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Conservative Catholics question Pope Francis’s approach on social issues

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Reader comments

  1. Beelzeebub 15 Oct 2013, 3:49pm

    Of course they are concerned.

    This pope is showing them up as the nasty hateful bigots that they are.

    He is no longer allowing them to hide their bigotry behind there religion.

  2. Go Francis Go Francis…

  3. In 2013, when we have the entire knowledge of the world at our fingertips, when machines we have created have left the Solar System, when human understanding of the Universe is greater than ever before and growing daily at an ever faster rate, how sad that the ravings of homophobic, misogynist, superstition mongers has such an influence on so many people’s lives. I think it’s vital that we remember everything these people say is made up. To all those who praise Francis for making up something they like, don’t forget that it can change easily when the next voodoo merchant comes along. That’s the danger here. Giving these people authority when they say what we want to hear and then using that authority to justify our opinions. Just because Francis says something we like doesn’t make it any more worthwhile than when his predecessor said things we didn’t like.

  4. We should be ignoring him and his church as an irrelevance, not granting him more credibility because he is saying what we want to hear. The Vatican is only interested in money and power – look where that got us with Tony Blair.

  5. I always thought the Pope represented God on Earth. Is that doctrine being challenged to accommodate the bigots?

    1. Dave North 15 Oct 2013, 4:52pm

      They make it up as they go along.

      Always have.

  6. This is like watching the muppets silly costumes and script all it needs is a sound track. All over imaginary BS, amusing, not important the whole organization is irrelevant, however dangerous on many levels.

  7. The picture says Francis II – does PinkNews know something that has not been disclosed to the rest of us?

    He should do the same as his ultra-conservative predecessors – the rapist defenders – and ex-communicate all the dissenters and exile them to Iran. Sauce/goose/gander.

  8. .....Paddyswurds 15 Oct 2013, 7:02pm

    Francis 11? When did we have Francis 1 one wonders. I abandoned this site some time ago because of the woeful standard of writing grammar and even spelling plus the intrusive and aggressive advertising methods and only now return very rarely to see has anything changed. Some things have changed but still no editing facility, which is available on 99% of news and comment sites. One thing that has not changed is the standard or investigative reporting and this pope gaff is a-typical. The popes title is Pope Francis, period. Not 1 or 2. The carelessness makes one wonder how much one reads on this site is factual or accurate and with this in mind I abandoned it except for rare visits and i get most of the Gay news now from As regards the story, who cares what the head of the worlds biggest and richest paedophile cult has to say.

    1. Even though I agree with much of what you say about the sloppiness of articles posted at PinkNews, you don’t lend yourself a lot of credibility when your comment complaining about grammar and spelling is so riddled with grammatical and spelling mistakes. I’ll provide just a few examples. Your third sentence is a run-on-on-on train wreck lacking proper punctuation; including a few periods. The possessive form of Pope is “Pope’s” and, as a title, should be capitalized. Likewise, the possessive form of “world” is “world’s”. And just for good measure, “Not 1 or 2.”, is a sentence fragment.

      1. unlike paddywurds scott roberts is paid to be grammatical

    2. this site is as paranoid as iranian ayatollahs , every time i post comment i get this email from p.n

      ‘…Thanks for posting your first comment on! To post a comment for the first time we need to confirm your details. Please verify your email address by clicking on this link…’

      clearly pn feels that it has to monitor and censure all opposing points of view, not exactly what one would call a healthy debate is it? no wonder people deserting pn comments board en mass, leaving commenting to the same few posters. i think im going to follow puddywurds and slam the door on my way out

  9. I hope his Popeyness keeps in mind that “conservative Catholics ” in America are a very small minority of American Catholics. I would argue that American Catholics are by far more liberal than European Catholics. The demographic with the highest support for marriage equality and choice in America are CATHOLICS. Lay-Catholics in America pretty much thumb their collective noses at Rome and their own bishops.

  10. Soooo amusing to see all the hate-mongers scratching their heads over how to react. Hahahha.

  11. If any man can show me the face of Jesus, it’s this Pope.
    Unfortunately some people need hard and fast rules, they are so unsure of themselves; Christianity has never been a safe cosy place, people have to go out to marginalised people and show them Christ’s Love, this man is doing that.

  12. Craig Erkelens 16 Oct 2013, 1:21am

    We were just chuckling about this yesterday – every time the new pope says something modern and liberal, there are a dozen or more of his “handlers” saying “he didn’t really mean that, this is what he really meant …”

  13. downtown dave 16 Oct 2013, 3:27am

    They should question his approach on salvation.

  14. They should be concerned, not just because they have a Pope no longer actively supporting their own brand of bigotry and bile, but because this new Pope acknowledges that dogma is dead.

    What these fanatical Christians don’t understand is that their cult is failing. They think they can carry on beating people into submission with their “Holy Book” on selective issues, while the Pope knows that the grasp his religion had on the world is diminishing with each passing day.

    The Pope knows that the world has moved on, religions are being exposed as the bullsh*t they are and being rejected by the youth all over the world. Their dictatorial views and self-aggrandizing is being refused, they no longer have power and authority in the face of evolving societies.

    The Pope knows that for his faith to survive it also has to evolve. Religious fanatics in the US (and elsewhere) are of such low intellect that they cannot understand this and are stomping their feet like children.

    1. I note my comment above (“Soooo amusing to see all the hate-mongers scratching their heads over how to react. Hahahha.”) got a thumbs down. You put it so much more eloquently than me. Thank you.

  15. There is no evidence that I am aware of that Francis has changed regarding any established Catholic teaching. He is just much more PR-savvy than his predecessor and conscious that the Papacy was looking increasingly isolated and barmy in its constant and overt obsessing over sexual taboos. Reactionary Catholics criticizing him only adds to his aura of ‘reasonableness’. Which could easily make him much more dangerous in the end than Benedict XVI.

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