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Vice magazine slams Bill and Ted play as ‘super homophobic’

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  1. ….but is it funny? Stereotypes can be funny. I love Little Britain – which has stereotypical gay characters but I don’t think comes across as homophobic (there’s plenty of good examples of this humour). It can fail though and there’s a delicate line. Not sure from this article if it’s an over sensitive reviewer or if the play is actually homophobic.

  2. I don’t think that they’re being “excellent to each other” here.

  3. I am gay, saw the show. It’s lame but not really homophobic. More annoyed by the idiots in the audience. The show is always played to the common denominator, rowdy trashy people. Bad, yes. Homophobic? Meh.

  4. This is almost certainly the most boring and pointless article I’ve read this week.
    Thank you!

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