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Survey: Almost one in ten young gay men in Serbia are suicidal

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Reader comments

  1. Mister Fister 15 Oct 2013, 6:20pm

    This is such a sad, sad story. I would hazard a guess that there are many gay men (and women I am sure) in countries all over the world and not just Serbia whose lives are made miserable and/or unbearable by stupid, ignorant and hateful people simply because of their sexual orientation. and who contemplate suicide because of what they have to endure.

    As a gay teenager in the 70’s life in this country wasn’t that wonderful and I know that I, along with many of my contemporaries, had such thoughts of ending it all. If I were a teenager today I doubt whether I would have such thoughts. Things have improved beyond anything I could have hoped for back then although there is still room for improvement in the way we are treated.

    Nowadays, as LGBT people in this country, we take so much for granted. We should not forget the plight our gay brothers and sisters in the rest of the world and their suffering.

  2. floridahank 16 Oct 2013, 12:07am

    I want my comment to be taken the right way before it’s criticized openly.
    I would guess that Serbia is almost without a true Christian atmosphere for its people. When I say true Christian, I’m expressing it as a belief in Jesus Christ totally and only — and not in a “Christian religion” which doesn’t offer anything to give oneself confidence in being who one is.
    Jesus Christ is not a religion as most people mistakenly assume. Believing and following Jesus Christ is an intimate, deeply personal relationship that goes beyond any religion. One must deeply study the Holy Bible and only focus on Jesus Christ and what He said and He offered every sinful person (we all are sinners). Jesus Christ can give individual answers to all problems that has nothing to with any living person who preaches anything outside of Jesus Christ — a lifesaving offer to everyone.

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