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Gay US swimmer writes open letter to ‘proud, buff’ and ‘downright hot’ Vladimir Putin

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Reader comments

  1. Was this letter supposed to be some kind of joke?
    An SNL skit? It actually seems pretty pointless, apart from raising the profile of the swimmer involved.

  2. Naive, very naive.

  3. Putin is hot? Really? I always thought he looked like Dr Evil.

  4. Benjamin Bee 15 Oct 2013, 10:32pm

    Mizulina Law (law of anti “propaganda” gay in Russia) effectively violates children’s rights of sexual minorities. Violates the right to become aware that their homosexual feelings and gender identity are perfectly normal and should be fully understood, accepted and recognized by all societies . It is an unacceptable violation of rights, yes. This swimmer who wrote this letter to Putin is alienated. We know this even in Brazil.

  5. Putin is a hater. Unfortunately we have many that think like him in the USA.

  6. Should’ve gone to Specsavers :D

    1. Or lenscrafters, seeing as he is a US swimmer.

  7. Christopher in Canada 16 Oct 2013, 2:06am

    The writer needs to see an optometrist.

    Macho macho man…
    I want to be
    a macho man…

  8. Oui, Les Villages Peoples.

    I would so like to see VeePee in the American Indian outfit with the feather headdress sitting astride his favourite stallion, luckily it’s not so hard to imagine.

  9. Maybe we could adopt Lyudmilaas a mascot for the Sochi Olympic Games, wear Lyudmila Putina tee-shirts to promote traditional relationships as represented by the Putina’s marriage and divorce.

  10. Personally, I find images of the semi-naked Putin, deeply vomit-inducing. I don’t want my ‘freely-elected’ (ha) leaders posing as ancient porn models – face-lift an’ all. He wants to prevent promotion of homosexuality yet does his best to arouse others by flashing his flabby tits. This recently-divorced and devout (ha again) leader has some serious sexuality ‘issues’ if you ask me.

    1. I know (flabby tits), he could use a trainer bra.

  11. Clever letter. If it gets to Putin it ought to make him think. It flatters him and exhorts him to be a bigger individual.

    (Like others here, though, I don’t think Putin’s “hot”! But the point is that Putin clearly thinks so, and appealing to his vanity is worth a shot.)

  12. It might infuriate Putin if he thinks he’s being mocked as a closet homosexual.

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