEED for the RA. read the comment first.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Oct 2013, 8:10pm

        Cal didn’t say the DUP were the IRA but that if it weren’t for the existence of the DUP and its antagonising of the Catholic minority, there would probably not have been any need for the IRA to involve itself in the “Troubles”. The DUP is just as bigoted and vile as it’s always been

      3. .....Paddyswurds 27 Oct 2013, 7:43pm

        stephen kay With respect stephen,, that is not what Cal said. Put another way, what he said was the IRA came into being because of these people, the Neanderthal Loyalist/Unionists who gerrymandered and ruled the north of Ireland as their personal fiefdom for 60 years until 1972 when Faulkner handed power back to Westminster, but who are now back in power here in a pseudo coalition with Sinn Fein.

    2. I think you will find that the IRA predate the DUP by some consciderable time and to give that wanker Paisley any creedance in doing anything in N Ireland is severley misguided..FYI there are plenty of us from Ulster/North of Ireland or what ever you choose to call it who do not fall for any of the bollocks talked by the ;likes of the DUP or Sinn Fein both of whom have ruined my country with their hatred and violence

  2. Stupid homophobe! When are loony fruitcakes like this going to understand that whilst homosexuality and bisexuality ARE deviations from the ‘norm’ they are NOT ‘abominations’. Simply put, people who are gay or bisexual are the human expression of the natural variation of human sexuality which ranges from totally straight (ie about 94%) of the population to around 3-4%bisexual and around 1-1.5% exclusively homosexual.

    No doubt he is another god botherer belonging as he does to the DUP!

    It’s that, yet another self-loathing gay/bisexual or somebody who is just plainly ignorant of a little something called science!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Oct 2013, 7:07pm

      I wouldn’t even call homo- and bisexuality deviations from the norm at all. Deviation often tends to be turned into branding homosexuality as deviant behaviour, an aberration by the right wing religious loons. Clearly Buchanan speaks for the majority of the DUP. I don’t know of one who isn’t.

      1. I agree that when people call homosexuals/bisexuals ‘deviants’ they normally do it to cause offence and to imply that people who are homosexual/bisexual are immoral and ‘choosing’ to be that way inclined. It is rarely used in the way I would use it ie to say that homosexuality/bisexuality is only ‘deviant’ in the sense of being uncommon and NOT putting any inferior value judgement on it.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Oct 2013, 8:05pm

          I suspect that’s what you’re original intent implied. I just needed clarification.

    2. Actually after the heterosexual majority, homosexual people are next. It is put as around 5% of a country’s population, now and in history. Bisexuality is very very small number, and not confirmed because it unsure.

  3. As part if the UK, surely Northern Ireland is covered by Brirish laws? As such, this nan should be reported to the police for ‘incitement to hatred’. If he isn’t, it means the authorities are failing to prosecute someone because of their (supposed) religious beliefs. What a disgrace this man is and shows how compketely backward Northern Ireland remains.

    1. Sorry for typos – iPhone keyboard and screen too small …

      1. Unfortunately Northern Ireland is very backward and full of hateful people who believe and support this rubbish the police unfortunately are unwilling to bring forward a case of this nature due to financial implications if they lose and the fact they will have to battle the church which controls this society I have made complaints against MLA in the past and little has come of it because of the way things are covered up here or people scratch backs

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Oct 2013, 7:09pm

      As long as the DUP remains, NI will always remain backward. What galls me is they have a seat in the Westminster Parliament voting against our marriage bill en masse and having a say and a vote in other areas affecting the people of England and Wales. I long for the day when the republic swallows them up.

      1. I wouldn’t want that but I do deplore the backward and unenlightened/unscientific views of too many people there besides which the Republic wouldn’t be able to take them on anyway.

      2. Just charming. The views of this minster are not representative of the vast majority of people in Northern Ireland. It would be like making a comment on the English/Welsh based on Godfrey Bloom. You’re actually as bad as this highly bigoted politician with your reductionist, broadly-sweeping views.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Oct 2013, 1:10pm

          Yet the DUP seem to win elections and maintaining a stranglehold. Who put them there? None other than the vast majority of the people in Northern Ireland. Will he be booted out in the next election? Probably not.

          1. so you believe that all elections are won by the people with the most votes ??? Think again Sir you are seriously misguided

        2. That There Other David 26 Oct 2013, 4:06pm

          The views of this minister are very much representative of the DUP. The largest party in Stormont. They ALL think like he does and yet this super-liberal electorate you seem to believe exists in the Six Counties keeps voting them into power.

          Think about that whilst you’re seeing NI as some happy clappy lala land of loveliness won’t you….

          1. I don’t believe NI is some happy clappy lala land, not a chance. I do live here and am affected by these politicians. I feel rather powerless to influence the political electorate at stormont, so you couldn’t be more wrong. Many, many people from NI feel the same, that people who vote often do so for the wrong reasons.

            I just don’t believe in bigotry, whether it be against our NI LGBT community from some members of the DUP, or from people like yourself- verbally attacking the northern irish. You are both the backward ones, not standing with us against these politicians

    3. The UK has three separate legal jurisdictions (England and Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland) and many laws only apply to one or two of them. As I understand it, they all have separate and slightly different laws on incitement to hatred, but the speech in this article would almost certainly be legal everywhere in the UK. For it to be against the law, I believe your words have to be threatening and directed towards everyone with a certain sexual orientation, not just an individual.

      1. Sounds to me like he’s addressing a whole sexual orientation – calling gays ‘an abomination’. Why is it religious ‘belief’ is a licence to peddle this sort of hatred? I just don’t get it. WHY does a ‘belief’ still command such power and protection? It’s laughable in a so called ‘civilised’ society. I thought we were suppose to be grown-up and too intelIignt to fall for all this childish guff? If I tried to justify racism by quoting the biblical bits which condone slavery, would I be arrested?

    4. anne (equality in schools NI) 26 Oct 2013, 7:38am

      Until NI implements something similar to the Equality Act 2010, which applies elsewhere in the UK, dinosaurs like this are going to be allowed to perpetuate their hate. inequality is rife in our schools and it is a disgrace. Right thinking politicians need to realise that ending inequality and indoctrination in our schools is the only way to end the rest of the issues which divide us.

    5. .....Paddyswurds 27 Oct 2013, 7:58pm

      The north of Ireland is still unfortunately politically part of the UK, but has for 12 years now been governed by a devolved Government of a coalition between the backward DUP and Republican, liberal left Sinn Fein, a nationalist all Ireland Party.

      1. “backward DUP and Republican, liberal left Sinn Fein, a nationalist all Ireland Party”..or backward DUP and the Murdering Sinn Fein political wing of the IRA …lets be honest about the situation both sides have caused the trouble so lets not forget that !

  4. It is fools like this fellow that keep Northern Ireland as backwards as it is. I lived there. The DUP is still trying to fight battles from hundreds of years ago.

    1. .....Paddyswurds 27 Oct 2013, 8:09pm

      These are full cousins ofthe idiots that are holding the United States to ransom. They still have the same religious, backward uneducated views as the idiots we have to deal with here. they EVEN HAVE THE SAME SURNAMES AND MOST OF THEM ARE FULL COUSINS WITH THEIR AMERICAN COUNTERPARTS. these ARE THE SAME PEOPLE AS THE IDIOTS IN Texas WHO WANT SCIENCE BOOKS TO BE ABOUT creation NOT EVOLUTION AND WHERE LOTS OF CHILDREN ARE “HOME SCHOOLED” WHICH IS TO SAY “NOT SCHOOLED” BECAUSE THE SCHOOLS ARE ALL PROMOTING atheism IN THEIR VIEWS. Poots and Buchanan are prime examples of this ignorance. Sorry about the Caps but I’m not going to redo. Cant be bothered.

  5. That There Other David 25 Oct 2013, 7:52pm

    Not surprised in the slightest. The people who make up the DUP are completely insane. Hellfire peddlers who can only think in terms of fear.

  6. Lisa O`Brien 25 Oct 2013, 9:35pm

    Sadly,I was hardly surprised this was a comment from someone in the DUP. They are bigots and racists.

  7. The “unionists” again, making statements which are contrary to the policies of the Union to which they so desperately cling.

    1. That There Other David 25 Oct 2013, 11:54pm

      They genuinely feel aggrieved that the English, Scots and Welsh don’t want them and their crappy attitudes. I’ve had relatives have a go at me for it, and they genuinely can’t understand my “it’s because you act like spoiled children who hate everybody” response.

      1. I think your relatives have had a go over your lack of understanding that the DUP do not represent all unionists in Northern Ireland, nor in fact all unionist politicians. Politicians in NI are elected over blue and green issues, not their social views. Whereas in mainland UK several political parties are elected based on their poor social views, e.g. BNP. Obviously don’t support the views of this minister (or the DUP), just don’t like being lumped in with him as a northern irish unionist!

        1. That There Other David 26 Oct 2013, 4:26pm

          My relatives are from Ballymena and happily admit to voting DUP.

          You need to ask yourself why the electorate keeps on voting them in despite there being Unionist alternatives (as I’m fully aware of). To me it says everything you need to know about a population that will riot on the streets about a flag yet sit in silence when the likes of Poots and Buchanan treat LGBT people like dirt. You’ll all happily sacrifice us yet maintain some centuries old bitterness that any sane human being would learn to let go of.

          As an Englishman with Northern Irish heritage I’m sick of subsidising this backwards and dangerous codified bigotry. In any position of power I’d kick the lot of you out of the UK, whether the South wants to suffer your nonsense or not. The people of NI don’t DESERVE to be in the UK thanks to the way they behave. You’re simply not in tune with the rest of us in the slightest. Seriously, we have far more in common with people who come over from India.

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Oct 2013, 5:06pm

            Totally concur with that. The DUP seem to get elected with large majorities which speaks volumes about the electorate in NI. I’d boot it out of the UK entirely if I had my way.

          2. The population doesn’t riot on the streets, don’t be so ignorant. The rioters are several thousand people tops, compared to a 2 million population. They are the small minority, much like the English defence league. Actually, those protests were as much about social deprivation as they are about political identity. Lets not forget the riots across English cities in the past few years.

            I don’t really understand what you mean by ‘sacrifice us’. Are you LGBT living in Northern Ireland? No. Believe me when I say these issues have a much larger impact on us living here than they do on you. Politicians like several DUP cretins are sacrificing us, but as I say, people voted them in for political reasons rather than social ones.

            Try to be a little less bigoted against the northern irish. You have no idea of the levels of disgust felt by many people in this country towards these politicians. You also have no idea of the attitudes of many politicians in the south, make yourself aware

          3. That There Other David 27 Oct 2013, 9:38am

            Is there a problem with your reading comprehension? I have close Northern Irish family and spend a lot of time in the place. There is no ignorance here, only a sad recognition that Northern Ireland is completely beyond hope for at least the next 25 years, possibly 50.

            And why bring The South into your response? I only want the parasitic, corrupt and backwards Northern Ireland out of the UK, I don’t give a toss whether the South takes it or not.

  8. Lisa O`Brien 25 Oct 2013, 10:14pm

    As soon as I read the headline I thought,oh here we go again. Typical DUP. Hateful bigots and racists.

  9. Well I’m sure that did wonders for the self esteem of the gay kids in the audience, not to mention give a big fat green light to homophobic bullying! Two birds with one putrid stone, well done…

  10. Jon (Malaysia) 26 Oct 2013, 12:40am

    This gives pause to consider that the man made patriotism concept of King and Country, Right or Wrong is probably just as hurtful to people as the man made concept of religion. Even within one’s own political boundaries there are so many discrepancies among supposedly the “same one” people. I take my own country and for the sake of argument I am married to my same sex partner legally in one state or another. I start my journey in Maine and am married. I go south into Vermont; still married. Turn left into New Hampshire, yep still married. I then proceed south into Massachusetts drive to Connecticut and Rhode Island and am still married. I then go west to New York and south to New Jersey to Delaware, Maryland and Washington D.C. Yep still married. Then I make a right turn and enter West Virginia….. suddenly I’m no longer married. Going north and west I enter Pennsylvania, nope not married. Continuing I go to Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Illinois and still not married.

  11. Jon (Malaysia) 26 Oct 2013, 12:47am

    I pass into Iowa and am suddenly married again. Then I go to South and North Dakota and once again I and my spouse are single. I jump for a quick break into the totally unappreciated and highly enlightened country of CANADA!!! Yeah! Married again nationwide. Back in the USA I go through Montana to Washington. Not married in former, married in the latter. I can also smoke a joint to help reflect on my situation. Then down into Oregon, and single again and finally to California and married. Mexico is similar. You can make a similar journey in Europe, or maybe even South America, but not the Middle East or my residence in Asia. Just sayin’.

    1. Jon, I am married in Mexico and I can tell you my marriage is valid in all of Mexico. Marriages are performed only in Mexico City and Quintana Roo but they are valid in the entire country.

  12. The DUP are A Branch of The Nazi Party in Ireland Rising Up
    They are probably planning to build gas chambers to kill the elderly the LGBT people and anyone who wont give a cut to the church. The Church is the hidden agenda behind them its machinations through them are designed to abuse and plunder and to cover up the fact that these people are most likely paedophiles and perverts

    1. de Villiers 26 Oct 2013, 1:37am

      They aren’t actually. And to say so demeans the lives of those who were killed the gas chambers.

      The comments of this politician are appalling. Really appalling. But as bad as he is, he has not proposed the abolition of democracy and the state sanctioned murder of minority groups.

      1. Yet.
        But, given the right public sentiment, the environment and the right protections to do so, and do you really think he wouldn’t?

        These religious fruitcakes BELIEVE they are “superior” Humans, that’s what religion is all about. When you put these crazies in a powerful position where their sense of superiority is allowed to become insanity they DO become psychopaths. Plenty of research has shown this.

        I agree it’s not right to make the kind of statement Frankie has above, but these religious extremists are capable of the most disgusting abuses when given the chance, just based on psychological research conducted over the last 60 years.

  13. The DUP are and as far as I can see always have been ville bigots. We in the UK should have pulled the plug years ago qnd told them to sort out their own issues. Despite all the historical rhetoic, the ROI of course don’t want the province because they simply couldn’t afford it. But think it’s time the ‘English’ government started laying down some rules on modernising their attiudes or theatening to leave them to their own devices.

  14. Little wonder that NI remains rooted in bigotry, prejudice and hatred, with miserable twerps like this in power. Perhaps he should be investigated for ‘hate speech’. After all as one who wishes to remain part of the UK he should be subject to the law and those children be protected from this kind of hatred.

    So grateful my ancestors left NI and the contagion of their backward society, allowing me to grow up in a better place.

  15. Christopher Hobe Morrison 26 Oct 2013, 6:50am

    Anybody who remembers the role the DUP played in the equal marriage debate in Parliament knows that it is the DUP which is an abomination.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 26 Oct 2013, 5:01pm

      Absolutely right. All 8 of them voted against it and said some of the most vile things. Nasty, vicious men. All of them didn’t want CPs for NI, yet there they were in Parliament defending them as sufficient for gay couples. Hypocrites and bigoted homophobes is what the DUP is all about.

  16. if he’s like Iris Robinson then he’s probably shagging the local butcher and family.
    Really these duplicitous sinners who try to scapegoat gay people should not be allowed near children.

  17. Jock S. Trap 26 Oct 2013, 10:22am

    What a bloody hypocrite.

    This man should come with a health warning to all and esp children for being dangerous and damaging, again…esp to children.

    Shameful. He should hang his head in shame.

  18. CH Brighton 26 Oct 2013, 10:36am

    I think ignorant politicians are an abomination.

  19. Buchanan must therefore also say:

    Being black “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.

    Being Asian “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.

    Being physically handicapped “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.

    Being deaf “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.

    Being blind “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.

    Being Jewish “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.

    Being homosexuality “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.

    Being Catholic “isn’t right” and is “an abomination”.


  20. Give power to Monkies, and all you get is nuts……..

  21. this man is sick , the DUP and the general radical conservatism of a large percentage of northern irish people is the main reason why I hope that northern ireland will never join the republic because then we would have to deal with idiots like this guy being in parliament.

  22. I went to Northern Ireland recently and found it a very decent and relaxed place. I couldn’t see how these friendly folk can vote in such large numbers for two extremist parties, one ‘unionist’ and one ‘republican’, which need to feed off each others’ bigotry just to exist. The non-sectarian Alliance party is trying to be different / progressive but their councillors and MP had to go under police protection over something as stupid as changing the days the flag was flown from the city hall. Tragic.

    1. I live in Northern Ireland, I know this country inside and out. The people here that want peace and progress far out weigh the ones that don’t. A closer look at the ones protesting about the flags and when they should be flown will show you that they are nothing more than misguided youth and adults propogated by countless years of hatred and ignorance.

    2. Aye the Alliance Party – the party who are completely divided over Marriage Equality!

  23. Derek Williams 26 Oct 2013, 6:39pm

    The same God who said that in Leviticus (and in Deuteronomy), also commands us to kill any child who disrespects his parents.

    Leviticus 20:9 (New King James Version) – Bible Gateway
    ‘For everyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death. He has cursed his father or his mother. His blood shall be upon him.’

    1. That’s why we should never blame God for anything, be it sexuality, economy, society, etc., because it’s the EVIL and greed in the world that is the problem here. Satan.
      The Biblical times were very different, and some laws we just cannot carry out today, though some do stand (and will always) such as killing, harming one’s self, adultery, moral issues, etc. But there is also the big factor towards homosexuality, where the term was even mistranslated and referring to temple prostitution and rape. Also the fact that the term homosexuality is fairly recent.

  24. How is this party never mind this man still in power,wht hope is there for peacenun Ireland?This is the widespread thinking within this party,can you imagine wath catholics suffered at the hands of these people,they should be called the Nazi party!!

    1. or you could also remember how Lesbians and gay men suffered at the hands of the Catholic Church ! …..I am not defending the DUP in any shape or form but lets remember that homphobia comes from all sides !!!!

  25. Northern Ireland is not part of Britain.

    It’s time to tell these DUP scum that Al Qaeda style extremism such ad that displayed by this Buchanan guy will hasten the reunification of Ireland (although with Al Qaeda style scum like the DUP Ireland won’t want NI either.

  26. Michael126 28 Oct 2013, 1:07pm

    Jeez a lot of posters on here Northern Ireland bashing. Some of your comments are on par with this idiot. I actually read through some of them and feel more offended by the comments than by what this idiot said. The only way Northern Ireland would leave the UK is through major bloodshed which would spread beyond our shores.

    1. finally a voice or reason , i grew up in Belfast 67-87 and the attitudes expressed on here by so called liberals are more shocking than anything i heard growing up ! The use of such sweeping generalisations about a whole country and group of people is no different to the usual crap spouted in the Daily Mail.

    2. Couldn’t agree more. You would think that those more privileged would offer some sympathy and support to those with idiot politicians. It’s depressing to read comments suggesting “throwing out” Northern Ireland as a solution. What about a bit of support? And there’s a lot of people who are naive to political situation here. The DUP can get away with such comments in NI, it doesn’t mean they’re reflective of the views of the majority of the population, or even a majority of DUP voters.

  27. It’s comments like this that tell me, as an American who lived in Ireland for two years, that Ireland will be and deserves to be a united country run from Dublin. These bigoted hate filled beliefs will not have support in the future of a modern country which the Republic of Ireland increasingly is. Does the UK really want to be associated with these people!

    1. We don’t to be associated with intolerant bigots wherever they are found. NI doesn’t have a monopoly on these people. If we were to take your stance then East London should be declared an independent city state since there are many there with his type of non-scientific opinions.

  28. Dude that hair cut is an abomination!

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