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David Cameron pledges support to Crispin Blunt in reselection fight

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Oct 2013, 4:54pm

    I strongly support his re-selection too and I’m not even a Tory. If he’s not, then we’ll know what is behind it won’t we? Those swivel-eyed nasty loons who don’t like gays or the marriage bill.

  2. de Villiers 26 Oct 2013, 1:42am

    Me too.

  3. I hope he gets reselected. Its good to see that at least some in the Tory Party are acknowledging the fact that they have always had a large number of gays and bisexuals within the party and working hard for them. Indeed, they may even have had Britain’s only gay or bisexual PM in Ted Heath. They are gradually shedding their homophobic and biphobic attitudes and this is a recognition of the reality of the above.

  4. Crispin Blunt has an appallingly homophobic voting record.

    I know he was a closet case but that doesn’t excuse his extremism.

    He deserves to be deselected.

    Crispin Blunt is no friend to our community.

  5. The more openly gay or bisexual people there are in the Conservative Party can only be a good thing. The remaining homophobes/biphobes will have to put up with it or go and join parties with fairly limited electoral appeal like UKIP. Hopefully, gays and bisexuals will join parties like the new British Democratic Party too and work within to further change attitudes (the BDP supports civil partnerships).

    Its no good gays/bisexuals only being members of left-wing parties. For the dying embers of homophobia/biphobia in Britain to be extinguised for good then Right-wing parties will have to change fully too. In my opinion, it should have been the Right that was fully supportive of gay rights and not the Left as lefties tend to be utopian fantasists in the main whereas the Right is more (generally-speaking) acknowleding of reality. This was not to be, however, because of the baleful influence of organised religion on the Right.

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