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Brighton Pride ‘disappointed’ at removal of £25k council grant

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Reader comments

  1. This is common sense.
    If it is turning a profit, then they shouldn’t be taking grants. Would we expect a local council to pay for a business to make money which it then gives to charities? It makes no economic sense to hand over cash that they can easily make on their own.

    It’s also justified after the complete failure of previous organizers. They messed up, so those taking over should expect to face obstacles and trust issues.

    I am often surprised how these events fail in so many ways, from promotion and advertising before they take place to continuing the promotion after the event.

    Despite spending more than a few hours a day on the internet I rarely see any promotion or advertising of Pride events in the UK. Like festivals, they need to have more of a buzz about them ALL YEAR, make it a destination event and secure a following rather than relying on word of mouth and a Facebook page two months before it happens.

  2. Staircase2 17 Oct 2013, 4:36pm

    Why exactly is this news given that they’re generating excess?
    If the whole event is now ticketed why does it need local authority grants?

    As I’ve said many time before, I object wholeheartedly to them turning the event into a paid event. That they should then complain about losing a Grant on the basis of their financial profit seems ridiculous.

    Local authority money should be used to help support COMMUNITY events which are truly Not-For-Profit. If Brighton Pride is turning a profit it actually isn’t – even if that profit is then distributed to good causes.

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