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Russell Brand: I performed a sex act on a man in a public toilet for my TV show

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 23 Oct 2013, 11:44am

    Not news. Is there anybody who doesn’t know that Brand did this when working at MTV? He’s mentioned it plenty of times, both on the radio and in one of his books.

  2. His logic does not hold up and he confuses the situation. Anybody, if they put their mind to it, can do a sexual act on anything. But in doing that it does not confirm anything

    In contrast sexual orientation is something different than a mere sexual act. For centuries gay and lesbian people have tried to confirm to the social models they were raised in, but the biology of sexual orientation is often stronger than the social conditioning.

  3. He’s not boring enough to be straight.

    1. Actually, he’s extremely boring. Whether that has anything to do with his sexuality one way or another is a completely different issue.

  4. He’s a prat – yeah, right, Mr media whore trying to be cool with the gays – cos that’s the only place we have sex – in public toilets – let’s roll out that stereotype – PRAT!

  5. This really makes me think he’s not all there, would this media whore be persuaded to perform a sex act on a donkey if it was for his show? I imagine he would, it says lots about him and very little about gay people.
    I used to quite enjoy RB but knowing about this tasteless stunt has put me right off him.

  6. I did it too Mr. Brand, but i don’t go to the tv telling everyone about it.

    1. Yes, it’s not what you do it’s the way that you do it.

      If you need a TV show to give you an excuse to have it away with another bloke then it’s more than a bit sad.

      What a Jackass! remember that show featuring people performing various dangerous, crude, self-injuring stunts.

      1. People like Bryan Fischer have used TV for precisely the opposite reason; as a form of reinforcement protection against him being tempted! (If I’m sufficiently publicly anti-gay, no one will ever suspect the struggle I’ve had with same-sex attraction). But I think we’re all becoming much wiser to what drives homophobia. The louder the noise, the bigger the closet.

  7. Yep – some people will do absolutely ANYTHING to attract publicity for a new TV show. Sad.

  8. Philip Breen 25 Oct 2013, 6:38am

    This attention-seeking stunt plays on the misfortunes of how gay life was often lived in previous times but less widely now. The fact that the CPS has not seized upon this article as evidence to arrest him, while the nation shows itself uninterested, reveals the inconsistency between a society that has moved on and the insistence of the Home Office that the old gay offences, now spent, still be disclosed by the DBS/CRB for standard & enhanced disclosures. It is time the DBS recognised that the old gay offences in themselves did not represent danger to minors, anymore than they would now, unless the records of specific cases revealed otherwise.

  9. Ashley Dickenson 25 Oct 2013, 9:56am

    ‘Woe to them who call evil good and to them who call good evil’.
    We shall all have to give account for our actions before the throne of Almighty God’.

    1. That’s the problem with absolute monarchs, isn’t it? Even invented ones? They don’t have to do any accounting themselves.

    2. I think you’ve fallen into the old trap of believing the bible is something other than a lot of made-up nonsense. You cannot endlessly quote from a novel (like Peter Pan or Harry Potter) and expect to be taken seriously, surely? Talking snakes, women made from men’s ribs and people coming back from the dead? Oh please!

      1. at least a quote from a good novel would likely illicit something to continually think about instead of something that can be countered with logic! Dear Ashley Dickenson, “Just because you’ve got the emotional range of a teaspoon doesn’t mean we all have.” Hermione Granger

    3. Why, yes, it WAS wrong of Brand to use gays as some sort of prop to further his own “stardom”, & definitely wrong of him to confirm the negative stereotype about “gays have sex in public toilets.” After all, it’s only bigotry that forces gays to hide their sexuality in the first place! So glad that you agree, & realize that G-d agrees, too.

  10. Mr. Drain has a bear following, or he should. And always remember – he agreed to hug Brand, unlike his companion that evening. :)

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