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Exclusive: The PinkNews Awards has rightly recognised those who have fought for LGBT equality by David Cameron

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Reader comments

  1. Right recognised…?

  2. A good speech. Nice to have some positive news for once also!

  3. gentlemind 24 Oct 2013, 5:22pm

    “…we didn’t just win the vote, we won the argument”.

    Erm…what?? What argument? The argument that if you are against something you must be full of hate?? Does that apply even when the thing you are “against” does not physically exist? Strange times indeed…

    Marriage is physically possible between a man and a woman. It is not physically possible between any other combination of bodies. Our laws made that very clear before the vote – and they still make it clear.

    1. Glen Hague 24 Oct 2013, 8:40pm

      What utter rubbish! Marriage isn’t about just bodies, it’s about people – and that includes their minds. Marriage isn’t about sex, it isn’t about procreating, it isn’t about property – it’s about love between two adults – at least 21st century marriage is – and all the better for it!

  4. Leigh Hamilton 24 Oct 2013, 5:33pm

    As much as I can’t stand Cameron… Yeah, he’s been good for LGBT stuff, I suppose. Ergh. This better not make me a tory.


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