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Scotland: Police orders condoms to be banned in Edinburgh saunas

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  1. James Anderton lives on…

  2. Colin (london) 23 Oct 2013, 11:47am

    For goodness sake Scotland Police…Saunas are healthy places…Otherwise you get sex in parks, rapes, HIV, STD’s etc.

    What is the issue…people have sex you know. Grow up.

  3. and they think they should govern themselves – yeah right!

    1. What’s that got to do with anything?

    2. What an utter ridiculous comment to make.. honestly

  4. Well that’s really clever. FFS, brainless cretins. And why do the police think they should have authority to say this? Is it illegal?

  5. What would they rather, that men catch AIDS in alleyways?

  6. What would they rather… that men catch AIDS in alleyways?

  7. the police should be prosecuted for endangering men’s health. Sex between men is no longer illegal, or haven’t the police learned that? And condom use is recommended by all civilized health authorities including the Scottish government’s own expert panel. See 10.3

  8. friday jones 23 Oct 2013, 12:51pm

    Scotland’s national police force is pro-barebacking, obviously.

  9. So only unsafe sex will be allowed in Edinburgh’s gay saunas? Or will it affect only straight saunas?

    Perhaps Edinburgh should be twinned with St. Petersburg.

    1. I think it was intended more for the straight saunas, I think the business model is entirely different…

      Straight saunas, I’m told you’re paying for a member of staff to perform sexual favours – which is illegal, whereas gay saunas I’m told are just a place you can go to meet and have sex with people – which is perfectly legal.

      I still don’t think it’s a good idea even for straight saunas though…

  10. Do you think this is more to do with the “licensing restriction’? In other words- a licence can be approved for a gay sauna-but only if sex is not allowed to take place there-meaning that the condoms would actually be EVIDENCE of a contravention to the licence?

    Ridiculous considering the sauna is a not a public place -only members allowed there.

  11. Jock S. Trap 23 Oct 2013, 1:32pm

    Certainly a nasty and dangerous request. Clearly from some uneducated people who should know better.

    However one question should be asked… if this is a Police Scotland request at what they wish not to see…. do they treat the whole community in the same manner?

    Separating, discriminating?

    Someone has questions to answer about there style of policing.

  12. How damned silly!

    Ideally condoms should be left EVERYWHERE these days where there is the slightest chance that people (hetero or homosexual) may possibly have sex. In effect that means, wherever there are private spaces used by people who are above the age of consent.

  13. Nobody in law enforcement ever seems to learn that sex will happen. You can’t stop it. It’s like suggesting that getting rid of umbrellas will stop it raining. Twats!

  14. Surreal.

  15. Phew for a moment i thought i’d gone to sleep and woken up twenty years ago.

    1. I fear the police in Scotland may get away with this. They WILL get away with it, IF the gay men of Scotland, whether or not they use saunas, don’t get their act together and protest, and protest very very LOUDLY.

      1. Equality Network 23 Oct 2013, 6:14pm

        People did protest and no, the police did not get away with it – the Council, whose decision it is, clearly rejected the police submissions.

  16. Is this another example of the so-called “Glasgowfication” of the new Police Scotland? I wonder.

    1. Kathryn Leigh 23 Oct 2013, 5:36pm

      My thoughts exactly, they are making a rod for their own back though, it is not going un-noticed and will have an impact on the SNP if they do not get to grips with this, it is starting to create questions as to their local commanders governance and attitudes to the public.

  17. Equality Network 23 Oct 2013, 5:04pm

    The Edinburgh Council Licensing Sub-Committee have this afternoon rejected the police objections to the gay sauna licences, and have renewed their licences with no new conditions

  18. Brian Trousers 23 Oct 2013, 10:28pm

    Are you sure this was all about gay saunas in the first place? Six saunas have not had their licences renewed according to the BBC, but both their article and this one seem to imply they are, essentially, straight brothels, with all this talk of ‘sex workers’. Are gay saunas really seen as somewhere people go to pay sex workers?

  19. PinkPolitico 23 Oct 2013, 11:34pm

    This story is even more concerning than at first sight. The report I have linked to below states that the Chief Constable specifically requested that 2 of the city’s gay sauna’s be closed, while the other (heterosexual) ones be quizzed further by Council officials about their activities. Details here:

    That would suggest a deeply troubling anti-gay bias at work here from the police, which quite frankly most of us had presumed was consigned to a bygone era. As another poster stated, it’s like waking up 20 years ago, if not further into the past.

    Furthermore, most of the media coverage of the story and indeed the police themselves have portrayed the action against the saunas as being primarily about cracking down on the sex trade, brothels and prostitution. But in the case of the gay saunas, which seem to have been particularly singled out by police, that does not arise and the documentation submitted by the police to the City Council objects merely to the fact that ‘sexual activity’ was taking place.

    What on earth are Scotland Police doing targeting the behaviour of gay consenting adults who are not even sex workers?? This really stinks to high heaven and police have serious questions to answer here and need to be pursued strongly on the matter.

  20. billforsyth 24 Oct 2013, 1:49am

    The request was withdrawn before the meeting .It was a bizarre idea in the first place .Saunas and other establishments need the protection of the law so that everyone police ,public and owners know where they stand.

  21. GingerlyColors 24 Oct 2013, 10:55am

    The fact is that sex happens in saunas and banning condoms in those places is a ludicrous idea, especially as you will not be able to stop sex from happening there. Does the same Scottish Police Force propose banning condoms in prisons as well? I doubt it!
    The Scottish Police should just go back to standing by the road with their radar guns or better still, catching real criminals.

  22. ….what a total load of rubbish—they honestly cannot be serious—what on earth for? Ban condoms at a gay sauna? This will not happen. I shall have even less respect for the effing police force if this is allowed…

  23. E. Carpenter 24 Oct 2013, 5:59pm

    Medieval bathhouses were shut down, too, by the civic authorities, because people had sex there – the police or their equivalents have been trying to stop bathhouse and sauna sex since Christianity expelled Britain’s earlier gods. It’s a theological thing; some Christians still think sex is only valid if it makes babies. If Christians want to ban condoms in their churches, fine, but handing out condoms should be encouraged in public, secular places – rational people no longer fear that their God will strike them down if they allow their neighbors to enjoy life.

    These police are as short-sighted and bigoted as their predecessors of the last 1600 years – and will be as unsuccessful. Smarter and better-educated civic leaders need to override them.

  24. If everyone keeps letting these mad powermongers away with things like this we will only make it worse for everyone in general-police persons havent changed all that much despite all the campaigns that would seek to paint them in a more liberal and rosey light-this is an unmitigated attack on gay men no matter what type of spin they might put on it.

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