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Former South Carolina GOP Official: ‘Trannies are disgusting freaks’ and ‘should all be put in a camp’

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Reader comments

  1. Dangermouse 17 Oct 2013, 5:15pm

    Seems a nice man ……………………………

  2. Personally, I’ve always found GOP Officials ‘disgusting freaks’ but I have more manners and respect than to go round making public pronouncements which demonstrate what a vile bigot I am.

  3. I think the world would be a nicer place if we rounded up all the bigots and put them into camps. Decent people shouldn’t have to associate with the likes of them.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Oct 2013, 6:02pm

      Especially if they happen to be religious freaks who should all be sectioned.

  4. Sinead Harkin 17 Oct 2013, 7:34pm

    If this was some pick up driving red neck he’d be fined or banged up.If you’re rich you can do or say anything

  5. He’s an attention whore with no career, he needs to vent his spleen to his fellow rabid right wing f***tards to justify his existence.

    If anyone was wondering, these are the kinds of fanatics infesting the Republican party, he’s screaming his insanity on Twitter because he has no audience anywhere else and no power at all.

    If other mainstream Republicans with some power could get away with it, they would be saying all the same things and being just as fanatically insane – many of them are fascists hiding behind a mask of acceptable conservatism.

  6. Predictably, him and his mates are now all crowing about how intolerant trans people are (though with a few slurs and profanities thrown in – you get the idea).

    1. Yep, it’s the typical nonsense from Republican bigots in the US. They seem to believe that attacking others is their “right” and “freedom”, and if anyone disagrees with them or expresses justified disgust toward them it’s “intolerance”!

      They believe that Nazism and Fascism is a “Human right” and stripping others of their rights is a fundamental “freedom” that should be allowed to them exclusively.

      There is no rationality in debating with them, it’s like trying to explain evolution to creationists – many of whom are in the same club as this fu**tard too.

  7. Do we really need to know about this person? Pink news, you’re giving him a mouthpiece to affect the lives of more trans people. Why not just let him stay in obscurity?

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