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David Haye says boxer Tyson Fury went ‘too far’ with his anti-gay tweets

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Reader comments

  1. Robert (Kettering) 18 Oct 2013, 2:45pm

    Methinks that Tyson perhaps has some unresolved “issues” when it comes to sexuality. The phrase, “The lady doth protesteth too much”, comes to mind.

  2. Peter Gregory 18 Oct 2013, 3:17pm

    Insecure; immature. Sad.

  3. I’m betting the fine isn’t the only thing he “takes on the chin” – if a guy rants too loudly about other guys getting it on, he’s interested in guys getting it on, that’s a scientifically proven fact.

    Tyson is into man-on-man action, obviously. He’s just so deep in the closet he has a season ticket to Narnia.

  4. Perhaps he should be checked for possible repetitive concussion damage. After all, with a pea sized brain, like his, it stands to reason that it would rattle around in his skull much more than a normal sized one when the head is punched.

  5. Ethel Clutterbuck 18 Oct 2013, 6:23pm

    Was their really a Mr and Mrs Fury? Did they really come up with the name “Tyson”?

  6. “… fellow British boxer…?”
    Fury isn’t British – he’a a pikey.

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