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Church of Scotland: Banning condoms in saunas will hamper fight against HIV

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Reader comments

  1. Religious influence demonstrating once again that dogma comes before health. In the same way that catholic ‘belief’ which bans the use of condoms has hastened the spread of AIDS in Africa, this outrageous ban is a move by the prudish to stop consenting adults indulging in sexual activity. It is so childish and backward. Who is going to police it? Probably undercover officers who should be patrolling streets preventing old people being mugged. When exactly did common sense die …?

    1. Eh? I don’t understand, I thought the article said that the Church of Scotland do not want condoms to be banned? So why are you having a go at religious dogma with this article? Did I miss something?

    2. Leigh Hamilton 24 Oct 2013, 4:54pm

      Did you read the article at all? It’s the police that want condoms banned from saunas, the Church of Scotland is (surprisingly, I might add) opposed to the ban.

    3. PantoHorse 24 Oct 2013, 4:59pm

      Think someone had their rant-lock on….

    4. Truth, I think you saw “hamper” and read “help”? I’ve made similar errors occasionally.

      Have to say I’m really impressed by this position from the Church of Scotland.

  2. Lion in Winter 24 Oct 2013, 5:34pm

    What’s next? Kotex in women’s stalls? They are about the sexual process as well, in a way, are they not?

  3. It’s amazing to consider how backward we have BECOME in the last 100 years or so.
    What these idiotic Police forces don’t seem to get is that there have ALWAYS been clubs and secret societies where sex is the focus. You can go back throughout Human history and see examples of this in every culture. It’s NOT NEW, it’s not strange, it’s not something that should even be a taboo.

    Adults have sex, and these prudish, ignorant, nonsensical fools should just get a grip and let consenting adults enjoy themselves.

    The Police are supposed to be acting to PREVENT CRIME, sex in a private club is NOT A CRIME.

    1. I think you’ll find things have moved forward not backwards in the last hundred years in the Western world for gay men & women and straight Women, ethnic minorities, the working class – in fact the only people the World has got worse for is white upper class misogynistic racist heterosexual prudish dogmatic men – and only because they can’t be misogynistic racist slave owning bigoted homophobes. In some pars of the World (the middle east in particular) things have stayed the same since 600AD – and probably will until they forget mohammed. In some parts of the World, where the government is still homophobic, like Russia, it’s still better than it was 100 years ago.

  4. Divines telling cops about the value of condoms!
    Love it! What a crazy world!

  5. I’m angry and I’ll tel you why. I’m sick and tired of the media and society thinking that HIV and AIDS is still the “gay” disease. Anyone can become infected but for some reason the media and the breeders still think that gay men “pass” this on when in fact it’s promiscuous people who don’t practice safe sex. It doesn’t matter if you’re gay, straight, bi or trans the fact is everyone is at risk, everyone.

    The number of straight women and straight men who go around having sex without condoms thinking that they won’t become infected because they’re straight is ludicrous.

    Promiscus straight people are just as much at risk as the LGBT community. Breeder propaganda vomited out to the breeder society.

  6. Common sense 24 Oct 2013, 9:36pm

    Look Lothian and Borders Police force previously administered Edinburgh’s sauna programme of legalised and regulated brothels as a pragmatic solution to a very big problem (HIV, violence and crime among sex workers).

    However last year the SNP government for utterly stupid reasons decided to create a national police force and elevated the leadership of Strathclyde, the largest regional force, to the leadership of the whole country. The west of Scotland police force is dominated overwhelmingly by Catholics and toad lesser extent Uslter-style Presbyterians both of which take a totally knee jerk approach to sex of any kind.

    They militate against the pragmatism of Edinburgh and like a modern day Scottish Taliban they have been raiding the saunas repeatedly over the last few months.

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