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US: 11-year-old boy planned to shoot classmate for calling friend ‘gay’

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Reader comments

  1. I think you’ll find that this was in Vancouver, Washington, USA, not British Columbia.

    1. Sorry pinknews!

  2. I was WONDERING where a kid got his hands on a handgun… which are notoriously difficult to get in Canada.

    Thank-you for the clarification.

    And you see? I thought it was Americans we had to worry about thinking British Columbia was in the UK.

  3. “A recent US study showed that gay teachers are less likely to challenge homophobia in schools for fear of drawing attention to their sexuality and putting their careers at risk”.
    So, they would rather kids in their care die than put their own careers in jeopardy? What a sick country the USA is over gay issues. Extreme violence, mutilation and murder are all acceptable in Hollywood films and on TV. But you show two guys kissing … and PHEW! Moral priorities a bit skewed …? America needs to dump its childish religious beliefs and grow the f**k up!!!

    1. de Villiers 26 Oct 2013, 1:45am

      That is too harsh – to criticise gay teachers for not wanting to torpedo their employment in such an uncertain economic climate.

      They need understanding, not criticism from their own.

      1. EXACTLY what I just said. They’d rather see kids die than jeapordise their careers.
        So don’t stand idly by …… DO SOMETHING CHANGE THE CULTURE !!!!!!!!!! And the USA has the gall to criticise Russia on gay issues …..

  4. it might be of use to know if his parents are fundamentalist “christans.”

  5. The kid obviously needs mental health help, not criminal charges.

  6. What a relief the school was alerted in time, else this could have been a very different story.
    Although having handguns in a house where children are present is bad parenting, then adding the fact that the child had access to the handgun…

    1. magsmagenta 26 Oct 2013, 11:00am

      The good news on that is that their new Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which is rolling out at the moment ensures that health care companies are obliged to provide mental health care as standard along with contraception and maternity care, and they won’t be allowed to drop people as soon as they become ill, so it’s possible that he will get the help he needs whereas in the past he wouldn’t.

      1. magsmagenta 26 Oct 2013, 11:01am

        Sorry that was meant for John.

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