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Core Issues Trust seeks immediate injunction to remove London pro-gay bus adverts

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  1. Ah, the delightful Dr Michael Davidson, who last year ran a conference on homosexuality called ‘The Lepers in Our Midst’. And these people wonder why others are more hesitant to give them advertising space than for a group like Stonewall.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Oct 2013, 1:36pm

    Until ex-gay therapy is banned in the UK, this is going to be a persistent issue with the religious loons. Labour MP Geraint Davies several months ago raised the issue to outlaw ex-gay therapy. I tweeted him and Jeremy Hunt about any progress but have yet to receive a response. Banning it would really nail the bigots once and for all on this issue.

    I do wish there was transparency as to whom is funding these frivolous cases. NARTH perhaps, some wealthy religious Tory loons in Parliament? Could it be the CoE, RCC? How do they consistenly come up with vast amounts of money to defend such crap? Money to burn it seems.

    1. Having a interesting day going through the accounts from the Christian Institute which lists all the legal actions it is or has been funding. It also states that it was responsible for the Coalition for Marriage costs.

      It mentioned that it is buying 4 – 6 Park Road from a “Christian Trust” but omits to actually name it. The Goshen Trust and the Angel Trust are interconnected and the Goshen Trust is a sizable contributor of funds to the Christian Institute. I doubt that they want the connection to God TV made public, but they are hoping to have their own media centre up in Park Road for ‘Christian broadcasting on demand’.

      Baroness Cox is playing a significant part in the Christian Institute with regards to legislation in the UK Parliament.

  3. Jock S. Trap 17 Oct 2013, 1:50pm

    Ok so the bigoted loons are back!

    The major difference is of course the Stonewall ad is about being accepted in a accepting society and the community of London.

    Core Issues ad is about lies and damaging people’s lives and spreading intolerance.

    Core Issues are just about being nasty for the sake of it, not caring who gets harmed.

    The Stonewall ad demonstrates the very need for such ads when the discriminating groups like Core Issues are present.

  4. It’s good to see the adverts HURTING!

  5. Religious bullies at it again.

  6. I will post up their accounts. You want to know who funds them? By the way the Core Issues Trust is also registered as a Charity.




    Born: 1955
    Nationality: SOUTH AFRICAN

    Posttown: HIGHWORTH
    Postcode: SN6 7NS

    Country of residence: UNITED KINGDOM (NORTHERN IRELAND)

    Lisa Severine Nolland has been employed at VOICE FOR JUSTICE UK since 24 December 2012 currently as a Director (CHAPLAIN).


    Company address: VOICE FOR JUSTICE UK

    CORE ISSUES TRUST (active)

    Lisa Severine Nolland has been employed at CORE ISSUES TRUST since 02 February 2011 currently as a Director (LAY CHAPLAIN).


    Company address: CORE ISSUES TRUST

  7. Co-workers







  8. Mahesh Chavda Ministries International
    Unit 3 4 Blackworth Court
    Blackworth Industrial Estate
    SN6 7NS

    Chavda Ministries International
    PO Box 411008
    Charlotte, NC 28241

    Beginning to see where the cash comes from yet? The connection to the USA religious fundamentals is deep and profitable for them.

    Note the claims for miracle healings including AIDS?
    “For over thirty-five years, the Chavdas have been reaching the nations with the gospel accompanied by signs and wonders. Hundreds of thousands have come to salvation and thousands have received healing from critical diseases like AIDS and cancer through their ministry. Many of these miracles have been medically documented, including healings of Stage IV cancer, the lame, deaf and blind as well as the resurrection from the dead of a six-year-old boy”.

    These are the people who hate us, and who try at every turn to do us down. Take a good look at them and ask yourself if they are nothing but frauds?

  10. The David House Fellowship
    Unit 3-4 Blackworth Court Blackworth Industrial Estate, Highworth, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN6 7NS

    Note to any real journalists out there, just follow the money and you will get the full story, you just might find it goes into the UK Parliament too.


    Charity Number1083557Date Registered2000-11-20Company Number4070371Contact NameMR D R STARRITT Telephone 01793 862121 Address3-4 BLACKWORTH COURT, BLACKWORTH INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, HIGHWORTH, SWINDON, WILTS, SN6 7NS- See more at:

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Oct 2013, 6:41pm

      Thank for that very useful information< Sarabia. Have you considered sending it to some of our openly gay MPs? I'm sure they'd be very interested.

      1. Hi Robert
        I have today sent out the report to Stonewall, Peter Tatchell and I am working my way through the lists of MP’s and Members of the House of Lords. I cannot reveal what I have discovered on an open forum since my last posting but I do think it will make the politician’s sit up.

    2. Blinding work. Thank you for exposing. Pink News : pick this up and go after them!

  12. Sariba has done some great journalism here. PN, please invite them to present in-depth articles on some of these groups and where they stem from.

    Anyone can find all of this information with a little searching, but this commenter has done a great service and should be brought on (if they are willing) to provide a more comprehensive investigative feel to the work you already do.

    We need to start exposing these things, and PN has the reach and reputation to actually do far more. It’s time to really start “reporting”, not just “repeating”.

    1. Thank you for your comments. It is high time for the truth of these mind rapists to be told and now it is urgent that the full truth be told because this is the way they infiltrate governments in Russia, Africa, and the UK. We cannot sit back and let them get away with this, the truth about them must be told to the public.

    John Hagee Ministries – Charity in SN6 7NS
    3-4 Blackworth Court
    Blackworth Industrial Estate
    SN6 7NS

    So, 3 -4 Blackworth Court, Blackworth Industrial Estate, is where you find the American Christian Fundamentalists and friends. Take a look at their websites and seriously how can anyone from the Media not be outraged by the blatant money grubbing bastards you will find there? I am astonished that no serious journalists haven’t done a much needed expose’ of these characters operating freely in the UK and with real influence on certain members of the UK Parliament too.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Oct 2013, 6:43pm

      John Hagee I believe entered the UK last August to deliver a speech to some other similar minded bigots. He should be banned from entering the UK. You should send this to Theresa May at the Home Office as well as StonewallUK along with all the other pertinent information you’ve provided.

  14. CAP did not ‘clear’ this ad. Ads don’t go through pre-clearance in the UK, anyone is free to advertise and can only be banned if complaints are made.

  15. I presume by the fact this mob are a ‘trust’, they don’t pay tax? Have you ever looked on the Charities Commission website at how many of them have the word ‘christian’ or ‘islamic’ in their titles? HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS – not one of them paying a penny in tax. Indeed, many are forbidden by their charters from giving a single penny to ‘charity’ as they are registered as ‘charities’ solely to promote their particular religion. It’s high time the government took a VERY close look at the nature of non-tax-paying ‘charities’ as most of the seem to exist purely to provide their officers with an income. Oh – and to promote hatred, of course. Imagine if a charity existed for the sole purpose of promoting racism. Would THAT be tolerated? So why do we permit ‘charities’ which seek to promote homophobia and hatred of gay people…?

  16. Leigh Hamilton 17 Oct 2013, 5:44pm

    Can we have a law passed to force organisations like the “Core Issues Trust” to adopt names that more accurately reflect their true nature? I’d suggest they go for “Complete Unbelievable Nuisance Trust”, it shortens quite appropriately.


    The Huffington Post UK met Dr Davidson at the headquarters of Christian lobby group Christian Concern, which is backing his case, on the eve of the High Court case.

    The High Court is not the only battle he is currently fighting. He cannot practice, having been suspended from his training course with the British Psychodrama Association, a decision he is appealing against, with a hearing this weekend. Despite not practicing, he says he gets about three people contact him per week, seeking to rid themselves of homosexual feelings.

    I will publish more interesting material on the collective fundamentalists operating out of Blackworth Industrial Estate and the Parliamentary / Political connections that matter.

  18. Talk about being on a hiding to nowhere.Spend your cash fools. Is this Dr a medical doctor?

  19. Geoffrey Marsh 17 Oct 2013, 8:49pm

    “Religion causes homophobia. Get rid of it.”

  20. A bus prominently displaying this ad passes my home in leafy Worcestershire several times a day. I have neither heard or read a single comment either for or against it.
    CORE, get over it!

  21. Name & Registered Office:

    NE12 8DG
    Company No. 02634440
    NE12 8DG
    Company No. 07880604
    NE12 8DG
    Company No. 08615436
    NE12 8DG
    Company No. 08615764
    NE12 8DG
    Company No. 08613900
    NE12 8DG
    Company No. 08613869

    NE12 8DG
    Company No. 08143808
    02/08/2012 Director Appointed Baroness Caroline Anne Cox,_Baroness_Cox
    Baroness Cox was a Director of the Conservative Philosophy Group from 1983-85.[6] In 1987 she co-founded the Committee for a Free Britain funded by Rupert Murdoch which at one point called for “the legalization of all drugs”[7] and which used “anti-gay material during their anti-Labour campaign in 1987.

  23. So who do these people actually represent when they take up the cudgel and try to beat LGBT people’s equal rights to death with it? What is the reality behind these organisations and where does the money come from to pay for their activities? It is time for the truth to be made public and it’s time for the public to see who these individuals really are and who they really act on behalf of.


    The Christian Institute’s activities resulted in censure by The Charity Commission in 2001, for breaching rules limiting overt political campaigning by charities, by “publishing a 100-page report, Homosexuality and Young People (1998), which argued against reforming anti-homosexual law with no reference at all to a Christian view.” [5]

  25. Christian Concern.
    Andrea Minichiello Williams – Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

    Ade Omooba – Co-Founder, Director

    He is a co-founder of several organisations/groups, namely; the Christian Victory Group – ICARE Projects (CVG – I CARE) which has over 70 Social Action/Inclusion projects set up in the last 17 years;

    Christian Concern for our Nation (CCFON), a UK Lobby/Campaign Group on Public Policy, and the Christian Legal Centre

    Felicity Leeson – Administrator and PA to Andrea Minichiello Williams


    Director: Andrea Minichiello Williams, Barrister.
    Legal Analysts: Simone Lamont, Kathryn Wakeling.
    Public Policy Advisers: Mark Mullins, Barrister, Rebecca Bensted, Barrister.
    Public Policy Consultant: Louise Brown.
    Church Affairs Advisers: Pastor Ade Omooba, Rev Simon Robinson.
    Islamic Affairs Adviser: Sam Solomon.
    Public Relations Consultant: Paul Eddy.
    Media Consultancy Services Provided by: OCM Films Ltd

  27. This came about because of a simple comment by Robert in S. Kensington “I do wish there was transparency as to whom is funding these frivolous cases”. That comment made me think, so who it is that is funding the hate and as importantly who are the people behind the money?
    We know that the so called charismatic / evangelical fundamentalist wings of the more rabid political organisations such as the Republican Party in the USA are inextricably bound and funded with these organisations. We also know that there are members of the UK Parliament in both Houses that are also cheek by jowl with the evangelical “Christian” political activists.
    There are a number of very serious questions that must be answered, one of the most pressing is how the democratic process is influenced or corrupted by these unelected organisations to have government policy shaped or made to suit their objectives?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Oct 2013, 1:29pm

      Sarabia, I strongly urge you to contact our gay friendly and openly gay MPs and Ministers with this information. It’s extremely important. We need to make a lot of noise about it. I wouldn’t mind betting that some of their supportive MPs are David Burrowes , Sir Gerald Howarth, Peter Bone and Edward Leigh, some of the most aggressive antagonists during the Marriage Bill debate.

      1. Robert
        I will write up a report and contact them. You are absolutely on the button with the anti-gay MP’s and I really want them to be interviewed by Panorama as they are questioned about their involvement with the organisations I have researched. I also hope that as many people as possible will send the links on to their own MP’s and protest about the hate that is being promulgated out of these ‘charitable’ organisations.

        1. Sarabia, may I too say how impressed I am by your unearthings! Well done! We really do need to expose this network of funders. Everyone has a right to raise money and contribute it to almost whatever they believe in, of course, but they don’t have a right to keep such activities and such orchestrations hidden from view. Let’s bring it ALL out into the open. Let’s somehow make it viewable. And by putting it all into one widely-viewed, recorded and recordable format, like Panorama, is definitely the way to go.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Oct 2013, 3:08pm

          I am delighted, Sarabia that you are pursuing it. We need transparency in this country about donor bases to all charities and MPs’ campaigns and who they are associated with. The Tories have been resistant for obvious reasons but the more pressure put on them, the better. MPs, Peers, Media, Stonewall UK, Peter Tatchell, as many as you can contact. I’ve tweeted several MPs and am waiting to see how many respond. Well done and keep it up. don’t give up.

      2. A letter containing the information will be sent out to all MP in the next week and members of the House of Lords who supported us in the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act. Let’s see if anything comes of it.

  28. Another vital question is how these organisations use the Charity Act to avoid paying tax for their political activities.
    Thanks to the information freely available at the Land Registry and Companies House I have been able to identify where the funds are coming from and who it is that controls the money used to fund hate campaigns against LGBT people in the UK and world-wide.
    In previous postings I have shown that the Christian Institute operates out of WILBERFORCE HOUSE 4-6 PARK ROAD GOSFORTH BUSINESS PARK
    NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE NE12 8DG. This location is also the base for the other limited by guarantee companies that have been spun out from this centre. So who actually owns the address?

    The address is owned by The Goshen Trust which is in turn wound into The Angel Foundation at Angel House Borough Road Sunderland.

  29. The Goshen Trust is in the process of selling the Park Road address to the Christian Institute, the Goshen Trust also funds the Christian Institute among others of like activities.
    The Angel Foundation is seriously wealthy. The Goshen Trust is wealthy too. From the Trustee’s Report 31st March 2011 is provided the information that the Angel Foundation organisation, structure and management consists of Angel Media Network based in India, The Dream Family Network based in the United Kingdom. Related parties are Angel Christian Television Trust Inc USA, Angel Christian Television, operating out of Hong Kong, Cape Town, Sydney, Madras, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, all under GOD TV. provides a beginning for GOD TV. The Trustee’s write, “The principle manner in which the Angel Foundation achieves its objectives is through the worldwide television Ministry, GOD TV further information can be found on the Ministry’s website, http://www.godtv.

    1. Sarabia, I sense you don’t need me to suggest the following to you, but I’m going to make the suggestion anyway. Paste all these postings you’ve made here into one documents. Keep pasting into that document everything you unearth. And then, slowly, just go about categorising it, cutting it up, see which elements link with which etc. This way a story will emerge. THE story that can then be passed to Panorama, or The Guardian, The Independent, or somesuch. We know the end of the story: specific campaigns against us. What would be fascinating, and attractive to journalists, is to view the back-story, how all these organizations have quietly linked up at various times and in various locations, to eventually produce the hateful campaigns.

  30. The Trustee’s Report contains a lot of very revealing information both as to the source and the disbursement of the funds it receives. In 2011 The Angel Foundation received just over £8 million in donations. It gave The Goshen Trust £220.000 and the Goshen in turn gave to the Christian Institute in 2011, £24.000 and in 2012 £30.000.

    Let’s be clear about this, these organisations are extreme fundamentalists embracing “end of days” raising up of the dead etc and they have a highly organised money making machine at their disposal and they have a political agenda that they fund. I think they qualify as ‘cults’ and I think the public would be shocked to know just what it is that these organisations are really about.
    I also think it is high time that the politician’s in the UK Parliament understand just who and what it is that is operating behind the Christian charitable facade, I think it is time for a detailed investigation of their activities and their source of funds, don’t you?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Oct 2013, 1:34pm

      Totally agree, Sarabia. Spread the word to MPs Mike Freer, Nick Herbert, Chris Bryant, Daniel Kawczynski, Margot James, Stephen Gilbert, Stephen Williams, Lynne Featherstone, Yvette Cooper, Diane Abbott, and others. Perhaps a letter to the editor of The Guardian would be in order?

      1. Yes, Robert, yes! But before approaching any of these people, the story needs to be put together so as to provide a compelling read. In other words, a very well-organized dossier (and certainly not a “dodgy” one!) needs to accompany that letter to the Guardian, Independent, Panorama, and MPs.

        Right now, I’m learning about how the Press Release system works. That’s another thing to do. Circulate to all and sundry a devastating Press Release. But the devastating message needs to be whittled down to 500 words maximum for such a Press Release to get attention from any papers, TV, or radio stations. Peter Tatchell knows all about how to feed stories to the media. He could advise.

        1. Thank you I have noted your advice and will follow it. Fortunately all the information is in the public domain and mostly at Government sites so it can be easily verified. I will send it on to Peter Tatchell he might find it useful.

        2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Oct 2013, 3:05pm

          Sound advice, Eddy. I strongly urge Sarabia to follow up on it. Peter Tatchell I’m sure would be extremely interested, the sort of thing he thrives on.


    This is an interesting start for background on God TV.

    I hope I will be excused for posting up so much information but I do think it is important to know your enemy well.

  32. Duncan Taylor 18 Oct 2013, 12:22pm

    These people are so stupid. The advert on the buses is not trying to persuade other people to be gay, it’s trying to persuade others that we shouldn’t be harassed, bullied etc for being gay. Their complaint would be the equivalent of a bully complaining about anti-bullying adverts, or muggers complaining about anti-mugging posters.
    Some people just don’t get things, it’s not that they are picking the wrong end of the stick, they are picking the wrong stick in the first place.
    Goes to show, stupidity and ignorance abound in the World still !

  33. marshlander 18 Oct 2013, 12:33pm

    Please don’t apologise for posting this. There ought to be at least one Panorama investigation and broadcast from the information you have provided.

    Thank you!

  34. Let’s hope you are right I have just emailed them with all the information I cannot post up here. It would be very interesting to see certain politician’s interviewed once the full facts of the matter are presented to them wouldn’t it?

    1. OK, so you’ve sent off a salvo, already. Good for you. But, if I may suggest it, don’t sit waiting for responses to come in. Work on all that material, if you have the time, the interest, and the energy, and produce a shocking dossier which tells the story in an easily-followable linear fashion. If the dossier starts with an arresting statement of the vast cost of even only ONE of their campaigns, and then invites the reader to view the entire story of how that campaign was funded and by who, you readers (busy MPs, and busy editors) WILL BE PATIENT, they WILL read. And then they’ll formulate their own course of action. But, remember, NO MP or editor is going to take YOUR word for what you say. Your dossier has to be arresting enough for them to pass your dossier to their PAs, their secretaries, their investigators, their journalists and to tell them see if it’s true. No MP or editor wants egg on their faces. So do the preparation, and take as long as it takes.


    “Nowadays, traditional circus acts have well nigh disappeared from the Easter schedules, but I found a real-life freak show on Good Friday, by tuning into Sky Digital and watching Friday Night Live on the God channel.

    “We welcome you in the precious name of our risen Lord Cheeses,” said our South African hosts, Rory and Wendy Alec, and I marvelled at the way that overseas evangellybabies tend to place such ludicrous over-emphasis on the first syllable of the Saviour’s Christian name.

    Because Rory’s face is a cross between a middle-aged David Cassidy and one of those red-faced plastic pigs you see outside butchers’ shops, and because Wendy can muster only two expressions (vacant grin and concerned incomprehension), you might initially be tempted to dismiss them as a mere sanctimonious parody of the King and Queen of Stupidvision (aka Richard and Judy), but you’d be wrong to do so”.

  36. “You see, this oleaginous and thoroughly dubious couple realised several years ago that there was an awful lot of dosh to be made by bringing US-style televangelism to Europe, and they’ve recently negotiated a deal with the Almighty (Murdoch) to broadcast several more channels of wall-to-wall Sky Gods, all of which makes them a couple of very Smart Alecs indeed”.

    Read more:
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

    Sorry it’s from the Daily Mail. Not quite the respectable face the characters from ‘Christian Concern’ et al want the general public to know about is it?

    1. Isn’t it amusing to see the Daily Hate so exposing a form of Xianity it doesn’t approve of! What that means is that if a dossier were handed to them the climax of which was not to do with LGBT matters, but some other loony campaign, then you could possibly even have the Daily Mail explode the reality of all those interconnections and connivings!

  37. Indeed, it’s easy to dismiss the entire God channel as nothing more than harmless nonsense, but I’ve watched it after dark, and have frequently seen it seething with something altogether darker, with hours of hate-filled, rabble-rousing, homophobic, ranting bigotry. Even the ITC has lambasted it for its “denigration of other beliefs”, condemned it for showing on-screen exorcisms, and fined it £20,000 for its denunciation of homosexuality as “an abomination”.

    I remember phoning Rory at the time, to ask him why God Digital moves in such mysterious ways. And do you know what? He went AWOL, his wife said she would pray for me, and his second-in-command hurled innumerable insults at me, then slammed the phone down.

    So much for gentle Cheeses, meek and mild. I thought Christians were supposed to turn the other cheek, not give a load of it”.

  38. And finally.

    So here is the true face of our haters with the mask off and I sincerely hope that the public is given the truth of them. Let’s see how brazen they are once everyone knows what pays for their time promulgating hate against LGBT people and they have no mask of respectability to hide behind then. Thank you for reading.

  39. One has to ask what it is that drives these people to be so homophobic. I’m sorry – but I simply do not believe it is because of a deeply devout religious belief. If it were, they would be castigating divorced people and eater-of-shellfish, etc,etc,etc. But they become obsessed with homosexuality. WHY???? It can ONLY be because they are repressed homosexuals. No other ‘straight’ person would be so obsessed. It can only be because the suppression of their true sexuality is causing them so much pain that they spew their inner, self-loathing out onto those who represent that which they hate most about themselves. “Show me a homophobe; I’ll show you a closet case”. People like this will use ANY means to reinforce in their own minds how disgusting they feel – especially ‘the word of god’. What better reinforcement can you get to convince yourself that your own same-sex attractions are ‘abomibable’? Just shows the power of religious conditioning on young minds.

    1. Truth, true to your name, there is certainly truth in your post above. However, there are also other motives for their homophobia. I think one of the strongest motivations is the human urge or need for power, for superiority over others, i.e. to be higher up the pecking order than others. They always have to have somebody beneath them, someone undeniably EVIL. Then being apart from those people, ABOVE them on the ladder to purity and virtue, they acquire their feelings of worth and value. This I think is the main motivating mechanism behind homophobia.

  40. It seems obvious once the various elements are viewed as a topography that many of the most vocal and active LGBT opponents orbit around planet Rory and Wendy Alec AKA Mr and Mrs Rory Alec Stephen and God TV at Gosforth Business Park.
    The various spokespersons we have come to know thanks to their often highly visable and vocal representations of the ‘Christian’ anti-LGBT equality efforts are never given a proper looking at by the Media are they?
    What seems to me to be incredible may in fact be well known to the Media, and the lists of supporters on the Coaltion for Marriage website as here might be perfectly happy to be associated with Rory and Wendy and their various business activities, I cannot say.
    Maybe there is no story here worth the telling?

    1. Not worth telling? Then why did it intrigue you so much? Answer: because it IS worth telling. Don’t flinch. Proceed!

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Oct 2013, 3:00pm

        Totally concur. If anything, PN should be pursuing it.

  41. Personally, I find it deeply sinister that a handful of individual can promote themselves and their self creations under the cloak of Limited Liability and Charity law to do everything possible to promote homophobia in all its ugly faces. I also find it very concerning that the individuals so far identified are so bound up together in financing and objectives that are so extreemist.
    31st December 2012
    Cash at bank and in hand. £92. 109
    Creditors £22.228
    Members funds. £68.881

  42. I was talking about this to a friend and he said, ‘David Modell did a Dispatches Documentary on Christian Fundamentalists for Channel 4 called “In God’s name”. That was a good insight into how they carry one the business of hate. Then there is CARE with its Parliamentary interns;,_Research_and_Education_(CARE)
    CARE’s accounts show that it spends hundreds of thousand s of pounds each year ‘influencing public policy’.
    From Truthaboutcare “While it has charitable status, CARE has a history of campaigning against equal rights for homosexual people and is firmly against abortion.
    For a number of years CARE has been looking to influence UK policy by sponsoring MPs and providing them with funding and interns. The above MPs each benefit from CARE’s generosity – something a report in The Independent considered dangerously similar to the tactics of infiltration.

  43. Why any MPs would support the aims of such an organisation is anyone’s guess. Our concern is that if such right-wing groups continue to sponsor MPs to vote in their interests, the whole basis of electoral democracy is compromised.
    We are concerned that CARE not only holds illiberal and socially regressive views, but that this organisation represents a very real threat to secular democracy.” TheTruthAboutCARE[10]
    These organisations pay no corporation tax, no capital gains tax, and they rake in millions of pounds each and every year. The USA Senate in 2011 released a review on Media Based Ministries (like God TV) with recommendations that the IRS review the tax-exempt status of some of the more political.

  44. My friend said. The MP’s who take the interns from CARE know what they are doing and don’t care what the public thinks about it, because the public is ignorant.
    He then said, if you think the Media gives a toss about what is funding the likes of the Christian Institute and the rest, or that they are all interconnected, it doesn’t because they know that the backers are hucksters and peddlers of fake cures, effectively dangerous con artists, but they are rich and they are connected, and that matters more than anything. He said by all means send the information out, but don’t be in the least surprised if nobody is interested in it.

  45. Finally, he said, what matters to the supporters of these spurious outfits such as ‘The Coalition for Marriage’ is that they hate LGBT people and want to do them harm in anyway politically that they are able to’. They don’t give a damn if the people funding it turn out to criminal because for them, the ends always justify the means.

  46. Here is the information that I would like to be public, given that the Christian Institute has done so much to harm LGBT people I think it is time for a little payback from us.

    The Goshen Trust in its Accounts states that it acquired 5 and 6 Park Road, Gosforth Business Park in the year ended 5th April 2010. It states that the property was primarily acquired to lease to the Christian Institute.
    Obviously there is a strong connection with the Goshen Trust to have caused them to do this.

    In the Accounts for the Christian Institute they state that during the year they began renting 5 and 6 Park Road, they say the premises have been purchased by a ‘Christian Trust’.

    They have the opportunity to purchase the freehold in the coming years.

  47. From the accounts of the Angel Foundation 2012. The Goshen Trust guaranteed loans from Barclays Bank to the sum of £1.4 million and 150.000 Euros. Albert Dicken a director of both the Angel Foundation and the Goshen Trust loaned the Angel Foundation £625.000 in 2011.

    Would anyone argue that the Angel Foundation and the Goshen Trust are intertwined? Would anyone argue that the Christian Institute which is a recipient of funds from the Goshen and has an option to purchase premises that have been acquired by Goshen for them are also intertwined?
    Here’s some interesting facts, The Angel Foundation gave to the Goshen Trust in 2011 £220.000, and in 2012 it handed over £265.000.

    The Goshen Trust in addition to the deal with the Christian Institute gave them £24.000 in 2011, and £30.000 in 2012.

  48. The Angel Foundation gave to the Jewish National Fund in 2011, £168.000 and in 2012, £123.000

    This was supported by 68 MP’s. In 2012 the Green Party called for the JNF to be stripped of its charity status and pledged to sign up to a campaign which calls the charity “racist”.
    So, here we have the Christian Institute bound up with the Goshen Trust which is bound up with the Angel Foundation which is a major financial contributor to the Jewish National Fund.

    I wonder if the 68 MP’s and the Green Party might be interested to know of these relationships between the Christian Institute, the Goshen Trust, and the Angel Foundation AKA, Gods TV?

    What do you think?


    This is to be my last posting on this subject. I will now collate all the material I have and send it out to the politicians and one or two people in the Media who have published on this topic and hope to see something come of it. Thanks everyone for your patience and kindness as I worked though this information.

  50. soapbubblequeen 22 Oct 2013, 5:24pm

    What vile people they are.
    Well done Sarabia – I wish you every success in exposing these fraudulent hypocrites and getting them all shut down.

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