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Campaigners applaud Moldova for overturning anti-gay propaganda law

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Reader comments

  1. I sincerely hope this is not a cynical and temporary ploy to gain EU membership …..

    1. Actually, I really think it is.

      1. Then the EU should make them sign a document which clearly states that their membership will be immediately terminated if they do anything which reverses the legislation. We cannot allow places like this to play politics with LGBT rights.

  2. This is a temporary ploy to allow them entry to the club. As soon as they get in they’ll start breaking all the international agreements they had to sign to enter.

    There should be a strict set of rules stating that no group shall be discriminated against, and if it’s deemed that there is discrimination they will be given six months to rectify any laws to stop such discrimination, and if this is not done their membership will be removed.

    The EU should be something to be proud of for many countries, it is supposed to foster a more secure world, but as long as member states can abuse their citizens and keep getting the benefits of being amongst this group nothing will ever change.

    Just like the UN, the EU needs to grow a spine.

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