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Moscow home of Dutch diplomat attacked with homophobic graffiti

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Reader comments

  1. This sounds like a ‘tit for tat’ revenge attack.

    With regards the Dutch diplomat who was arrested on a suspected domestic violence attack, this clearly raises the question, should diplomats have ‘diplomatic immunity’ ?

    Does an assumed inalienable right to diplomatic immunity so that you can beat your wife or partner, warrant a symbolic revenge attack on the LGBT community.

    Clearly in this case, when misogyny is in the air, homophobia is not far away . . .

    1. Typo – the above should read . . .

      ‘With regards the Russian diplomat who was arrested on suspected domestic violence attack,’

    2. I think that if a diplomat does something that is illegal in one country but is entirely legal in their own country, there should be some allowances.
      But if they do something that is either illegal in both countries, or illegal under already agreed international law, then they should be dealt with as a criminal.

      1. The homophobic laws in Russia constitute child abuse.

        Child abuse may be legal is fascist Russia but the Netherlands were completely right to arrest that child abusing diplomat.

  2. Some background.

    Last week a Russian diplomat was arrested in the Netherlands. Hos name was Dmitry Borodin. His wife who was drunk crashed her car into her neighbour’s car.

    Borodin was also drunk and was in the car with her along with their children. Borodin started beating his children after getting them out of the car. The neighbour s called the police in response to the violent assault on the children. Borodin was arrested.

    Russia went ballistic saying that the Dutch police had no right to arrest the child abuser because he has diplomatic immunity.

    This assault bis in direct retaliation, has been ordered by the Kremlin and the LGBT graffiti is Putin’s attempt to blame the gays.

    1. @SteveC – I have heard that the LGBT community are being linked with child abuses in Russia.

      I agree, that this symbolic (and physical) attack on a Dutch Diplomat, does appear like an indirect smear on the LGBT community.

  3. @SteveC – Thanks for the background, I can see that I got the wrong end of stick with regards misogyny, I was not aware that the Dimitry Borodin was arrested for beating his kids.

  4. The Dutch kin is due to visit Russia on November 9.

    He should cancel his trip (or even better condemn the homophobic laws while there. )

    Can you imagine the uproar if he gets arrested.

  5. Stephen Mead 17 Oct 2013, 12:04am

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