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Lesbian sister of Australia’s anti-equal marriage Prime Minister proposes to partner

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Reader comments

  1. Good for her! A lot of Aussies will identify far more with her than with her anti-gay brother.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 21 Oct 2013, 3:59pm

    It will be interesting to see if her brother attends the wedding. How will he square that with his opposition to legalising it? A bit hypocritical in some ways. We shall see. I’m always perplexed why someone who is opposed to same-sex marriage claims that it isn’t homophobic because they have gay friends or family members, a lame excuse either way, or that they believe in other rights for LGBT people. It just doesn’t add up.

    If the three major Abrahamic cults tomorrow sanctioned SSM, would the opposition suddenly have an epiphany and conform?

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 21 Oct 2013, 7:15pm

    Comments from Eddy and Robert in S. Kensington are close to my heart ! Thanks a lot-

  4. It takes a special kind of stubborn ignorance and blind hatred to deprive your own sister of the right to marry.

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