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Australian PM Tony Abbott warns gay couples against marrying in the ACT

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Reader comments

  1. My advice. Put up two fingers to Mr Abbott-and get married as soon as you can!

    The reason he doesn’t want you too- is that his policy is going to invalidate the marriages of thousands of couples-showing him up as a marriage and family destructor.

    Hardly the image a Prime Minister would wish to portray is it?

  2. Sandgroper 23 Oct 2013, 1:01pm

    You could hardly shut this religious nutter up when he was in opposition but since being elected PM) (how were so many Australians so stupid to elect this prat) this twit Abbott has hardly said a thing since becoming PM but he could help himself to make an anti-gay statement. Nasty nasty nasty man surrounded by a load of nasty nasty nasty sycophants.

  3. First of all, how can you be a liberal and be against same sex marriage. Secondly, why is this loser trying to copy America’s reputation when it comes to the constitution, two countries that need to get a grip. I didn’t know Australia was a puppet.

    1. Sandgroper 24 Oct 2013, 3:25am

      The name of the Liberal Party in Australia is oxymoronic, they are a conservative group that hijacked the original ideals of this party.

    2. I believe the term Liberal, as adopted in the 1940s for the party, indicates economic (free market) liberalism, not social liberalism.

  4. OUTinMinnesota 23 Oct 2013, 1:06pm

    Run. Do not walk. Hie thee with all haste to ACT.

    If your relationship is one of marriage in all ways except legal recognition, this is your moment.

    The threat from Mr. Abbott is empty! This emperor has no clothes and he knows it!!

    Look to the history of contract law with the confidence that, legally speaking, marriage is merely a type of contract. And if you’re already LIVING that contract, go now. Go get that legal recognition.

    Run. Do not walk.

  5. Jock S. Trap 23 Oct 2013, 1:17pm

    Get lost Abbott!

    Why should people wait til you’ve done everything to show those of us wanting to get married how much you hate us?

    No those that want to marry should. There is NO argument against other than bigotry, discrimination and homophobia!

  6. Danny Norton 23 Oct 2013, 1:19pm

    I’m confused. How can he say in one breath that he’d turn up to his sister’s wedding to “do the right thing” when he won’t grant her the right to get married in the first place, presumably because he believes that it would be doing the wrong thing? At least have some principles Abbot you hypocrite

    1. he will go to his sister’d wedding so he can claim expenses,
      He’s is a catholic,a thief & a hypocrite

      1. Danny Norton 25 Oct 2013, 12:19pm

        Ah. I’d not considered that. How right you are Michael

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Oct 2013, 1:24pm

    Well, let’s wait and see what ACT’s neighbouring state, New South Wales does where there are rumblings to follow suit. If that happens, Australia’s most populous state will probably be the catalyst for the rest of the states to do the same.

  8. People need to rush to Canberra to get married in their thoisands.

    this will cause an absolute nightmare for the government. If it turns out to be unconstitutional then the reaction from those already married will be outrage.

    It’s for the same reason the irish government needs to legislate for marriage equality rather than putting equality to a mob vote

    If equality bis unconstitutional then the Irish constitution is a disgusting document that must be scrapped. .

  9. “From time immemorial, in every culture that’s been known, marriage … has been between a man and a woman.”


    1. Sandgroper 24 Oct 2013, 3:32am

      Yes, they also used to believe the earth was flat, used to let blood, use leeches, use lead and other heavy metals as medicine to cure all manner of ills.

  10. Colin (london) 23 Oct 2013, 1:38pm

    He may be a traditionalist but surely it’s what the people want. He also needs to respect minority rights.

    This man is living in the past.

    Come on Australia…ask for a no confidence vote and get him out.

    1. Yes, and does Australia want to go before the UN Human Rights Commission – Again! They lost last time.
      Human Rights Equality always transcend tradition; if they are in conflict.

  11. He’s too stupid for life. I predict his premiership will end in something spectacular where he will be either the shame and/or the laughing stock of Aus.

    He’s an idiot, a boorish, inarticulate moron of a man and there’s no need to fear idiots.

  12. jackAlison 23 Oct 2013, 3:16pm

    As health minister in a previous incarnation this god botherer used his position to deny women the morning after pill for a safe abortion. He and his party along with the previous lame duck labor couldnt cross the line in making being gay enshrined in an overarching federal discrimination act. And the proposal they had up gave notable exemptions to all the discriminators. YES you guessed it, religious bodies in hospitals social services etc are still exempt in their discriination even though they are govt. funded. Dont even get me started …Australia is an embarrassing backwater and the only remaining OECD country with no bill or charter of human rights for its citizens…and yep this was the heavy lobbying and scaremongering of the churches yet again.

    1. Sandgroper 24 Oct 2013, 3:49am

      ‘Australia is an embarrassing backwater and the only remaining OECD country with no bill or charter of human rights for its citizens’

      Well, I think Australia has more human rights protection than the USA. This topic has been raised in Australia and it was believed that it would be better to leave the situation vis-a-vis human rights. There have been slips, but fewer than in the USA. I think your attitude is outdated, ill-informed and frankly, patronising.

      Our politicians are way behind the public in terms of same-sex marriage – most of the states would put up same-sex legislation but it would probably be held to be unconstitutional on the basis of State/Commonwealth powers to legislate by the High Court. I suspect our politicians are being held to ransom by the Murdoch Media. The Murdoch Media are likely the real villains of the peace.

      1. jackAlison 24 Oct 2013, 7:01am

        Thats the point.You may very well “THINK” it.However, it is NOT enshrined in law. The Australian human rights commission is a powerless paper tiger that can make suggestions to govt.. It is NOT a legal body. It may also interest you to know the UK and a number of other countries questioned Australia at Australia’s 4 yearly review in the UN and asked how it could maintain human rights without any enshrined legal or constitutional protection within its laws…the answer….we’ll get back to you.Yes please “think it” but don’t assume you are protected. You most certainly are not.Our politicians are not being held to ransom. Our politicians, both labor and liberal had no problem changing constitutional law in 2004 when they both voted to change the marriage act of 1961 which is when marriage became a federal affair. They changed it specifically to exclude same sex couples. They changed it NOT to uphold the Australian constitution but to enshrine DISCRIMINATION.

  13. And I warn you against being such a vile creature. So what now?

  14. George Broadhead 23 Oct 2013, 5:11pm

    Jack Alison is quite right.. Australians have taken a backward step by electing this appalling god botherer.

  15. This disgusting bigot and misogynist of a man’s allegiance is to the Vatican rather than the people of Australia.
    The usual old rubbish about, marriage has always been between a man and a woman, well no, because the Christian Emperor under pressure from the pope made same-sex marriage illegal in 425 CE. Being an ex -seminarian he should know this.
    However you look at it, it comes down to “YOU cant get married because it’s against MY religion” – is there no religious freedom in Australia’s basic law.?

  16. So now he’s trying to scare gay couples with technicalities. Just trying everything to stop the rollout of equality.
    But how is getting your ACT marriage annulled any worse than the current situation where Australian gay couples can’t get married at all?

  17. He ‘wants to do the right thing’ for his sister if she were to get married but still refuses to allow same sex marriage.

    The man is a hypocrite and a moron.

  18. The thing is that the High Court challenge to come (and it will come) will very very likely invalidate this ACT marriage act as soon as it hits the courtroom. So in a way, he’s right. Getting married in the ACT will be kind of a waste of a trip to Canberra. If you insist on getting Gay Symbolically Married, then just do it in the comfort of your own backyard or a location you actually like, I reckon.

  19. johnny33308 26 Oct 2013, 4:11am

    Why would anyone listen to this person? The Marriage Equality law is in place….HURRY! It’s much harder for authority to outlaw something that has already happened for many couples without looking completely bigoted….that means you California voters! Go for it NOW!

  20. PeterinSydney 27 Oct 2013, 8:44am

    Abbott is going to try to take Australia back to a Medieval Period run by the Catholic Inquisition. We must fight against him with all our might.

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