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Coca Cola bosses to decide whether to speak out against Russian LGBT issues ahead of Winter Olympics

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Reader comments

    1. Thanks, Gulliver. Please, everyone, sign this petition. It takes 5 seconds. Nearly 54,000 signatories so far. Target is only 75,000.

    2. Why have Pink News not linked to this petition in the actual story?
      Why have they said it has 100,000 signatures when it currently stands at 55,000?
      I signed this several days ago, yet it’s taken PN this long to mention it and they don’t even include a link to the petition?

      Someone at PN needs to pay more attention, to both what is happening in the world and their writing.

  1. As long as they’re going to make $$$ off the sponsorship – they aren’t going to SAY anything!

    A PUBLIC WORLD BOYCOTT of COCA COLA is the only thing that would get their attention!

    1. GulliverUK 18 Oct 2013, 8:57pm

      I’ve been boycotting Coca Cola and McDonalds for months now. I won’t stop boycotting them until they speak out and put pressure on the Russia government and IOC.

  2. Coca Cola? HAHAHA In Poland, they removed ads from pro-LGBT site because someone send they homophobic letter.

  3. I stopped buying Coca Cola’s products the day they failed to withdraw their sponsorship of Russia’s Homophobic Games. They are a disgrace. They are supporting discrimination. They should have insisted the games be moved to a country which doesn’t treat its gay people so appalingly.

  4. Benjamin Bee 19 Oct 2013, 9:39am

    It is amazing how Coca-Cola’s homophobia in support to Sochi affects the way I am a coke drinker. At the super market, I can’t even hold a bottle of coke. I just can’t. I love to drink coke but I can’t. I get sick just seeing its logo. What’s going on?

  5. Kaleidoscope 19 Oct 2013, 3:03pm

    I don’t drink nor Coke (previously I drank a lot), neither Capy (only other juices), and stoped to by Coca-Cola Company products for my office as well.
    I wrote a new post to my blog as well:

  6. I don’t drink Coca Cola, haven’t for a long time.

    Reading their supposed position on Human Rights is especially sickening to me, given that Coca Cola is suspected of using militia groups and hired mercenaries to intimidate, assault, rape and murder Union members and their family members, and has been accused countless times through various courts of abusing Human Rights of employees and local communities all around the world.

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