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Russian MP withdraws bill to deprive gay and lesbian couples of parenting rights

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 20 Oct 2013, 11:06am

    Withdrawn until after the Winter Olympics I suspect.

    Yet another damaging bill towards children. They say to protect but they are deliberately made to cause harm and pain for the very young people it’s says it’s protecting.

    From Russia With Shame! Love no longer has a part in Russia.

  2. Paul Halsall 20 Oct 2013, 11:14am

    Russia is not in the EU!

  3. Jock S. Trap 20 Oct 2013, 11:21am

    More like held back until after the Winder Olympics more like.

    It strikes me that these laws that is supposed to protect children is actually targeted at causing damage and harm to them. How can any self-respecting government deliberately target children in their discrimination.

    From Russia With Shame. Love has left Russian Society.

  4. Jock S. Trap 20 Oct 2013, 11:23am

    Oops… PinkNews it’s even harder to know if the comments are going through.

    Apologises for the two.

  5. Putting the findings of the discredited Regnerus study into practice rather than utilising legitimate studies to inform policy making, it’s a fraud, it’s not based on genuine studies and it’s criminal to smear LGBT’s this way.

  6. At least we know now his motivations, the mention of Sodom and Gomorrah is basically an admission that he’s yet another religious freak using his own beliefs to attack others. I know it was probably assumed by most that this is all religiously driven but this has now been confirmed to me at least.

    And I agree that this is probably only being withheld until after the Olympics, probably on the orders of Putin.

    I will bet that this will reappear next year, and I’ll also bet that it is modified to include families where any member is LGBT too, not just the parents. This freak has already openly stated that it is an extension of the previous law, that’s his justification for it (along with his ridiculous religious insanity) so it makes sense that he would extend this to all families where LGBT people are present – such as a brother or sister.

  7. Helge Vladimir Tiller 20 Oct 2013, 12:36pm

    So “The Devil ” pretends to have some kind of remorse. Don’t believe in him ! A monster with several heads always jumps to different strategies.

  8. Seriously, PN – “withdraw from the EU”?

    Russia is a member of the Council of Europe, and so a signatory to the European Convention on Human Rights.

    Russia is not a member of the European Union, and will certainly not wish to become one in the foreseeable future.

  9. ” He said: “We view Europe as Sodom and Gomorrah.”

    Why on Earth are we having the Olympic Games in Russia when they openly state that they view us Europeans with utter contempt.

  10. Indeed. I would be loath to admit Russia is a European country anyway. It is thanks partly to them that Europe is in such a mess today as they signed a secret pact with Nazi Germany in August 1930 without which even Adolf Hitler might have been reluctant to invade Poland and thus begin WW2.

    Go on Russia, sulk away, like the anti-social hermits of Europe that you are and see if we in civilised Western Europe care. I suspect we won’t.

    1. The treaty your referring to is the Molotov Ribbentrop pact which was signed in Moscow 1939.

  11. The thing that is truly shocking in this story, is the logical extension of the anti-gay propaganda law, into the homes of GLBTIQ parents in Russia. AND what this could further herald for the future.

    This is frightening.

    This sort of legislation basically sets up the baseline to forcibly remove and punish anyone who is themselves/GLBTIQ ANYWHERE around children. And because children are EVERYWHERE, (e.g., how could I go to a family dinner with my partner, if children are there – as we are propagating homosexual propaganda by simply being gay – and therefore are breaking the law).

    When does this rationale for “protecting children” from homosexual propaganda extend to segregating any GLBTQI people away from all children. Yep, that horrible segregation word. And where to segregate us to? Somewhere NO children could ever meet us, like, a concentration camp?! History repeating?!

  12. The writer of this article should be fired.

    Imagine not knowing that Russia is not in the EU.

  13. I cannot believe these ‘people’ are willing to abuse children like this by using them as pawns in their persecution of gay people! It’s truly disgusting. LGBT families will now have to flee or get their children taken away – how can the rest of the world just watch this happen??!!

  14. Great idea, lets remove the children from loving, stable homes just because we don’t like gay people.

    This man really is the devil incarnate isn’t he?

    1. Brilliant cooment McCabe.


  15. I think you are right. They are toning down the laws until after the Olympics…
    This might be interesting to read:

    “In the weeks before and during the 1936 Winter and Summer Olympic Games held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Berlin, respectively, the Nazi regime actually toned down much of its public anti-Jewish rhetoric and activities. The regime even removed some of the signs saying “Jews Unwelcome” from public places. Hitler did not want international criticism of his government to result in the transfer of the Games to another country. Such a loss would have been a serious blow to German prestige. Likewise, Nazi leaders did not want to discourage international tourism and the revenue that it would bring during the Olympics year.”

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