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Russia ‘regrets’ homophobic graffiti attack on Dutch diplomat’s Moscow home

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Reader comments

  1. Some background.

    Last week a Russian diplomat was arrested in the Netherlands. His wife who was drunk crashed her car into her neighbour’s car. His name is dimitry Borodin. Borodin was also drunk and started beating his children after getting them out of the car. The neighbours called the police in response to the violent assault on the children. Borodin was arrested. Russia went ballistic saying that the Dutch police had no right to arrest the child abuser because he has diplomatic immunity

  2. Thanks for the background info SteveC… very useful. The Netherlands is a great country [albeit with a dark past linking its wealth and status to slavery, like many former European empires, i.e. the UK, France, Portugal etc.] yet in modern times is to be admired and revered for its part in LGBT rights, as are its people, government (constitutional monarchy) and institutions. The Vienna Convention should be repealed by the UN to prevent such outlandish diplomats getting away with criminally-punishable acts!
    You might recall the incident a few years ago, when an African diplomat ran over some children with his car in southeast (Menton) France. France, another great European country, as I recall, kicked up such a fuss that the African country (Democratic Republic of Congo) sent the diplomat back to France and took away his diplomatic status so he could be tried for the crimes. Fat chance that corrupt and ever-backward Russia would “do the decent thing”.
    (Cont’d, see next comment…)

    1. Admired for its part in LGB rights, you mean.

      The Netherlands is notoriously regressive when it comes to trans rights.

  3. Hereto a link to the DRC diplomat case (in French):
    And another that implicates a French diplomat in the death of a child in Yemen:

  4. I’m telling you now: Russia is rapidly becoming a loose cannon on the International political stage. The similarities between what is happening there now and what happened in pre-WWII Germany are scary. Russia is emasculated and impotent. Putin feels threatened – both by no longer being in the ‘Super-Power’ club – and, on a personal level, by being vertically challenged. ‘Little men’ with lots of power and big ideas about themselves, are VERY dangerous. The UN should be keeping a VERY careful eye on what’s happening inside this backward and historically aggressive country.

    1. I couldn’t agree more.

      1. I don’t know if there already exists a Russian word for ‘kristallnacht’. Will the world stand back and allow history to repeat? Do we learn NOTHING …?

  5. Calculated to intimidate and frighten. This is at the ‘its easier to get forgiveness than permission’ stage. This is outrageous and unacceptable.

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