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Ben Whishaw tipped to play Freddie Mercury in biopic

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Reader comments

  1. Baron Cohen would have been great. Whishaw’s a sweet actor, but he just doesn’t have the body frame of Mercury. I reckon the Welsh actor Michael Sheen could pull it off.

    1. I don’t understand your comment,
      Freddie looked tall on screen but he was tiny, possibly around 5’7″, though he was in a pub off the Kings Rd one time and I thought he looked more like 5’4″ and Sasha Baron Cohen is really quite a tall man at around 6’3″
      I imagine Ben Whishaw is closer in stature to Mercury of the two.

      1. Pavlos, I understand your disbelief but have you seen Cohen strut? He can do it just like Mercury did, and although overall he’s bigger than Mercury was he has the physique, not to mention the natural brazen impudence and in-your-face charisma.

        1. The way they cast these days the part will probably go to Cumberbatch, the obvious choice.

  2. After Cloud Atlas, wouldn’t be Whishaw’s first time playing a bisexual musical genius. Good casting, particularly if Queen are supportive!

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