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French Justice Minister sued by far-right group for labelling them homophobic and racist

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Reader comments

  1. Well, I hope the FM gets well and truly trounced in the courts. France has always been more racist than many other European countries. Hypocritical really, considering how much they relied on foreigners to rescue them from German occupation. People have very short memories …..

    1. France isn’t a racist country. It is one of the most nationalistic countries in the world as Israel is yet nobody calls them ‘racist’.

      The FN had been improving its understanding of gay rights. Under Le Pen senior they were openly homophobic. Marine has improved this a bit. They now only oppose gay adoption and gay marriage (they support the French equivalent of civil partnerships) and have gay members working for them in FN headquarters in Paris.

      1. The FN oppose same sex relations adopting and getting married. So they’re still homophobic then.

        1. Not as homophobic as they were and still considerably better than our BNP who if I recall correctly still don’t even support civil partnerships (the new British Democratic Party does)! I suspect, in time, Marine will drop her opposition to gay marriage. The gay adoption issue is the real sticking point I imagine. In truth, if you support civil partnerships then there is no reason other than either residual homophobia or nostalgia to not support gay marriage as you have already conceded the basic point that gay relationships are legitimate and should be recognised as such by the state.

      2. Oh – that’s OK then. Just a BIT racist and a BIT homophobic.

  2. Beelzeebub 22 Oct 2013, 4:46pm

    If the cap fits….

  3. Only individuals who think they have been slandered can attempt to sue. Political parties and organizations can’t.

    1. That’s certainly true in Britain. But is it in France? Their legal system is quite different to ours.

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