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Study: Three quarters of hate crime victims never tell police

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Reader comments

  1. Mister Fister 15 Oct 2013, 5:49pm

    How many hate crimes were committed by the police?

  2. When we had a bollard thrown at out window-the police sent a PC and PCSO to take details.

    The police officer said “Of course if you say its a homophobic attack I will have a lot more paperwork to do”

  3. The general belief that gay men and women are safely and lawfully protected now against continued hate crime and abuse is totally wrong and misleasding

    Like any other crime a person can now report it. It is what is actually done to stop that happening again which is the most important. In my own experience, once the crime is registered that is about it. The police may even interview the homophobe involved but that in reality is where it ends.

    I tried to discover precisely what investigations had been made into the the thousands and thousands of pounds of long term and persistent hate crime damage to my property over the past nine years.

    The police closed ranks and claimed disapplication.

    This in reality means they do not have to investigate the crime at all or give any reasons for not doing so which is all too convenient.

    But you can guarantee that If this were happening to my local councillor or MP the matter would not have the same outcome or results.

    1. Disapplication is a wonderful get out clause for the police for not investigating long term gay harassment and abuse.

      Details can be found here;

  4. Bla bla, report the crime, add it to the statistics.

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