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Italy: Exhibition featuring portraits of same-sex kissing attacked with spray paint

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  1. My, my, my. Religious brainwashing REALLY gets to people doesn’t it? WHY do people get so anguished about homosexuality when there are so many other biblical ‘sins’ that they conveniently ignore? It MUST be because the people who are moved to do such things are self-haters .. desperately suppressing their own same-sex attractions. People who are comfortable with their own sexuality would never resort to this kind of irrational and mindless behaviour. Oh yes. Religions has a LOT to answer for …..

  2. While the world is solely focused on Islamic extremism, there is an increasingly radical and violent Christian/Catholic/Fascist element growing around the world.

    It’s easy to disregard this kind of physical damage as nothing when compared to the kind of violence we see from extremists in other areas, but there is a solid connection between the attacks against people in Russia and other countries and this growing Christian fanaticism.

    It might just be criminal damage now, but unless governments start paying attention and actually attacking this head-on, we will see fundamentalist Christians and Catholics becoming increasingly militant and violent in their actions.

    Just look at the growing Christian extremism in the USA, Uganda, Russia, and other countries. This is growing, and it’s growing fast alongside neo-Nazi views. They are being increasingly prevented from dictating to societies, and they will resort to more extreme actions to get their way.

  3. Karen Blair 31 Oct 2013, 8:55pm

    I’m conducting research aimed at understanding the physiology of prejudice in an attempt to reduce violent attacks on same-sex couples — if you’d like to learn more or help support the research, please visit:

  4. As they say, there’s no such thing as bad publicity; let’s face it, if nobody batted an eyelid it would be boring. Having just Googled the artist, I like his work and might even buy a poster or something.

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