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Review: Stephen Fry – Out There

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (London) 22 Oct 2013, 3:19pm

    Well done Stephen Fry.

    I too was moved to tears at both Stephen’s way of handling the programme and the abuse some of the homophobes tried to show.

    I cried at some of the stories of people who have paid a massive price just because they were born gay. Some will take this to their grave.

    Most of all I was energized to do my bit. To see religious nuts, politicians and others who seek to have societies respect be trashed by Stephen Fry was wonderful. It was difficult for him as well but boy was he great.

    You may struggle with your depression Stephen but truly you are one great man who has a place in this world and in my heart. You are so valuable to all of gay and straight.

    Share these programmes world wide at every turn

    1. Well said; I wholeheartedly agree with you. Fry is rapidly becoming somewhat of an icon!
      A terrific programme – very positive, and affirming. There must be more like this, please.

  2. Marcwebbo3 22 Oct 2013, 4:56pm

    I watched these programmes and was very moved by them….it was harrowing to see the footage of men about to be hanged for the ‘crime’ of being gay….I got a lump in my throat at the lesbian recounting her rape, abortion and finding out she was HIV and so many other emotions like anger at the homophobes and their ignorance….it was a powerful programme which perhaps should be shown in secondary schools to educate

  3. A terrific series. Love the often understated way in which Stephen Fry allows the homo hysterics to expose their obsessive hatred and ignorance.

  4. Very good and great courage from Stephen. Should be widely published. At times deeply moving and sometimes anger at the stupidity of the homophobes. Good on you Stephen.

  5. I thought it was brilliant. How someone who suffers with depression can put himself through that because at times it was heartbreaker I will never know. I wanted to jump out of my seat and cheer when he was talking to the Russian guy. I wasn’t particularly a fan of his but I definitely am now. He should be knighted for it and for his documentary on depression.

  6. Just wanted to say that was one of the moving documentaries I have ever watched. Stephen Fry take a bow. The way he stood up to those homophobes in high ranking positions was so brave, he could of ended up gaol himself. After watching that program I am so glad I am living here in the UK. If I was living like I live here in Africa it could have just have been easily me in that situation instead of that poor young brave women, truly heart-breaking!!!

    I also agree with Chris that he should knighted for this program alone. I also agree that this documentary should be shown in classrooms up and down the land. It was certainly thought provoking.

  7. Can’t wait for this special documentary to be aired here in Australia. Timely as we hear today as PM Abbot is to challenge the ACT’s gay marriage legislation in the High Court. We will now have to wait and see if the Court is as back-ward as our present Federal Government.

    1. Don Harrison 31 Oct 2013, 3:31pm

      I found them on youtube

  8. marshlander 23 Oct 2013, 7:38am

    I can add little to what has already been said. Stephen Fry was heroic in these programmes and his humanity shone brightly in some very dark places. What a beautiful, beautiful man. Thank you, Stephen, and the rest of the team that put these important documentary accounts together despite the fact that, at times, they must have put themselves at considerable risk.

  9. I thought it was wonderful. I think it was brave of Stephen to stand up and speak directly to these people who despite having positions of great power, have ignorant and bigoted views. It is time that it is shown how impossible it is to reason with people who have a narrow mindset and no empathy. The world needs to see how outrageous it is that these people are allowed to have control over the fates of so many.

  10. barriejohn 23 Oct 2013, 9:10am

    Wonderful, inspiring, though at times deeply disturbing programmes, and Fry was the ideal presenter. The Mail’s dire TV reviewer, Christopher Stevens, slated them, and said that a “serious journalist” was required. I very nearly wet myself laughing!

  11. I learned 4 things:

    #1 – Bigoted heterosexual men are obsessed with men having anal sex with each other.

    #2 – Bigoted heterosexual men think that you can beat the Gay out of someone.

    #3 – Bigoted heterosexual men think they are “macho” by beating up people weaker than themselves, whether physically or through legislation.

    #4 – Mr. Fry proves you can be over 50, gay, and still very attractive. Thank you, Steven, for renewing my hope. (My marriage proposal should be arriving by post.)

  12. I absolutely loved this documentary. Homophobia is something that has been swept under the rug for far too long. I was thrilled to hear a documentary would be on television for, and even more thrilled to hear someone as loved and respected as Stephen Fry would be presenting it. I hope many straight people watched it and thought about the problem for once in their lives.

  13. Kudos to Stephen Fry, the BBC and the production team for making this excellent series, it very effectively showed how ridiculous and irrational homophobia is But I did wonder who its target audience was, because all LGBTI people are all too familiar with the effects of homophobia already, and those that do need educating will probably refuse to watch it.

  14. Just watched these. Fry was excellent talking to the victims – and could have made a more coherent programmes just with them. His passion and personal involvement when confronting the homophobes was great to watch but didn’t seem to achieve much. If this programme is only for those already accepting of gay rights then it was OK. But if it really wanted to try to persuade the armchair ‘moderate’ homophobes then it was on shaky ground. What the pols like Milonov and The Right Reverend Father Simon Lokodo, Ugandan Minister for Ethics and Integrity (!) need is a more detached and clever questioning that reveals their mendacious inconsistency so that it it is clear to all – even possibly themselves. A shouting match with a vile Ugandan pastor is pointless.

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