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House of Commons Speaker to honour Alan Turing ‘the gay man who saved the world’ with posthumous award

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  1. Liam Sauer-Wooden 15 Oct 2013, 6:06pm

    Too bad they couldn’t have treated him like the hero he was while he was alive.

  2. More importantly, when is our government going to pardon Mr Turin??

  3. A statue in the House of Commons or parliment square

  4. It’s shameful that our country doesn’t recognize Mr. Turin in the way that he should be recognized. I live just a few miles from Bletchley Park, and it’s an amazing place. Both he and his temporary home in Buckinghamshire deserve recognition for winning the war. Without him and the Park, and all those who worked there, we would have lost, we would have been invaded, and we would all now be living in a very different country.

    Mr. Turin doesn’t just deserve a statue and posthumous awards, he deserves the respect of the world and an annual day of recognition, because without him and his dedication to stop the Nazis much of Europe would have been lost.

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