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US: Conservative activists say anti-gay violence in Russia is the fault of victims’ ‘public kissing’

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Reader comments

  1. — outside of all the diversity training —
    – outside of brainwashing and taught bad behaviour as a child –
    How do you stand on rape? Racism? Religious differences?
    is violence also a excusable “natural” response?

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Oct 2013, 10:37am

      The extreme religious usually view rape as the victims fault too. Let’s not forget that in most muslim countries it’s the victim that gets the punishment and the rapist who gets applauded. Also in Afghanistan, while we were fighting for their Freedoms they removed protections allowing a wife to be legally raped by her husband. That’s part of what we fought for?

      On Racism it’s the same and on Religious difference, it’s simple. There is none because to most religion each claim to be the one true on. Any other is the work of the devil. So let’s hope they’re in the right one.

      Anyway, no of it speaks well for religion and not a good advert for them.

  2. Beelzeebub 23 Oct 2013, 2:41pm

    Watching a heterosexual couple kissing publicly does not fill me with feelings of loveliness but it does NOT give me the right to kick the sh!t out them.

    If this is Christian morality you can F’in keep it.

    1. PantoHorse 23 Oct 2013, 5:51pm

      What an utter c*ck this man is. Violence is a taught response. Homophobia is a taught response. The only natural reactions are things like wonder, cos everything’s wonderful until you get used to it. Then some of them get a bit ‘meh’. Children don’t go running in to boot gay people. Well, until they’re taught to they don’t!

      1. Jock S. Trap 24 Oct 2013, 10:40am


        Put babies in a room any race and they will play together.

        Only when they grow do adults teach and shape children to either love or hate.

        1. Yep – and it’s usually religious adults … especially those with their own ‘issues’ about having had gay thoughts themselves. People become homophobic when they fear their inner-feelings. If they suppress them because of religious and cultural brainwashing – watch out. THESE are the homophobes ….. self-haters. The greater the internalised homophobia – the greater the closet case.

  3. Matthew (26:47–50)
    Well, I guess he can claim a precedent.

  4. Violence is not a ‘natural’ reaction – it is a learnt behaviour, taught to us by dodgy role models. Mmmmm what else is learnt behaviour? Homophobia you pl*nkers!

  5. Comments like those made by “Conservatives” only prove their inability to evolve past the brainwashed Neanderthals that humans used to be.
    They do not deserve to hold an office which can control the progress of society.
    LGBT in Russia need to start taking offices to change the political fairness.

  6. Laura Inks 23 Oct 2013, 3:03pm

    We don’t actually Claim Linda Harvey and her ilk here in the US…

  7. Poenaru Brindusa-Katalin 23 Oct 2013, 3:22pm

    There is no such thing as “natural reaction” reaction to the kissing of two men. There is no “homophobic” or “Discriminating” gene in our gene-pool. These are social diseases, no matter how long Humanity has suffered from it. Bad behavior/or good one are taught to children, they are not inborn. This is just another case of outrageous statements where the victims are blamed for the harm caused to them. It’s disgusting. Shame!

  8. What a sick man. Pathetic. He fills me with revulsion, but I am not going to assault him, cause I know better. Sadly he didn’t reached that level of being a decent human being.

  9. Tim Hanafin 23 Oct 2013, 3:29pm

    Christian? Conservative morons more accurately.
    I despair of the US.

  10. Maybe he just expects this because he gets b**ch slapped every time he kisses a woman in public.

  11. Staircase2 23 Oct 2013, 3:38pm

    The bloody idiots…

  12. Couldn’t PN could just create a generic template that says “Religious halfwit broadcasts more anti-gay twattery”

    Publish it twice a week, just changing the photo as required.

  13. Let’s also not forget that in certain cultures and countries a man and a woman who kiss on the street could also get the sh*t kicked out of them, arrested, harassed etc as a “natural” reaction. Homophobic beatings say nothing about the “morality” of homosexuality and everything about a conservative culture with out-dated attitudes….Let’s have these two go and make out on the street in Abu Dhabi and blame the repercussions on their immoral actions shall we?

  14. “How dare you make me beat the gay out of you! This is all your fault!” These kinds of prevalent attitudes in backward, pseudo-religious countries should NEVER be acceptable.

  15. ..Oh yes, of course it’s always correct to treat Gays with abuse and violence? Honestly, how ridiculous why should the heterosexual population be the only ones to kiss in public. F**K off you Cretins. These people ought to be slung out off their jobs!

  16. Colin (London) 23 Oct 2013, 5:16pm

    This guy and his followers are clearly full of hate towards others and terrified of people who are different from himself.

    At least the world is moving forward and these nutters are being put in their place slowly.

    Science and common sense will win over.

  17. We seem to have a monopoly on these clowns in the States….do they exist in the UK like here?

    1. Jordy I think the difference is that in the US this woman and her fellow bigots are protected by the right to unlimited free speech whereas in the UK it would fall under hate speech, quite rightly. They definitely exist in the UK in private but let them try say these things in public and they will soon find they have with a date with their local police station….

  18. In my experience, People who have issues about normal degrees of open interpersonal affection, straight or gay are usually not, either at ease with their own sexuality or they are having personal relationship problems and are upset by seeing anyone else in a happy situation, or have just been badly brought up and have socialisation issues (i.e. not house trained) – In this case I suspect all three!

  19. There is nothing natural about homophobia, it needs to be carefully cultivated.
    “Religious” extremists are clever at doing this.

  20. Don’t forget they are the ones that devised and implemented holding the whole nation the whole blackmail, then blaming Obama because he didn’t acquiesce to their demands.

    Conservatives are innately bullies, twisting their warped logic into any excuse to trounce on any helpless group in their egocentric path.

  21. Wasn’t so long ago people would would feel revulsion watching a couple of different races kissing. There are still some places even in western Europe and the USA where this would still be the case. Send a mixed race couple to have a snog in Red Square and see how long they last. Doesn’t mean the “revulsion” is valid. Obviously.

  22. Stephen Mead 24 Oct 2013, 12:33am

    Want to support the athletes who have trained so hard to compete
    in the Winter Olympics?
    Want to send a message of support to the LGBT people of Russia?
    Not happy with Vladimir Putin’s human rights abuses?
    Please visit:
    If you are able to attend the Olympics please check out the Hand Holding Initiative:

  23. It’s obvious we need to see more same sex couples kissing in media and entertainment so people get used to seeing what is completely natural behaviour.
    Because same sex affection has been artificially absent from media and entertainment it is unfamiliar and causes shocked and sometimes violent reactions.
    Much more public same sex kissing and affection is obviously required.

  24. Helge Vladimir Tiller 24 Oct 2013, 9:17am

    YES Pavlos ! YES, YES, YES ! A kiss isn’t just a kiss. Our mothers kissed us when we were children-to show us what human nature was. We kiss other persons when we are happy – we kiss other persons when we are sad. We kiss when we want to give comfort and optimism to others. We kiss and embrace people we love. Makes us feel better ! This comes from the very core of man ! IT is life itself. Criticising two persons of the same sex ’cause they are kissing eachother, is evil and lack of understanding of what human nature really is.

  25. I can believe some people are still aloowed o breath or even be alive. Idiot

  26. Jock S. Trap 24 Oct 2013, 10:30am

    Just vile. How people can live with so much hatred is beyond me but to use that hatred to excuse violence is beyond words.

    Absolutely disgusting… but then this is Linda Harvey and her ilk so I expect little else.

    It’s a shame that they speak of ‘christian morals’ by blame, hatred, discrimination… surely religious traits for all to be wary of.

  27. Frank Boulton 27 Oct 2013, 12:23pm

    I’m just left wondering what MassResistance thinks the natural reaction to violence is. More violence? Obviously their reasoning doesn’t stand up to logical scrutiny.

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