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Former Archbishop of Canterbury: The Church of England has been ‘appallingly violent’ towards gays

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Reader comments

  1. And yet he still doesn’t offer any apology for any of his vile rhetoric from when he was Archbishop.

    I guess the fact he is now recognising this failing at least is something. Still a very, very long way to go.

  2. Oh just shut up you old tosser!

  3. While I recognise that he probably now recognises the powers of being a FORMER archbishop in the same way that the evil George Carey has, I feel that his contributions are too little too late to salvage any reputation of the Church of England.
    That church is an utter irrelevance for an awful lot of us.

  4. Well here’s a thought, a leader is supposed to lead !! even after leaving his office this guy is still pondering. sheesh
    How about doing a reverse Carey and explain in the light of current knowledge and experience devoid of prejudicial assumptions and up to date translations and past mistranslations and alterations to biblical text and interpretations “to support prejudice” has misled the interpretation of scriptural values which have resulted in the Cof E loosing its way – you could start with Thomas Cromwell and work back and then forwards from there ex- AOC. By the way I am not religious but have to deal with this insanity every day because your church cannot accept freedom of religion, I accept many sects are far worse but that is no excuse for persistent persecution, and it still continues – why?

  5. Rowan Williams is a bigoted hypocrite.

    He has personally contributed to the deaths of gay people through hisrefusal to hold the disgusting bigots of his African congregation to account.

    You have blood on your hands Williams you pathetic, spineless lizard of a human being.

    As for his successor Welby. He is just as evil.

    1. Couldnt agree more SteveC. If anyone could influence the african anglican church it must be the leader of it. Blood on his hands !

      1. leonardoricardo 15 Oct 2013, 3:58pm

        Rowan Williams, Lord Oystermouth, sat quietly in Etebbe, Uganda while Archbishop/Uganda Henry Orombi pontificated about the vileness of LGBT people at Church (or anywhere else). Lord Oystermouth sat quietly amongst ALL those Anglican African Bishops gathered and even co-celbrated mass with the schismatics who tore the Episcopal Church/U.S.A. apart because of their disapproval of unclean homosexuals at Church, at the alter rail and at ANY level of Churchlife. This man, Dr. Rowan Williams, didn’t even mention the attack and death of a Gay Man in Liverpool DURING his Lambeth Conference gathering at Canterbury (most worldwide Anglican Bishops were assembled to chat about whatever turned them on — including excluding Bishop Gene Robinson/Bishop of New Hampshire/TEC from the meeting). Rowan Williams, former ABC is a disgrace to fellow Anglicans everywhere and his history of pandering to dangerous, to LGBT worldwide, religious zealots has a TEN YEAR record of shame. David Kato/Uganda RIP

  6. Jock S. Trap 15 Oct 2013, 12:20pm

    What gets me is this idiot thinks this is newsworthy…. the rest of us new because we live through it… Then they think we chose to be Gay.

    There logic, as per usual, doesn’t way up.

    Religion causes the problems in the world. The hatred, the bigotry… all thanks to religion.

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Oct 2013, 12:36pm

    How on earth did David Cameron embarrass the CoE? Always playing the bloody victim card when they can’t get their way.

    As for the CoE, well….I don’t expect any formal apology for fear of upsetting the vicious bigots in the African branch if Sentamu has anything to do with it.

    Now let’s see how the church responds to the Marriage Bill referendum scheduled for second reading this coming 29th of November. It’s incredible that Tory bigot Peter Bone’s private member’s bill has manage to even get so far. Shows just how much bigotry there is in the House. Its purpose is to delay enactment of the Marriage Bill in 2014 subject to a positive outcome of a referendum favouring the bigots to repeal it.

  8. Rowan is no longer Archbish, he says he still cannot make his mind up about gay equality!!!
    What we have here is a slow, indecisive, mealy-mouthed wimp who missed the real chance he had to make a positive difference, he was a traitor to his gay friends and to all LGBT people.

  9. That “appallingly violent” behaviour toward gay people continued on his watch – yet he offers no apology. Instead we get told that, as people outside the church, we don’t understand that “several thousand” years of bigotry and hatred can’t be “overturned in a moment”. So we, as victims of their oppression, really should be more understanding of our oppressors and give them more time to come around to a more compassionate way of thinking of their fellow human beings. He betrays himself with the phrase “water under the bridge” – evidently wanting to forget the vile campaigns mounted by the losing side in the battle for gay equality. It’s not “water under the bridge” because his homophobic church is STILL campaigning against gay people. They didn’t “lose” at all – they still have exemption from laws that apply to everyone else. All I read from this is characteristic hypocrisy and playing victim in an attempt to squirm and slither out of acknowledging responsibility for wrongdoing.

    1. If you want to know why religion is a blight on humanity, Rowan Williams provides a perfect example.

  10. Appalling violence towards gays is condoned by ignorant A holes like Rowan and his superstition colleagues – giving permission to bigots inflicting violence – bloody hypocrite!

  11. “The Church of England has been ‘appallingly violent’ towards gays”

    You ARE the church Rowan, and when you held a position in which you could have done something about it you chose not to.

  12. Scott Rose 15 Oct 2013, 2:37pm

    Equality is undebatable, and this repugnant religious anti-gay bigot obviously STILL thinks that homos aren’t human enough to have rights.

  13. Back peddling tosser

  14. “Looking back over my time as Archbishop I think that’s what most people will remember about the last ten years: ‘oh, he was that bloke who was so bogged down in issues about sexuality’.”
    Some will, Rowan. Others will remember you as the bloke who put on a mitre, came eyeball to eyeball with the snarling nutters, and caved.

  15. may seem odd to say this but I’m please to hear that the former archbishop at least acknowledges this about Gay people, being treated so badly by the Church. Appalling violence towards Gay people exists everywhere but I believe the Church is basically scared to change because of upsetting the so-called heterosexual community.

  16. Well he is in the house of lords now and was a lord when SSM was being discussed and voted upon a few months ago….he didn’t say anything then as well, what a surprise…empty words yet again Rowan, you do nothing to make things better then and now!

  17. The former Archbishop of Canterbury says that perhaps marraige is not the perfectly right category for same-sex relationioships. That is his opinion, and i respect it. However, he as Archbishop, and the Church of England in general, added nothing at all positive to the deveopment of recognising the rights of gay people and gay couples. Au contraire: they opposed the right of gay people to love ecah other at all, or to have their permanent relationships somehow acknowledged by Church and Society and recognised unde the law. They offered no charitable, just, acceptable, alternative to opening up marriage for gay people. Thus, in my opinion, they now have absolutely no moral right to complain about the result. Marraige is now open to same-sex couples, and so it will remain. If the new Archbishop of Canterbury and the C of E (and the RC Church) wish to save face and join the right side of history, (instead of insisting upon upholding even now a mentality equal to that of pro-slavery christians in the nineteenth cnetury) , then they should quickly devise an ecclesiastical alternative to the sacramnent of marriage: (even the blessing by the priest of the same-sex couple and their rings would do.,,) and move stop futile opposition to civil marraige for same-sex couples. That boast has sailed.

  18. ” I’m a bit hesitant about whether marriage is the right category to talk about same-sex relation, and I think there is a debate we haven’t quite had about that. ”

    Is that so?…Really?
    Maybe the opportunity was lost in all the dishonest scaremongering and irrelevant slippery slope scenarios that your lot put about to hinder and block any genuine discussion and debate, you only have yourselves to blame for not being honest that your only valid argument was ” You can’t get married because it is against my religion”

  19. He puts this important revelation in a local student rag?

  20. George Broadhead 15 Oct 2013, 5:23pm

    “The Church has to put its hands up and say our attitude towards gay people has at times been appallingly violent.”

    As may others have pointed out, much of the violence has been perpetrated by the Anglican Churches in Africa on his watch. If he had spoken out against this, he might be given more respect.

  21. Never has the term “too little, too late” been quite so apposite.

    1. I was just about to say the same thing, but you took the words out of my mouth.

  22. interesting that Rowan Williams, now he’s no longer a religious power in the land, should be found repenting his Church’s centuries old policy of approving the persecution condemnation, despising and ostracism of those of us who are gay, let alone his Church’s campaign against gay marriage.
    The Church of England justifies its beliefs by referring to the Bible. But do all the C of E homophobes spend any time seeking to discover and outcast those heterosexuals, married or otherwise, male or female, who commit acts of buggery, cunnilingus, analingus or oral sex. You bet they don’t.Or do they imagine such things are beyond the interest of any practising heterosexuals.

    I think the Archbishop of Canterbury should tell us whether his church abominates as sinful such acts when committed by married heterosexuals

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Oct 2013, 6:40pm

      I agree. There has not been one word of condemnation of hetero adulterers, the real threat to marriage and family breakdown by any of the CoE hierarchy. Some of those adulterous hypocrites sit in Parliament and who voted against the bill, e.g. Nadine Dorries, Bob Blackman, Sir Roger Gale, among others, all Tories no less.

  23. Robert in S. Kensington 15 Oct 2013, 6:36pm

    I have been pondering Rowan’s comments and I’ve come to the conclusion that the alleged embarrassment of his church by Cameron has more to do with throwing a spotlight on the CoE’s persistent bigotry towards equal civil marriage. The quadruple lock really shone a light on it if not deliberately but by default. The other embarrassment of course is the fact that other smaller denominations are willing to celebrate and participate in our marriages further enforcing and alienating the CoE. Serves it right. This is nothing more than back-pedaling by Williams to save face, but I’m afraid, its far too late.

  24. Your Lord John Dalberg-Acton made a most succinct point when he said; “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.”

    Great men do start out wanting to do great and beneficial things for their fellow men and acquire the power to do so, much more easily. Therein lies the seduction of power and its opiate is dogma. Now the great man uses power, not to do any good, but because he can, and therein lies the shame of the Church.

    Perhaps, rather than offering half hearted pseudo apologies, the former Archbishop might occupy his remaining time contemplating the riddle of how to unbreak a window. If he wants to apologize to someone, let him go to the graveyards and apologize to the graves of those many LGBT that have been murdered, in the church’s name.

  25. He’s desperately trying to change his legacy. I hope every gay person, and every person who loves a gay person, will make it their lifelong endeavor to make sure that doesn’t happen. Mr. Williams place in the history books will remain on the pages with other bigots and religious leaders who stood against justice, equality, fairness and compassion rather than on the pages with Gandhi and others who sacrificed personally and professionally to promote justice, fairness, equality and compassion.

    1. Beautifully put Hayden. He will be remembered as being on the wrong side of history .

  26. I can’t say I know a lot about the Anglican Church as I’m Irish from a Catholic background. Here, we’ve got the Church of Ireland, which is a part of the great Anglican community I believe. I’ve always seen the Anglican Church as more progressive in terms of LGBT issues than the Catholic Church but now I’ve got my doubts about it. He could’ve made an actual apology but sadly nothing. He doesn’t come across as a malicious person but rather a weak man with no balls.

  27. James Campbell 4 Dec 2013, 11:58pm

    Too little too late ….. I am also waiting to hear a similar comment which includes Trans and Intersex people, but I fear I shall wait a long time.

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