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Julian Clary: I was prepared to take my own life in 1993 but it wasn’t because of my joke about Norman Lamont

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Reader comments

  1. Colin (London) 17 Oct 2013, 11:54am

    Sad to hear.

    Julian this country loves you boy but there are newspapers who just want to pull anyone and everyone down.

    People love your talent so boy get back on TV. Age gives you a balance and you are still looking terrific.

    Be bad Julian..we all love it.

  2. Chris Jones 17 Oct 2013, 12:10pm

    I am so glad it didn’t happen ! XXX

  3. Although im not a camp gay man his existence on TV in the early 90s really helped me. In your face, proud and popular and not in the least ambiguous, like previous ‘gay’ favourites.

    Whats interesting is that he seems rather demure and sweet in person, rather than aggressive and crude, as many people think.

  4. I do love Julian, his occasional appearances on QI always cheered me up and it’s just a shame he’s not out there doing more.
    Who’s choice is it I wonder? Is Julian simply dodging the limelight or are shows not seeking him out?
    Come on Julian, we want you back on our TV’s doing all the panel shows. You don’t have to be a rebel any more, just be that funny man we all love!

  5. Derek Williams 17 Oct 2013, 1:23pm

    Julian is an irreverent sweetheart.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Oct 2013, 1:42pm

    As much as I love and adore him, back in 1993, why would anyone want to make a joke about ‘fisting’? A very perverse and harmful practise in my view. Julian needs to put himself out there more. we don’t see enough of him.

    1. People say the same about mere anal sex between men! We shouldn’t be so quick to judge others; don’t knock it till you’ve tried it ;)

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Oct 2013, 5:44pm

        Am definitely not against anal sex something practiced by straights and gays but fisting….ouch. How on earth a fist could penetrate an anus boggles my mind if my understanding of the practice is correct.

        1. Once you’ve got the relaxation there (which is hindered by comments like yours) it’s one of the most intimate things one man can do with another. The human body is perfectly capable of taking a hand into the anus. Perhaps your understanding of how it’s done is flawed.

          1. Why exactly would anyone want to?

    2. Don’t you remember how unpopular Lamont was back in 1993?

  7. That joke still makes me laugh every time I think about it – such a simple, stupid joke, and so brave for the time.

    It’s one of my favourite TV highlights

  8. I remember seeing that on TV. My jaw hit the floor. “Talk about a red box!” Dangerous. Impossibly vulgar. Hilarious.

  9. Expat. Copenhagen. 17 Oct 2013, 4:13pm

    Very glad you you’re still with us Julian.
    You’re a”National Treasure”……….!

  10. I thought the Lamont joke was hilarious. If people weren’t old enough to know what he meant, they wouldn’t have got it anyway, so in that sense it was harmless.

    I too would like to see more of Julian back on our TV screens. He should have his own chat show on a prime-time slot. I rarely watch TV anymore, but I’d watch that.

    He’s also very attractive. My mum, even though she knows he’s gay, has always fancied him.

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